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  1. http://www.shapeways.com/product/5Q63E4BGW/xg-1-assault-gunboat-1-270?optionId=42441856
  2. Soooooo sweet. I'm rocking 8 of those things in the meantime.
  3. Since Forgeworld started doing proper minis it's Horus Heresy or nothing. 'cause f*** GW's 40k.
  4. magnificent cooking skills!
  5. Just got back from Sweden myself. Nice place, very hearty food and generous portions Oh and watch out for all the soundless Teslas whoooooofig around you won't hear them coming
  6. Epic Mealtime for the epic win!
  7. True but my point is more geared towards this: if you use escorts in their current for it's basically wasted experience points which one of your ships of the line could gain.
  8. What I find a bit disappointing is that escorts are basically throw-away / point fillers without any true potential. You should buy them squad-wise (5er bulks or something) and then experience is earned by the squad and/or diminished by losses - so 2 out of 5 lost in a battle means either retaining 3 at 100% experience level or add 2 for a 40% reduction in squad experience.
  9. Edit: never mind I just have't advanced that far yet
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