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  1. That's a pretty significant (3pt) Initiative bid! I was typing the list from memory, i also put some fletchettes on Tarn, to take advantage of his free target locks.
  2. I actually like running Kenyan w/ advanced sensors, stay on target and Heavy Laser Cannon 2x Blue w/ HLC
  3. I love flying x-wings and my current favorite list is this. Luke w/Lone wolf, R2-D2, Shield upgrade Biggs w/ R2-F2, Stealth Device Tarn w/R7 Astromech, Stealth Device This list takes the 2 toughest X-wings makes them even tougher, then throws in biggs for added protection. End game with Luke is very difficult to stop, as Lone Wolf is always active if hes the last man standing. I also like PTL and engine upgrade with R2-D2 on luke as it makes a better dogfighter, just not as tough.
  4. I think the giant vacuum cleaner ship would just suck.....
  5. The pilot in the new advanced has a different helmet.
  6. Sinlge bandits are awesome if you use them right. They are best as blockers, just getting in the opponents way, and they are low enough in target priority that they often get overlooked. When ignored they can be a real pain, but if they do get shot at, then those are shots not fired at your heavy hitters.
  7. Try engine upgrade on the decimator, you will be greatly suprised by how usefull it is. Drop the hull on Soontir for a targeting computer, that will keep your points the same. With only 2 ships targeting computer will help keep your damage output high.
  8. I tend to prefer autothrusters over stealth device. Too many times i've wiffed my first dodge and lost the stealth device. Using the autothrusters can still be usefull even if the opponent has no turrets, you just need to try and get the first exchange to happen at long range. It requires a little more skill to try and stay at long range, but it can be really effective. Having said that, if you can use the royal guard title and run both it will infuriate turreted opponents.
  9. I run both builds. The targeting computer helps him deal more consistant damage, but the stealth device can make him impossible to kill. For me it really depends on if your list needs help dealing damage, if so go with targeting computer.
  10. Ok so not a drug, just a powerful stimulant. Still don't see it doing much for a droid.
  11. Try cluster missles on N'dru, they are amazing.
  12. How exactly is IG-88 supposed to use glitterstim... can droids even get high?
  13. 11/17 noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Can't wait that long........
  14. Luke w/ R2-D2, Lone Wolf, Shield Upgrade Bigs w/ R2-F2, Stealth Device Tarn w/ R7 Astromech, Stealth Device The idea being, take the 2 toughest x-wings to kill, Luke and Tarn, then throw in Biggs to bodyguard them for a turn or two. This list is proving suprisingly tough to kill. Once Biggs dies just split up the other 2 x-wings and see which one your opponent tries to go after. Neither one is a fun choice.
  15. I keep seeing people refer to bombers with 3 bombs. How is this accomplished? I can't figure out where the 3rd one is coming from. You can't have 2 copies of Extra Munitions since its limited, and I don't see any other way to get another bomb.
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