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  1. Wow. FFG knew their software was a piece o crap months ago and they haven't fixed it.
  2. They have gone dark again. No cast since April. Too bad I really enjoy them.
  3. In no particular order -C3PO -Predator -PTL -Autothrusters -Gunner Honorable mention: Rebel Captive, R2D2 droid, HLC, Veteran Instincts, EU.
  4. OP not making a lot of sense here.
  5. Look for the Colorado Star Wars Gaming Facebook page. Lots of info for you there n
  6. Strange format. I would prefer to see the movement and dice rolls rather than a description of what happened off camera. Maybe just set up a tripod.
  7. I didn't read the entire thread so sorry if this point has been brought up. The affect of RC is not to "become stressed" but to receive a stress token. With no stress token the ship is not stressed so revealing a red maneuver is not a problem. The ship must have a stress token to be considered stressed. If that is missed, oh well.
  8. I think you are trying too hard to make Brobots a 3 ship list. Sure you get an extra filler ship that might do some blocking but you are gimping the core of your list to do so. In general if there is an EPT slot you are paying for it already. To leave it blank isn't usually the best idea.
  9. Seems like missing an ept an sub optimal cannons is a lot to give up for a Z95.
  10. Agree with other posts. EU and navigator are so you can adjust your movement to ships that move before you. There are not enough PS 1-2 ships in the meta to make this combo worth 7 points. Agree that Rec Spec is worthless on a zero agility ship. As mentioned Vader/Rebel Captive is a good combo and gunner on both would work too. For instance: Patrol Leader — VT-49 Decimator 40 Gunner 5 Rebel Captive 3 Moff Jerjerrod 2 Ship Total: 50 Patrol Leader — VT-49 Decimator 40 Gunner 5 Darth Vader 3 Mercenary Copilot 2 Ship Total: 50
  11. When did I mention competitive play? I explicitly stated it's what my only other player here uses. Save the attitude man. This thread is years old. No one is going to read the whole thing and parse out your replies from whenever.And exactly where did you explicitly state "blah blah blah"? I don't see it in this thread.
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