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  1. My Nexu LOVE Troopers of any type and Focus-generators...they're delicious. But seriously, to the OP, Focus is NOT broken. It's really good, yes. And when something is really good you'll see all kinds of lists trying to get some. Broken would be only one list benefiting and steam-rolling everyone else. This is clearly not the case. Heck, Troopers had no luck in the two Store Championships I've attended. Mercs took both of those (and were VERY different lists from each other).
  2. I like the concept. Maybe something like "Deathmark" that can be put on a Unique Smuggler (if you REALLY want to limit it...aiming for Han Solo here, especially). -2 points, Unique Attachment, Effect: Hmmmm...that's the trick. Maybe the character is worth additional victory points like a bounty?
  3. I've had moderate success with my team. Right now, the scenarios are stacked in favor of "fast" teams (i.e. troops with Officers to move crates quickly, etc...) but I think that will change. Once new scenarios are introduced I think they get stronger.
  4. Thanks so much! I definitely enjoyed our match and look forward to more in the future! :-)
  5. I have to agree with the fly casual attitude, in general. Around the Table was my first Store Championship tourney and I had a blast. Had three VERY close matches out of four (literally down to the last roll) and the general attitude was pleasant and fun despite being a "high profile" tournament. Just reaffirms why I love playing this game and makes a newcomer like me appreciate feeling welcome in tournaments.
  6. I'm looking forward to this. At the very least, a buddy of mine and I (possibly a couple others) will be making the trek up to play!
  7. LOVE my Defenders! I picked up two of them because I thought they were cool looking and they've quickly become the backbone of my Imperial fleet. That 4 K-Turn can be devastating but you have to get creative in how you use it (as well as the rest of the dial).
  8. I definitely want to make the trek down from Kent, WA for this event! Great fun and a great cause. :-)
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