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  1. While I generally agree with most of the builds you propose above, I can't help but disagree with this bit - the PS3 TIE fighters were excellent value, once, and you'd sometimes see the PS4 generics bought specifically to outbid and PS-kill the Obsidians in turn... Until TLT came along and flattened every generic out there, anyway.
  2. Kath Scarlet uses this to get a 6-die buttshot for free the first time she does it. 7 with Opportunist. With rerolls if she pulls a green, plus a focus... might be a little scary.
  3. You buy the pack for Omega Leader, Comm Relay, and Juke. Still one of the best aces in the game for his price; he can solo things twice his cost if he can make it through to endgame. (Hint: He's much less good at that part.) Zeta Leader can sometimes have a place in a squad, but it's generally as a 'Well, I can't fit anything better for twentysomething points in...' as opposed to being a solid pick. But man, I love Omega Leader.
  4. You know, I was just about to list the first squad! I like it because Luke grants a little more durability, but losing regen will still leave him awfully vulnerable. I keep toying with a TLT Y-wing running Chopper, but they're just not fast enough.
  5. The bit you're missing is that FA has different jobs at each end of the spectrum: At lower levels, it's a way to add agility to ships that sacrifice so much to have it. At higher levels, it's an arc-hunting tool. At both ends, it's a straight-up speed boost if you need to cross the table quickly. It's not an arc-dodging tool, where high PS makes it inherently better than low-PS; the only-when-out-of-arc restriction makes it more nuanced than that. Sure, it's not much good for mid-PS pilots, but there's very little that ever can be.
  6. I am in the general agreement with the others; that you get to choose this at your PS level means it's going to be inherently dififcult to cost correctly, and then it'll be all but useless on everything else. Perhaps something a little wackier? Engine Flush Modification, 0pts At the end of the End Phase, you may assign 1 ion token to your ship. This is a terrible idea. Until it isn't.
  7. Kylorac is a counter-meta list, and unfortunately you're the meta it's meant to counter. Try to trade him dearly, however: Knocking out the decimator is a lot of points going your way, and if you can then keep half a dash or Poe alive... well, you might not win outright, but the scores are closer than you'd think. Then just hope he doesn't make the top table.
  8. One of the things I really like about FA's design is that it has a place at both ends of the spectrum: On high-PS, it allows arc-hunting as you'd expect, if not arc-dodging. On low PS, with the ability to dial in maneuvers to guarantee its triggering, it can add considerable flexibility to ships that rarely had the actions to spare even if they had the option, and can also let low-PS ships at least guarantee closing with an enemy, even if you still have to gamble on arcs. It might still not be enough for the X-wing, sure, but it is at last an interesting astromech.
  9. If you're struggling with mods, perhaps blockers might help? Jess Pava (25) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Rookie Pilot (21) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Rookie Pilot (21) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Prototype Pilot (17) Chardaan Refit (-2) Prototype Pilot (17) Chardaan Refit (-2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Honestly, if you're willing for the generics to lose the HP and the boost (slightly less needed on a faXwing anyway), you end up with 30 points to play with. You can do a lot with 30 points, and Jess still gets reasonably well-matched wingmates to keep her company in the meantime. If Rebels had a solid 34pt ace out there, I'd be willing to even consider forgoing Jess, but Poe's a little too expensive and I'm not sure how much milage Jake would actually buy you, while a HWK or Wookie gunship feels like it might be too slow for a list like this. Still, it's an option to consider.
  10. I was thinking closer to 'less wacky Phantom' rather than a dedicated crew carrier, I guess
  11. Except when you've two aces who are action-linked together, it becomes pretty clear you need to kill one of them, then knock out the second now it's action-limited, and there isn't all that much the scout offers to change that math. It's a great ship, but outside a mindlink in a squad like this, you really want to threaten with another finisher/glass cannon they don't want to leave till last. I'm not sure who that might be; I'm just suggesting it's what you'd want to have. Genesis red with VI and an HLC might do the trick, for example, if the PS wars ever settle back into single figures.
  12. I feel that if you mindlink asajj and Fenn together, you're better off with a third closer rather than a jumpmaster. It's not paratanni anymore, but it regains your triple threat - else you can generally afford to leave the PS3, att2 generic for last. If he's a focus factory, well, great, but yeah, you have to choose which poor sod is stuck with PTL. I kinda feel Fenn Rau needs his 1 hards and bump proofing for the range 1 knife fighting more than asajj loses stuck on green 3s, especially given she can fly like a turret and run and shoot if she really needs to when facing a blocker, but that's possibly just me.
  13. Guess what we really want then is for a new TIE that happens to have a spare crew slot and little else to its name - then we can can get a 2-3 extra crew along with the obligatory EPT and title, and potential missile or whatever.
  14. Remind me what this would do that a TIE Shuttle doesn't already do on one end of the spectrum, or the Space Quadrapeds do at the other. The Imperials have no shortage of double-crew slots, and even a triple-slot on a rather potent vessel... what they lack is enough interesting crew to put in them.