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  1. Well, I plan to play each hero in each aspect against each villain. So that’s 4 per villain, is 12. 5 heroes, so that’s 60. Then GG comes out, 2 scenarios. So that’s 40. Right there is 100 games. Plus I might take my favourite hero/Aspect combo against the core a second time, may try some 2 handed combos. Then there’s the different villain difficulties, man there’s a whole bunch more games, villain 2 and 3 different modular sets. Then there’s combining GG modular sets with the core and perhaps vice versa. That’s all gotta be done in the first 2 months before Captain America comes out, and gotta start all over again, the Ms Marvel comes out 1 month later. Im not worried about a lack of deck building depth from the core. By the time I have time to get deeper in the building the card pool will be there.
  2. What’s with heroes being reused? Has the imagination run dry when creating new heroes?
  3. The after hours in flight video, a game designer said 15 is the average.
  4. I was gonna say cardgamedb but they aren’t up there yet either
  5. Captain Marvel! Love the character, loved the movie I just can’t get enough. For me she went from unheard of a year ago to cracking my top 10 all time heroes. Iron Man, Spider man, and Black Panther are my top 3 favourite. Dr. Strange, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Moon Knight are others I am eager for.
  6. There’s nothing wrong with skipping a pack cause you don’t like the hero or maybe the villain scenario. Buy what you want. It is a beautiful thing.
  7. I own a dead pool and a moon knight comic, but never heard of the other three
  8. I like the hero line up. Iron man and Spider Man are 2 favourites from childhood. I also liked Black Panther as a child but only ever had 1 comic so didn’t know much about him until the movie. Love the captain marvel movie and I think I’m most excited to play her hero first. And she hulk, I knew existed but find her to be an excellent fifth, to get to know. This also has a good mix of male and female heroes. as for other heroes, they will all get the spotlight for their heroes packs. This is an exciting time to be a gamer
  9. He is an upgrade character. He starts the weakest but ends the strongest
  10. There’s 15 hero specific cards, a choice of 4 aspects, and then ‘neutral’ cards. Sounds like the core alone doesn’t leave a lot of room for customization but once you start adding hero packs, there’s plenty of room for deck building
  11. I’m LoTR player, dabbled in Arkham. This new marvel will totally be my new #2 game. Some of the art is underwhelming but the game looks pretty fun. Can’t wait to play my favourite comic book heroes. The expansions look interesting too. The campaign expansions sound pretty cool.
  12. Surprising this will be out Aug 1? Now it’s coming too fast haha
  13. Has anyone mentioned Cad Bane and Aurra Sing? And more characters from Solo.
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