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  1. I won't lie, I jarred slightly when I saw my unmistakable surname. Well played. I very much look forward to see what Broken Egg does with LotR. I am head over heels for their AGoT gold tokens.
  2. Resident component junkie here: The TC tokens are gorgeous. The iconography is thoughtful and thematic, and the tokens have a great feel in the hand and really feel like they belong to the setting. The only downside I would say is that the damage, while beautiful and specific (there's something about putting arrow damage on characters for archery that just feels so...right), could use more denominations. The resources split into ones and threes, and they do the job, even when you're playing a stacky Gloin deck. However, there are lots of times in this game, primarily where boss enemies are involved, where 3 damage would be super useful. All that aside, I still love them, if you dig the aesthetic, I fully recommend. I also use colored 12mm six sided dice (grey with gold streaks for resources, red/black with gold dots for damage, and translucent green with gold for progress), and they are my go to when I just want to get down and dirty with a game. They handle the stackiness of tokens better than any other, and I think they're quite pretty. My last experiment has been with Penny Gems, which are a more generic token type that come in lots of different colors. If you so choose you can put purple gems on your leadership heroes, green on your lore heroes, etc. (because it definitely matters). They blend with the colors on the cards quite well and are very pleasing to look at. They have a great tacky feel, and if you sleeve your cards, even have a slight adhesive affect on the sleeves, so they're hard to jostle around and inadvertently knock them off. Each also has a blank side and a side with a symbol, so you can play around with your own denominations at will (I use the symbol side as 2 resources and blank side as 1). He also sells a damage set which are also dual sided, and there are bigger tokens which are 5-10 damage on a side. Also highly recommend.
  3. Let me answer your question by rephrasing it: "I used one of the strongest deck archetypes in the game against a quest that negates that deck's only weakness, am I doing something wrong?" I doubt you did anything wrong. Gandalf and Elrond just rule the world. Especially when their high threat means nothing. The only part I question is what you mean by non-optimized. Are you consciously deciding not to play the deck with Vilya?
  4. I think I have enough energy left in me to softshoe for a bit. But I demand some of the popcorn first.
  5. I'm done with this thread too, and I'm certainly done with your Facebook page. Sad to see you go, man. Sorry we couldn't reach consensus.
  6. OK, so this is my last piece on this particular topic, since I don't sense an amenable resolution imminent, it's probably best to just agree to disagree. That said: 1) I called no names. I said I'd take a Social Justice Warrior over a troll. (As an aside, I looked up the top few definitions for SJW as well, so I could see if we were on the same page, turns out the Internet's accepted definition is harsher than I had understood it to be) 2) I did defend my point, though. Fairly eloquently, I thought. I explained why I feel the jokes being made were not blatantly sexist. If you didn't find the argument to be sufficient, that's your prerogative. 3) You are totally allowed to disagree with me. I'm fine with that. Hopefully you can live with my disagreeing with you. Let's not get too wrapped up in this. They're not even my jokes. I wish you a genuine good day and hope we can move on to funny jokes about the game we play, which was the intent of my creating this thread. Hopefully not everyone is scared off.
  7. Eh, not that confused. I've been internetting for too long. That said, I'll take a SJW over a troll any day, even if I happen to disagree. At least the intention is pure.
  8. Not to argue for sexist jokes, but I argue that the ones you're referring to (if I'm thinking of the right ones) are actually using the first line setup to subvert expectation of a sexist joke, only to instead deliver an anti-joke. Which actually highlights how the female characters in question are awesome. That was my interpretation, anyway.
  9. Hey everyone, I wanted to pop in to drop this here. We at Cardboard of the Rings have been running an LotR LCG meme contest. All of the entries have been phenomenal, so stop by and check out some LotR LCG-specific humor! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1006133819407410.1073741834.276494475704685&type=1&l=8823af92f1
  10. Currently, I can really only see this card seeing play in a dedicated hobbit deck, specifically one that is packing Sam. Since the deck is going to be focused on exploiting enemies' threat cost anyway, this is a great 1x or 2x to plop on your defender (likely Sam or Spirit Frodo). In that kind of hobbit deck, the restricted slots aren't really in contention the way they are in many decks, and since hobbits have so few HP, a nasty shadow has more potential to do worse things. In just about any other deck though, I would agree that Burning Brand is better.
  11. How about you guys all go there wearing propellor hats? That way you'll intstantly know who's LFG to play some LotR LCG in the mob. Ha ha ha... In response to Sean, Man, so many events on Friday!!! I'm really glad that I'm waiting till Sunday for the Fellowship Event otherwise I think my head would explode. Maybe in the future you guys can try to space these events out a bit. As it is, Friday is going to be up there in the competition for favorite days in my life. I just listened to the Podcast on Keeping Count and I'm really excited about it. It was a really smart idea to not try and change the coop aspect of the game. I didn't get tickets but I'm looking forward to crashing, thanks for letting us know that's ok. -Matthew Elias Yes, Friday is absolutely cray-cray. But when a local bar offers one a free back room, one doesn't turn it down because one expects to be a little tired, does one?
  12. Hey guys, I'm Sean and I co-host a podcast called Cardboard of the Rings, your bi-weekly podcast about the Lord of the Rings Card game. We will (almost) all be at Gencon this year. A couple things I'd point you to, aside from the official FFG events (Friday is the day for LotR, btw): -Our special Listener event IV (CGM1574653) is Friday at 3pm. It's been a great gathering of players in the past, and this year looks to be no exception, given that our tickets sold out in the first day! But don't let that stop you from coming, we've never run out of space yet! You can come find a group and play casually, or you can participate in the special game we're planning this year. Hope to see you there! -The Grey Company (another LotR podcast) also has their event (CGM1569517) on Friday at 8pm. Based on what I've heard, they've developed a draft mode they're going to play at their event. Should be fun! -Last, we are organizing an off-site meetup for those who would like to imbibe some adult beverages whilst playing. We will have a private room, so keep your eyes peeled for it when we lock down the details, and keep Friday night free! Super stoked to see you guys at Gencon!
  13. Totally. I think The Dark Tower is very similar in flavor to LotR; a rich world in which a tale is told. If we're playing the "what could be" game, I'd think DT could be pretty much injected right into the LotR LCG mechanical template, with perhaps a few thematic changes. The "other world" mechanic in particular would be super fun to flesh out in different quests. There could be a saga line of quests that follow the events of the books, and another line that is just set in Mid-world. Yeah... talking about this is actually bumming me out in an odd way. Because this isn't a real thing. And it should be.
  14. Hey guys, Sparing you all from the April Fools' Day nonsense our FB followers had to suffer yesterday, I give you our interview with the creator of this game, and developer of many other games at Fantasy Flight Games, Nate French. Nate was great and offered some fantastic insight into the conception and creation of the first(my claim, not his) true co-operative card game. Nate also talked in general about his experience as a gamer and about the process of game design. Enjoy! http://cardboardoftherings.com/2015/04/01/episode-77-morgul-hoover/ Please join us at all of our content venues: Like us on Facebook for updates and discussion: www.facebook.com/CardboardOfTheRings Listen to new and old episodes of the podcast at: www.CardboardOfTheRings.com Follow us on Twitter: @CotRPodcast Join our live playthroughs (alternating Tuesdays @ 8:30PM) at: www.twitch.tv/CotRPodcast Watch past and present adventure playthroughs at: www.youtube.com/CotRPodcast
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