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  1. Anyway super excited by this one. For 12 bucks we ll get a lot of replayability. Very very please.
  2. Tintaglia

    Looks cool, but...

    the game will be supported if sales are good. So that haven been said the conclusion is : Nobody knows.
  3. In RuneWars board game there is no dice.
  4. I am still expecting that there will be at least a Road to Legend Mistlands campaign.
  5. What surprises me is that the campaign needs LoR and LotW. I really thought that it would be a Mislands campaign knowing that the 2 final boxes are those that sold the less. On the contrary the old players all own LoR and LotW, so that means that there is not a lot of sales to be expected here for FFG. Looks like a real Christmas gift to me and to all the veterans. Well done FFG.
  6. Tintaglia

    Embers of Dread

    thumbs up FFG. Happy Xmas !
  7. oh so cool . I am so pleased. ANd it is free !! That is a big slap in your face to all those who said that Descent was dead. ...
  8. Tintaglia

    Release date?

    Great looks like it s going to hit the shelves this week ! oh god so excited about that one.
  9. Tintaglia

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Honestly there is no reason to become distressed . FFG now clearly stated that their homebrewed fantasy universe is Terrinoth and that Descent is the amiral vessel of that universe. For the time being we see that games in that universe are still released : RuneWars mini, Dragonhold, Heroes of Terrinoth, Realms of Terrinoth (which everybody should acquire for the lore in it). So the Universe is clearly expanding if you compare it to some years ago. We also know that without a buzz around their amiral vessel it is difficult to give some visibility to that universe (Terrinoth is not Warhammer). There will be something now that the range of products is more or less complete be sure of that. The question is will it be a run for Runewars the Board Game, Descent or both . Who would have bet that there would be a 3rd edition for Arkham Horror
  10. Tintaglia

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Very Glad that they announced nothing about a 3rd edition. **** i am far away from having gone through all the campaigns yet (meaning by that playing each 3 times, RtL included). I just regret that there isn't a RtL campaign for the Mistlands boxes. I really appreciate Descent 2 as it is. For the futur i think the only current competitor is GloomHaven, but i think thats mamageable for FFG. Let them time to come with something really interesting. Anyway GloomHaven material (tiles, standees,...) is just crap.
  11. Tintaglia

    On The Boat

    Yeah strange that we had so few infos until now. There seems so much to explain.
  12. Tintaglia

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    Well if chains and Mists would have been a big box sold at the same price as previous ones i wouldn't have said nothing... Now that said i reckon monsters and Overlord class are pretty cool (perhaps too much cool). hybrid classes are also interesting. But the campaign... is far too difficult for me and the quests so looong with never ending spawns of monsters. When the heroes are killed due to the tainted effect they may not be revived and as a player you can be stuck and have to watch the others play. (so frustrating) Personnal advice i prefer Nerekhall style or RTL (hidden narrative elements are crucial to me). For the future i would looove to see that aspect (hidden narrative elements/ dialogues, and so on...) push a lot further. Something that would come close to what KS "Joan of Arc" will propose.
  13. Tintaglia

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    Mist and chains didn't sell so well because there are not fantastic boxes. Personnaly i didn't buy them cause they don't turn the game in a way that i like. The content is also quite poor if we compare it to previous ones. I would only go for them if there comes a RTL campaign with it.
  14. Tintaglia

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    so did i with same assessment.
  15. Tintaglia

    Is my seeds of corruption campaign bugged?

    i think the choice appears later on