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  1. It's funny as I just got rid of all of my old L5R cards about two months ago, thinking that it was a dieing game. Whelp, wouldn't be the first time I was wrong. And I have to say I'm glad I am. This will definitely be a welcome LCG for me and my family.
  2. Oh yes...Dat Ghost! If I was to say I need it, it would be a gross understatement.
  3. Okay, this weirdness happened back with The Phantom Menance came out. I keep hearing Midnight Release, September the 4th. Now, that could be interpretted two ways. Is it 2359hrs (11:59:59pm) on Friday the 4th, which would then spiral into Saturday morning a second later...technically, or is it 2359hrs (11:59:59pm) Thursday the 3rd, which would be midnight of the 4th a second later? I mentioned the Phantom Menance because on the launch of the movie, I was able to get tickets 3 hours before it premiered with NO line-ups in Toronto because everyone thought it was the next day, when in fact the "midnight" release was actually the day before (at 2359hrs). Does someone actually know this answer of is it Friday or Thursday night?
  4. Us Canadians have Meeplemart at least, which is still the best prices I've seen in Canada for most miniature gaming supplies. Problem with them is, they tend not to keep large stocks of things, so you'll see "sold out" quite often on hot items. http://www.meeplemart.com/store/c/1116-Star-Wars-X-Wing.aspx
  5. I'd like to see a form of deployable turret as a mine, and it'd have it's own hull points (only 1 or 2 points) that could be destroyed (and or ionized to shut it down), but otherwise it makes turretted attacks (2 dice) on turn Zero, at ranges 1-2. That and a tractor mine that could be dropped in an asteroid field and draw in the asteroids towards it. Say, all asteroids upto range 3, move inwards by range one towards the tractor mine.
  6. Stick a Jawa in a starship no matter what faction, and I'll definitely fly that ship to the best of my ability. I just think it'd be hilarious and fun. Love that Outlaw Tech!
  7. My son and I took a trip to our local games store last night and the owner of said establishment was nice enough to have picked up a copy of 2nd Edition while he was at Gencon and he has it for preview at the store to test play. So, while we were there, we decided to look through the core set and see what was what within it. I found it all well written, beautifully designed and the two manuals (starter and deep rules) were quite straight forward. Now I haven't played the 1st Edition mind you, and my only real experience with LCGs is Android: Netrunner (a very different game), so to be able to read through it all, and definitely get the basic gist of things immediately was quite surprisingly pleasant. Need less to say, with my son (age 17) being a strong fan of the Game of Thrones series of novels and the show, and me...having a basic understanding having only watched a few seasons of the series (behind by 2), we were both more than happy to place down a pre-order for two copies of the core system to share between the two of us. If things really work out well, we'll likely continue with the game into the expansions as well. Looking forward to seeing and experiencing a strong future of this game. Cheers!
  8. Very impressive work. So much detail and thought went into all of this. I'll be sure to give it a go prehaps over the weekend.
  9. And a fantastic trade with asperon
  10. That's kind of the funny thing I've noticed about X-Wing. I know a few players of it personally, with rather impressive collections in fact...that aren't fans of Star Wars at all. They just like the game and the ships. X-Wing has so much going for it, even outside of the whole Star Wars story. A strong system, great models - pre-painted great models even...a strong support crew, a great producer and well known in several circles of gaming, plus its easy to get into and doesn't take much time to play a match or six. No special terrain needed (though a decent star field is always catchy), and not even a lot of space to play, unlike many other miniature games out there. So all in all, it wouldn't even matter if Episode 7 was the next Fantastic Four (1992, 2004, or even 2015 versions)..people will still support the game to scoot mini star ships across a table top and go pew pew at each other while tossing some dice for years to come.
  11. This a good point. If you have an iOS or Droid device, you can buy the app on the respective store. I actually kind of prefer this solution because I get rather annoyed at having to purchase what amounts to (in my opinion) a half-set of dice for $15. I ended up picking up the Beginner Boxed Sets for EotE and AoR before getting the main books, just to see if I'd like the system. This scored me two sets of dice as well automatically, so I found that to being a pretty good deal. Still on the fence whither to get FaD's Beginner set too, to complete it all...and get another set of dice. Heh!
  12. The truth comes out! Leia didn't fly into that asteroid field willingly. I knew it! Han you sly dog you...
  13. I don't think I saw it here, but...did you order dice? Sure you can use the conversion rules to use standard poly-dice, but I would picture it to be a serious pain to play out (having to cross reference each time you roll). It may sound like an odd question, but it is a rather important one.
  14. Raine

    September 4th

    Ooo-kay...nevermind, I found this article stating that Walmart Canada is NOT supporting the September 4th launch night. That sucks... http://www.miketarkin.com/moikemac/2015/7/25/walmart-canada-not-participating-in-force-friday
  15. Raine

    September 4th

    I see that Walmart in the States is supporting this (Midnight release and such), but...I can't confirm for here in Canada, unfortunately. Link below... http://news.walmart.com/news-archive/2015/07/09/the-force-is-strong-at-walmart-company-to-offer-a-new-generation-of-star-warstm-merchandise-at-12-01-am-on-force-friday
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