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  1. After all it clearly says that they freely cross the line between light and dark side force use.
  2. While the Jedi and Sith might view the Nightsisters as agents of the dark side, the Nightsisters care little about the war between the two groups. The Nightsisters know no serenity or peace like the Jedi, yet they do not give in to rage or overt passion like the Sith. Instead, they freely cross the line between light and dark, embroiled in and thriving in conflict. This is from the preview, and to me it seems to be saying that they are a grey force tradition.
  3. I just read the dathomir preview in fall of the republic, it seems the witches are going to be a grey force tradition.
  4. It's like he never even read the novels that his company produced. The war between the Jedi and sith was not made up by the fans, there are multiple novels all about the various ways that they fought. He'll SWTOR is a mmo about one of the wars fought between these two factions.
  5. In there upcoming list they have a reprint for shadow of omega, which does give me some hope for the line continuing.
  6. To me it looks like the sith has a barab ingot in his lightsaber. After all the description of the barab ingot says that it burns so brightly that the blade almost loses cohesion.
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