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  1. 3) Oh, you mean use your Knights skills (like Oath of Honor or Defend ) on a to defend non player characters like peasants or guards ? It depends : if the quest says that the characters are considered as heroes, yes you can. If the quest doesn't says that, no you can't. Someone will certainly explain it better than me anyway 2) I still don't understand what are you asking in this question Sorry, I can't help you in your native language because I don't speak any word of Italian (I'm French ), but maybe someone will be able to speak it !
  2. 1) Yes. 2) I Honestly don't know which skill you are talking about, and I don't really understand the question, sorry. Maybe you could use thi website to find the right skill and link it to us so we can help you : http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Descent:_Journeys_in_the_Dark_(Second_Edition)_Wiki 3) Wut ? 4) Yes, that's why you should really pay attention to big monsters, they can move faster than they seem. Where are you from ? Maybe some of us can answer you in your native language if you tell us from which country you are. Because it's not easy to understand all of your questions
  3. I wouldn't recommend the Conversion Kit anyway due to the fact that it makes the game really unbalanced : too many weak and overpowered heroes/monsters, not enough "normal" one...
  4. Embir82 : Funny how Indalecio had no troubles recognizing his mistakes when you do nothing but deny them. Whatever, who cares... As for the coop, you're right : I didn't read all your posts. However, Descent v1 was, to me, a dungeon crawler without OL. The OL in descent v1 was nothing more than a rolemaster, and didn't have real objectives like in v2. So with or without, a game like that isn't fun to my mind. And for sure, isn't suited to be an expansion of Descent v2. Better make another game if you wanna do that. But again, you're free to show us we can make a funny expansion with all the components of Descent v2 with he quest vault.
  5. Well played Indalecio ! I agree with your whole post, from the apology to the end o/ That's my boy !
  6. /popcorn Ready...? FIGHT !! Seriously guys, can you stop acting like children ? Thanks. Even if I'm more from the same point of view than Indalecio, I don't think you should act like you're doing with your argumentation. Forgotten souls isn't a really good extension of the game (to my mind), but it's still one. So Embir is right on this fact : don't transform things only to suit your argumentation. However, Embir, you can have all the ideas you want but don't speak about pointless things please : Descent v2 isn't suited to be a real great only coop game. Whithout an OL, the game is just boring and repetitive as ****... It would be easier to make another complete game than to transform the game. But if you really want a good coop game, we have the material, and the quest vault is here for that. I'm pretty sure every player could do something great with that. It's up to you to make us a really good coop campaign ! But don't try to transform the game as you want, that's not how it should works...
  7. Is this a kind of troll ? This isn't about win or lose here : I'm just saying that it's pointless to discuss about that because we don't have the same way to see the whole thing. Like I said : neither of us is right or wrong, we just have differents view. Now that everyone pointed his way/explanation, what's the point to go on another topic like it was in the last posts ? I think it's better to let this topic go down, but you are free to continue if you want.
  8. Honestly, the more I see your posts, the less I understand what you are saying and what's your point in this topic Whatever, this topic should have end already since op got his answer (whether he likes or not the way it was introduced to him).
  9. Sorry but I don't see any player who don't have the rulebook coming here and ask only one question as much specific as that, and about a basic rule like that. Any player in this case would come and ask if he could find the rulebook somewhere, or would ask many questions about many things due to the fact that he doesn't have the rulebook. I can't imagine someone who barely knows the game restraining his questions on this only... Plus in the case you explained, he should have see how searching works if he did a game already. There is no anger in my posts, but I don't really like posts like this on forums, we see them far too much : a guy come, doesn't even make the simpliest search, ask something and never comeback and/or barely thanks people who helped him. And whatever type of player he is, he is wrong by doing that (having or not the rulebook). But well, that's my way to see things, I'm not saying I'm the only one right (or wrong).
  10. I'm still not sorry for what I said : 1) I answered his question 2) There are "questions" and "questions". Something as basic as that shouldn't be ask without even checking the rulebook. Answering a question is suppose to help a player clarify something, not about doing his job. A 8 years old can read and find the searching rule, why the op couldn't ...? Because he didn't do it. That being said, I agree every question (even the stupid ones) should be answered, because it's the point of this forum anyway. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't find offensive to remind to some lazy people to check rulebook before asking something as basic as that. So keep your white knigh's cloak out of this topic, thanks (for thoses who pull them out).
  11. This and that are two different matters... Sorry but we're not speaking here of a complicated rule like infector's tokens. We are speaking about the seaching rule, which is clearly written in the base book. So it would only take him like 30seconds to have his answer. Instead, he prefers to ask it here, knowing it stupid. That's my problem : asking when you're not sure about a dark rule you find in a corner and a basic one, there is a huge difference. ANyway, I answered his question. My others sentences was just to make him understand that basics questions mean basics answer that you can obviously find in the rulebook easily.
