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  1. The Red Defender

    The problem is, the same can be said of three Deltas, and they'd have six points left spare to upgrade one of them to Ryad with a spicy EPT to boot.
  2. One Blister Tournament

    ... You know, given it's a duel and you're dealing with no points limit, the ordnance isn't even that bad a pick: You've got a quartet of control bombs (And cunning flying can force a chain of Conner Nets and then Ion Bombs on consecutive rounds, at that), and a missile that does great when you know exactly where your opponent will be, and a classic face-hurter to boot. I'm not saying it's perfect, but there's even a weird internal logic to the pick.
  3. One Blister Tournament

    I have for some time advocated the concept of a 100/101 format - in which you play 100pts, using $101 of RRP purchases. So, a small blister is $15, a medium blister is ~$20-25, Large tends to be in the $30+, etc. Certainly makes for some interesting, and harder, choices. The main questions that remained open were 'what about fix cards that come in Epic ships' (aka the TIE Advanced problem), and whether or not you must choose a starter set (Which causes some concerns for Scum)... Those two quibbles sorted, you'd be away laughing
  4. The Scum and Villainy Open

    While I am intrigued and fascinated, why pick a throwback that still allows some Force Awakens toys but not the rest? I was kind of expecting based on the first line for it to be either much more restrictive on which year, or perhaps Original Trilogy only. This is not an objection at all, I'm just curious as to your methodology.
  5. The Red Defender

    I only own one of each. At a tournament, I flew Vessery with a Delta Squadron Pilot. You sure you want the delta pilot to be flying red?
  6. What’s your Signature List?

    Brobots were where I figured out what 'style' of list I both enjoyed and could do well with. Then Triple Aces (Soontir, Vader, Inquisitor) took me through my first competition play; it worked well for me even where Palp Aces didn't (turns out I'd rather redundancy than a lynchpin in a list). Then, I started getting the confidence to move away from 'obvious build' ships, and ended up flying this monster: Colonel Vessery (35) Veteran Instincts (1) Flechette Cannon (2) Hull Upgrade (3) TIE/D (0) Delta Squadron Pilot (30) Ion Cannon (3) TIE/D (0) "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Top 4 in a Regional? Yeah, that worked out pretty well. Probably would've done even better with more practice, but it sure as heck gave pre-nerf Nym, Dengar, & Miranda a nasty shock.
  7. Now we all have a nice alt art Zuckuss card....

    There's a ponderance: How would Zuckuss and B-wings fare if they had the ability to re-enforce their front arc? On one hand, it'd be great On the other hand, I'm honestly not sure how well it defends against TLT in general.
  8. Tractor Beam; They got it wrong.

    Given that X-wing is a game in which you get to pick your own dials, I feel they used Tractor Beam pretty well - other options would have left it little different to a Stress token on an Ion, and those two are already limiting enough. A limited ability to throw enemy ships around and make it harder for them to dodge is probably the most elegant solution to the problem, given the design constraints they were looking at.
  9. Now we all have a nice alt art Zuckuss card....

    Zuckuss is great. It's just he's flying a B-wing. B-wings are not great. Maybe they will be, some time in the future? And when they do, I hope they fix both ships in the same breath.
  10. Pondering on uses for Saw Gerrera

    No-one wanna mention it on a CR-90 Corvette? *whistles innocently*
  11. It Doesn't Matter What Else is in Saw's Renegades

    In all seriousness, this is one heck of an upgrade to the Palpmobile: Totally free, and half the time you never had a shot anyway, so on such turns it's a boost to your effective HP and doesn't even cost you an action. Nice. He might not be super-popular these days, but if the ship ever makes a resurgence, this will almost certainly be part of it.
  12. U-Wing fix, Am I missing something?

    I wouldn't mind if the Refit affected both X-wings and Y-wings, but restricted secondary weapon choices. So, y'know, semi-naked Y-wings could still fly around without being automatically cheaper TLT carriers. I guess we'll see, but I really hope any X-wing fix comes with enough cards to make the dang thing scale with just one or two packs...
  13. Is scum kind of... done?

    They historically withold parts of a wave that are attached to a movie until Disney does the big merchandise release for the associated movie. This happened with Episode 7, and Episode 8 - I would be under no suprise if the new Han Solo movie has a similar embargo. So I guess this suggests - shock, horror - that there's a new Scum ship coming in the new Han Solo movie, in which we learn about Han Solo, the Smuggler and his acquisition of the Millennium Falcon, among his many exploits before he ended up a recruit to the Rebels in Episode IV: A New Hope. I'm so very glad they elected not to let us know which ship is coming out yet, it might spoil the surprise of which characters of negotiable loyalty might be in the movie! It's Han Solo.
  14. Why do Secondary Weapons rule this game?

    When you try to balance a game via upgrade cards, don't be too shocked when it becomes dominated by upgrade cards... Secondary weapons are upgrade cards. 😛
  15. Can we just get Universal Half Points Already??

    What about if you tracked 'damage' seperately to actual shields & hitpoints in tournament play? Miranda might have regenerated 13 hitpoints and look unscathed, but in terms of points, she's a 0pt ship, because she exceeded her initial health value in damage suffered. Then regen comes about keeping a ship on the table and contributing, instead of being about locking points away (And the temptation to simply run like a lunatic that keeps happening in such situations). This rule would also come with an addentium that a 0pt ship still counts as a win if it's on the table; the Nashta Pup will be thankful for the clarification.