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  1. Compare to Vessery, remembering the way PS and positional abilities synergise. I think it's gonna do fine in any scene that isn't saturated by bombs.
  2. Well, I mean, it is a PS9 boost-and-barrel-roll, tech-plus-systems-slot-packing, autothrusters-capable Defender statline (3/3/6HP) with an Interceptor-level dial... In terms of shinies, about all you could ask for is a pony.
  3. I would instead welcome if they started deliberately printing alt art cards of the cards that have been errata'd, with corrected text on them, as the prizes to store champs (ie, among the most commonly available prizes). They can start with Palpatine and work their way along the list from there.
  4. I feel that list would do better trading a Hull Upgrade for GC+Plasma+EM, and letting Manaroo pack a legit punch into the bargain, but your general point remains valid.
  5. You, uh, realize this automatically becomes twin autoblaster turrets, right?
  6. I keep wanting to see TIE/Ds show up: You'd think they'd eat AGI1 Nym & Miranda & co alive. But Defenders, a little bit like Aggressors (Funny how their fates are so linked, sometimes) don't play well with PS inflation, and with VI Nym and PS 11 alpha strikes, I don't think I've seen PS inflation quite this hard since the pre-nerf Whisper days.
  7. oh dear, the save button went funny. Twice.
  8. oh dear, the save button went funny.
  9. That's... a lot of points to spend on a single Proximity Mine, with only a chance of getting a second. Sure an EM or Bomblet Generator wouldn't be the preferable way to go?
  10. Focus tokens are more versatile, and unlike evades they're available to every ship in the game to date. A fair tradeoff, but we'll have to wait and see.
  11. Gorgeous work. Really like the detail work with the nose art and stickers - those suckers are tricky! ... not sure about your claims of eating the 109s, though - they didn't do nearly so well in Europe as people had hoped.
  12. What gets me is the Resistance Bomber shows up right after they downscaled the Scurrg to small base. Would've made a great pair of ordinance/bomb-heavy counterparts to face off over the table with: One turreted, the other Ghost-like in configuration (turret upgrade, heavy primaries).
  13. I knew they'd undersized the Scurrg, but to realize they scaled it as aggressively as an Imperial Raider just takes the cake. Especially when one sees what it's doing to the meta in its current incarnation, I'm really wishing they'd made it a Large sized gunboat of some variety, dangit.
  14. Enduring scar tissue leaving your nerves unable to feel anything is not quite the same as 'but it doesn't hurt' Even then, Wave 5 was bad, but it was... obviously bad? I mean, we knew Whisper was a problem, you built around Whisper, you moved on. This ended up with quite a few problem builds, to be sure, but it was... simple. Nowadays you've got to plan for Dengar, Fenn, Nym, Miranda, Biggs'n'co, and still keep a wary eye out for the odd torpedo boat. I guess that's like diversity... but the problem feels like an awful lot of those squads achieve similar meta compression, but in different ways, so it's harder to plan around.
  15. Honestly, the way they set this guy up to have absolutely every upgrade he could've asked for at once, I'm pretty sure this build is entirely deliberate. PS8 isn't meant to be given out lightly, and yet, here we are. One supposes they were worried their Soontir Counter(tm) wouldn't be reliable enough at PS 9? Ha. Ha. Ha.