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  1. And means vehicles that don't have the reload action can still do so at all.
  2. Reiver

    Fang Preview is up!

    It's not new as such, but I do find it odd that the faceoff triggers on you being at point blank range of their firing arcs - if it's all about a narrow attack profile you'd think it would have been more logical to be a defensive boost for having them in your sights - an incentive to play aggressively, and which arc is in question be damned. Still, it'll work. Just... go figure, you know? Oh, and Daredevil looks pretty fun. Dunno who I'd use it on, but at least it's fun this time round.
  3. And don't forget that the counterfeiters only reproduce the successful games and products. They have no need to have enough money on the successful stuff to cover the flops. Essentially: Counterfeiters make their money by outsourcing (stealing) the R&D, design, and commercial risk efforts taken by the parent company, and then proceed to cut costs further if they feel like it by skimping on materials and quality control. Some models may well be getting made by the original factory, but plenty others are by the mould-of-the-model process, which is... probably good enough to pass inspection on a web page. Likewise, scanning cards and then reprinting them is a heck of a lot easier than bothering to pay the Photoshop and artists and graphic designers to put the card together on the first try.
  4. At the scales we're talking? For sure. Once Asmodee merges with the US government after aquiring the controlling stakes in the EU, and makes X-wing a compulsory school subject for all high school students under penalty of exsanguination? The automated method will be cheaper after all.
  5. Just remember "Overpriced" is a thing that can be fixed, now. As a design rule, it's not bad though - it means you can get your LRS scan off after a repositioning action (Perhaps you're trying to desperately race across the board-space, or dodge an asteroid the same turn you want to grab that lock), and is self-balancing in that yeah, once you have the lock, there's no point to getting a second one - but that is also almost certainly why they made target locks the E-wing red specialty. Basically, E-wings are gonna be getting their locks. They might not get a lot else, but target locks? You betcha!
  6. I think you might be a little over-optimistic on the "Frontier format", as I'm pretty sure that's defined as 'a broken mess'. Still, stranger things have happened. But yeah, a non-conversion, released-waves-only 2.0 is a markedly more likely prospect.
  7. I was super hyped to finally, finally get an X-wing worth playing. ... Now that it'll show up in 2.0 anyway, my enthusiasm has dropped markedly. That said, I never did buy an original U-wing, so it's not impossible yet. If they're cool enough that my wife wants to fly one, for instance... I may well end up forking out the cash after all.
  8. Reiver

    2.0 Double Taps

    I used to fly TIE/D Delta Squadron pilots in 1.0. Rest assured, double-tap abilities are plenty powerful, even if you can't fully modify absolutely every shot: Against low agility stuff, they hit just fine; against high agility stuff, you effectively get to roll twice and force them to roll twice as well. Against super-modded defensive powerhouses with more greens than you have reds... well, Doubletap isn't much help there. But that's why your lists should contain some semblance of diversity.
  9. That'd be kinda fun. Sure, sign me up.
  10. 1) I just don't practice enough. I know I should practice a heck of a lot more, yet unless there's something on the line I never seem to find the motivation to really give things a proper run, and have an odd fear that letting my fellow players 'see my list' will give away its hidden talents. (To be fair, my lists do tend to surprise people on the first couple games, and it's an advantage I'd love to keep if I could practice simultaneously, but our player base is small enough that 'practice at all' is usually 'practice against the folks I'll be competing with'.) 2) Related to 1, the spatial element of the game remains a constant struggle - I really need to just practice flying so I don't clip asteroids, or dial in the wrong speed out of a fear of bumping something. 3) Also related to 1, aheh, is that I can be blindsided by certain styles of lists, and have no real game plan on how to beat 'em. 4) And just before this starts sounding like "Oh, I am perfect except I need to practice more"... I tend to be aggressive and impatient in my opening gambits; this usually works OK, up until I run into a list that can simply swim round me - Phantoms and Strikers cause me particular headaches, for instance, and often mean I've sacrificed long-term positioning for what should have been an early complication. I keep doing it anyway. 5) I tend to be aggressive and impatient in my endgame too, often gambling on setting up a good shot at the risk of exploding. If the dice work out, it's fantastic. If they don't... well, 'smarter' play might've bought me a few more rounds to keep trying, y'know? ... so basically I'm not too bad at list building, and my flying is at least generally competent, but if I want to do well, I gotta get off my lazy *** and get on with it. And then when I am getting on with it, be a little less impatient in doing it.
  11. I keep wanting to just chill, fly casual, and enjoy the last days of 1.0 and my favourite ships (TIE/Ds in particular). But... I dunno, I never seem to find the actual motivation to get out and actually fly stuff. Not quite a funk, but I still feel a bit guilty about it.
  12. I wouldn't be sad if Adrenaline Rush or the like had charges. Or if we got a charge-based Push the Limit, expensive as it may be. Actually, the charge mechanic could make a lot of interesting decisions for a ship...
  13. Don't worry, he got an even better one! Now he's flipping a card... and doesn't need to spend a token to do it.
  14. Honestly? Either Echo or, of all things, PTL EU Unhinged Dengar. He didn't see as much prominence because mindlink and jumpmasters in general were just insane, but in terms of sheer manouverability, PTL + Boost + BR + Large Base + white s-loops just kept on being downright mental. Adv. Slam K-wings get a dishonorable mention too, even if I kind of loved them.
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