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  1. Yeah this one 😀 Edge Studio has announced that it may be available for Spanish and French Market. Now honestly i prefer to run DnD than Genesys/Realms of Terrinoth. But for native speakers the book could be interesting for the lore and you never know, i may give Genesys Systema try.
  2. They ares still to be released yet. Out in october and february. in addition we ll get a new supplement for Realms of Terrinoth (Genesys RPG)
  3. On top of the 2 novels (announced in Mennara Universe) a 2nd setting book has been announced for Terrinoth for Genesys. First one was Realms of Terrinoth as you all know.
  4. and it is only act 1... I will run to the gym.
  5. i have from reliable sources clues that there is more info to come during GenCon. So everybody stay tuned to GenCon on Line !
  6. I am not sure about Okaluk. It is not a Latari Elve ?
  7. Yeah by looking at it it is also my conclusion. So, i am less nervous about it now... Some kind of fresco but in some way poorly done.
  8. the head of FFG say at the streaming that the unboxing of friday streaming its TI4 expansion, and the streaming of #unrevealgame2 its the Marvel X-MEN gameplay on sunday.
  9. So far difficult to say, but Chris Gerber in the show introduction clearly stated about a new edition of a game. And the only possible candidate presented during the report is Descent. So to me looks like it is a new edition but i am not sure if it is compatible with what we have and i am worrying that there won't be any Conversion Kit.
  10. What do you think about the artwork ? I am not sure that i enjoy it that much.
  11. Now looks like it is not a 3rd edition i am getting nervous about a potential Conversion Kit. 😓
  12. yeah you right. One of those will be the Marvel one and the other our favorite one 😀
  13. So glad that it is really happening ! I cant' wait. But how can they do that to us ? Not even an unboxing schedule ! I am going utterly mad !
  14. At the end of the stream i was so bloody disapointed when they talked about that Marvel Die product. ;). Then i thought, yeah they don't realize they are off line the fools ! pfff And finally you Sons of **** how could you do that to us 💗😰 Oh god have you seen the size of that box ! No new content ? Descent is Dead , is it ?
  15. Yeah that would fit in my agenda perfectly, i wanted to run through Nerekhall one last time before :). Yeah sure, there is a lot of coop now, but how many that could really compete with Descent or GloomHaven. And speaking of GloomHaven, it is as you said more of a euro game and has a poor narrative background. FrostHaven will be far better on that regard but still, it is card driven, not much of ennemies. No app, which means no deep interaction with the players regarding narratives. Descent will have to learn much from GloomHaven FrostHaven to be able to compete with, but FFG has good cards in hand and i expect that they can do it. Now one does not forget that there is LotR : JiME out there, who is already interesting with a good IP. So no choice here, they have to come up with something really, really BIG, otherwise RIP Descent.
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