  12. Calm down a bit guys...I can think of a few reasons why this superficially 'stupid' question is not that stupid. I'll give you a list: 1. Language Problems with non-native speakers (like my humble self) 2. General feeling of being overwhelmed by a lot of rules (specially if you're not used to games like descent) 3. Someone is struggling with a pesky hero player who graps for every straw to sharpen it and drive it through an OL's eye (believe me, as I mentioned in other topics, I regularly have my share of this) 4. Different search tokens in different locations could still be of a point because the hero searching would not have to remain in the same place. And after all it costs an action... 5. Well probably some more.... It was primothy's first post on this forum so he/she might not be used to how things are done/presented here. Please don't call the question stupid but welcome him and his questions. WELCOME primothy! That being said, I'm sure you didn't mean it as offending as it sounded to my eye ;-) . Cheers, Folly Sorry, but no : 1) I'm not a native speaker, that doesn't change the fact that the answer is right in the searching rule. ANd he doesn't seems to not understand the rest of the rules. So I bet he has a rulebook in a language he understands. 2) Again, I could understand for some rules, but not for something as basic as that. It doesn't even take 30 seconds to check the good rule, and it's not even in a strange place of the rulebook. 3) Same as above. 4) Any hero team would still do only search actions with the first search token in order to have every rewards before moving in another place. There are almost no rewards better than having all the search deck without any difficulty and in only 2-3 turns. 5) Or probably not... And obviously it wasn't mean to be offensive. It's only a way to make him understand that he should check a little more the rulebook (at least for question as easy as that...) before asking questions. It will make him improve himself as a player. Moreover, he knew from the beginning that the question was stupid (he said it first), and I'm pretty sure he knew as well that he could find the answer easily if he truly had look for it...
  13. Rugal is obviously pointing the fact that this question wasn't only stupid, it was stupid as well. He is putting the joke a level above, that's all
  14. I believe that if you read the searching rules, your answer you will find... ... ... ... One time, it seems obvious doesn't it ? Since the token must be discarded when you got your reward...
  15. The Thief is bad, as well as the Shaman. Necro is ok, no more no less. Windlander is good, but not "that" good". Berserker is a bit weak. Knight, Disciple and Runemaster are obviously pretty awesome. To me we are far from having all the best/strong class/heroes in the core box. As for the extension, I think Steve-O said almost everything
  16. Mostly -1 speed + -1stamina. Having some hp/defense don't really protect him that much, if you wanna put him down, you will. On the other hand, he is unstoppable...5speed/stamina is way too much for a guy who can't fail any normal test (or almost).
  17. They are far less, but you've got a point. Dunno why they don't nerfed him since they did nerf Mok.
  18. If we exclude heroes/monsters who are almost unplayable because of how broken they are (in both way), I think we can say "most".
  19. Not that much. And yeah, since they make most of the heroes and monsters, with balance and better mini, I don't see the point to use CK anymore too (for thoses who have it). The plus you've got from CK isn't that much anymore and is too much unbalanced.
  20. Yeah I forgot to say that you draw a card every turn too. Thanks Zaltyre. That being said, more than two heroes could be a little hard to manage for him, but it's still the best way for him to have a balanced game. It's up to you to frequently help him and give him advices in order to let him understand how a good group work.
  21. 1) Clearly, I think 5 years old is too soon for descent (unless your kid is REALLY smarter than kids from his age...). As ofr your 11 years old playing a 2 heroes game, I wouldn't recommend it. Make him play 3 or 4 heroes or it will be too hard for him, because a 2 heroes game is way more benefical for the overlord than the heroes. 2) You draw one card for every heroes you face at the start of every quest (not encounter), and keep the cards you got and you didn't use in encounter 1 for encounter 2. You also draw one card each time you put down a hero and on some others effects (like overlord cards, travel cards...). 3) Sometimes reinforcements appears at the start of your turn, sometimes at the end. It depends on which quest you are playing and it's always well balanced (for most of them). If they appear at the end of the turn, yeah you won't be able to use them this turn and will have to wait for the next one. This rule make big monsters usually a better choice for monster's group who have reinforcement. But it also happens that some quests have more than one monster reinforcement each turn. 4) They can't die before the last quest of all the campagne. For all the other quest, they just have to get up and heal themselves, but only for a small/medium part of their life, and don't regenerate their stamina. It's really effective to put down heroes because : a) you draw a card (or threat) each time you put one down b) they lose action/movement to get up/revive themselves or their compagnions c) They have no stamina anymore and keep some damage who let you able to put them down again. I think you should read again all the rulebook, this last question is really basics....you can't start a campagne without even knowing/understanding that, or you will face too much harder questions/situations that you will have to handle on the edge of the action. This usually lead us to mistakes
  22. Comparatively Basic 2 is weaker than Basic 1 in most of his strengths yeah. That being said, it gives opportunities that Basic 1 can't show up, and can be sometimes a better combinaison with some of the lieutnant packs. PS : I'm also French so forgive me for my bad use of english. PS 2: I'm writing a guide on the French Edge forum which will (one day...) compare all the OL Basic/class/lieutnant packs and their combinaison. You can still pm me if you want some good advices in french if you prefer
  23. Yeah, I see your point and totally agree with it : in a 2 heroes campaign, you can almost rely only on yourself. This make her a pretty strong pick.
  24. Yeah TInashi/Tomble can work pretty well too for the same purpose. But I don't like Tinashi that much cause she doesn't really synergize with any class or hero to me. She have great stats, good passive, good heroic feat, but nothing "that" strong, and nothing to play with the team. It's brute force...and I don't like it (though it's pretty effective )
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