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  1. Reiver

    2.0 Double Taps

    I used to fly TIE/D Delta Squadron pilots in 1.0. Rest assured, double-tap abilities are plenty powerful, even if you can't fully modify absolutely every shot: Against low agility stuff, they hit just fine; against high agility stuff, you effectively get to roll twice and force them to roll twice as well. Against super-modded defensive powerhouses with more greens than you have reds... well, Doubletap isn't much help there. But that's why your lists should contain some semblance of diversity.
  2. Reiver

    Petition for FFG, start a design series.

    That'd be kinda fun. Sure, sign me up.
  3. Reiver

    Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?

    1) I just don't practice enough. I know I should practice a heck of a lot more, yet unless there's something on the line I never seem to find the motivation to really give things a proper run, and have an odd fear that letting my fellow players 'see my list' will give away its hidden talents. (To be fair, my lists do tend to surprise people on the first couple games, and it's an advantage I'd love to keep if I could practice simultaneously, but our player base is small enough that 'practice at all' is usually 'practice against the folks I'll be competing with'.) 2) Related to 1, the spatial element of the game remains a constant struggle - I really need to just practice flying so I don't clip asteroids, or dial in the wrong speed out of a fear of bumping something. 3) Also related to 1, aheh, is that I can be blindsided by certain styles of lists, and have no real game plan on how to beat 'em. 4) And just before this starts sounding like "Oh, I am perfect except I need to practice more"... I tend to be aggressive and impatient in my opening gambits; this usually works OK, up until I run into a list that can simply swim round me - Phantoms and Strikers cause me particular headaches, for instance, and often mean I've sacrificed long-term positioning for what should have been an early complication. I keep doing it anyway. 5) I tend to be aggressive and impatient in my endgame too, often gambling on setting up a good shot at the risk of exploding. If the dice work out, it's fantastic. If they don't... well, 'smarter' play might've bought me a few more rounds to keep trying, y'know? ... so basically I'm not too bad at list building, and my flying is at least generally competent, but if I want to do well, I gotta get off my lazy *** and get on with it. And then when I am getting on with it, be a little less impatient in doing it.
  4. Reiver

    Pilots who you fear won't survive the 2.0 upgrade

    It... wasn't.
  5. Reiver

    Are you enjoying 1.0 more or less today?

    I keep wanting to just chill, fly casual, and enjoy the last days of 1.0 and my favourite ships (TIE/Ds in particular). But... I dunno, I never seem to find the actual motivation to get out and actually fly stuff. Not quite a funk, but I still feel a bit guilty about it.
  6. Reiver

    Talents you hope will make the transition 2nd edition

    I wouldn't be sad if Adrenaline Rush or the like had charges. Or if we got a charge-based Push the Limit, expensive as it may be. Actually, the charge mechanic could make a lot of interesting decisions for a ship...
  7. Reiver

    Pilots who you fear won't survive the 2.0 upgrade

    Don't worry, he got an even better one! Now he's flipping a card... and doesn't need to spend a token to do it.
  8. Reiver

    Arc-Dodgers Through History

    Honestly? Either Echo or, of all things, PTL EU Unhinged Dengar. He didn't see as much prominence because mindlink and jumpmasters in general were just insane, but in terms of sheer manouverability, PTL + Boost + BR + Large Base + white s-loops just kept on being downright mental. Adv. Slam K-wings get a dishonorable mention too, even if I kind of loved them.
  9. Reiver

    Fangs, report in! (Fang fighter spoiler collection)

    I just hope we get some builds that rock Firesprays and Fangs. Because going maximum Mandalarian should never be a bad idea
  10. Reiver

    Lists you hope to play in 2.0?

    I want to fly twin Defenders with a mini-ace. I'd love to fly a Punisher, too. You know, at all. I had hopes for the G1A, but unless that pricetag is really cheap I'm a bit concerned how it is meant to keep up with, well, anything much at all. So many reds on that dial, and the Calculation droid nerf is worrying, too. I guess we'll see, but... I'm not thrilled, I've got to admit it.
  11. Reiver

    Proton Rockets 2.0: What Ships Have Missiles?

    You know, that's probably actually the 'big news' of the card that seems to have been ignored: Prockets are now awesome on everyone with 2 attack, instead of being the sole (practical) purveyance of the 3-agi A-wings and their ilk. 5 attack is 5 attack, no matter how sluggish your frame. Procket Punishers, anyone?
  12. Reiver

    Proton Rockets 2.0: What Ships Have Missiles?

    I'm honestly not expecting to see much in the way of explicit discounts around much - if it turns out to be needed on a particular vehicle pairing that is meant to be iconic, sure, but my suspicion - and I admit freely it is only a suspicion - is that the game will continue to have plenty of upgrades that aren't much good on most ships, and be balanced around the ships on which they are good instead. Then, the situational-pricing will be used to ensure you don't end up having to price an upgrade out of consideration on any other ship just to manage the balance of a specific combo.
  13. Reiver

    Proton Rockets 2.0: What Ships Have Missiles?

    And a key feature of 2.0 is that they're trying to cut back drastically on the ability to token-stack. You may note they set the PtL card on fire entirely in favor of linked actions, and focus+tl is not exactly widespread. Note that the issue with Droids is that they cannot focus; Calculate is a different (And much worse, if the current rules are to be believed) action. You really wanna sit a missile on a droid it literally cannot fire without synergy?
  14. Reiver

    Cavern Angels are 22 points with an EPT slot

    PS1 generics with an EPT? As wonky weirdness to sign off as the grande finale of 1.0... I couldn't have asked for better. 😛
  15. Reiver

    New Article: Begin Engagement

    Which is to say, it's a lot closer to what Kyle Katarn did in 1.0, only, er, self-buffing. Not a bad trick, but a far cry from VI. As for the article, I'm actually glad it's here. Yes, there's nothing new to us, but not everyone reads the forums religiously. Many veteran players don't read the forums at all. Might as well let them see the same cards the rest of us have seen, right? This isn't quite the same as the puff peices they occasionally publish with literally no new information; this is instead information that is merely not new to us.