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  1. My gripe with the AI is that 8 out of the 10 cards allow the AI player to gain fame at the cost of 8000 credits when it cannot do a job (which usually results in gaining fame as well) as most of the time it will not occupy a space with a patrol that it will have negative reputation with. I have played three games against the AI and that is how it beats me every time (third game was an extended game as well).
  2. If this was the case, there would have been two of the small ones not just one. I think it is a mistake when they set up the machine used to cut the cardboard.
  3. Yes DJ, The rules do state to get as may pips as possible. However, the rules reference book gives the rules on all tests. First you roll the dice, then do the re-rolls and then resolve the results. You don't add the rolls together. So when doing tests with no success condition (like Test P C I L), you count the last roll and follow the card to see what happens. The maximum number of pips you can roll is 6. As to the Gold Mine, it is possible (however unlikely) to have 1000 caps. The rules reference says there are no limits to how many caps a survivor can have and in another place it says you can use a viable substitute if there are no remaining tokens. I also went through the card library and saw there were no other references to the gold mine. See Caps, Component Limitations and Tests in the Rules Reference for verification if you like.
  4. DJ, I also had the question about the Mirelurk Queen. From the responses I was given, the best way you can defeat it is ranged attacks (which gives you a free hit), using drugs (like buffout, mentats, day tripper and calmex), fragmentation grenades, having certain companions, laying traps or using perks (like ricochet and nerd rage) which give you extra hits or instantly kill enemies. Even some weapons allow you to give an extra hit or lower the enemy's level. For the first question, you take the total number of pips after the rerolls (if any) just like regular tests where you have a number of pips to get to pass. I hope this helps you out with the questions you have.
  5. Thanks for that tip. I forgot all about the extra hit with ranged and about the drugs. Haven't had a game with the expansion or explored all of the new cards yet either.
  6. Unboxed my copy of Fallout New California expansion today and saw that the Mirelurk Queen is lvl 3 and has the shield icon. I take this to indicate that you need four hits to kill it. Having a look through the base game rules however, I saw that you can only use each of the three dice to score one hit. Am I misinterpreting the rules or is this monster truly unkillable?
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