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  1. Ywingscum

    4 player game

    I think you are correct. It was last round, so no we technically lost. But I’m not telling anyone haha, cause it made for a dramatic thrilling last minute win
  2. Ywingscum

    4 player game

    Good times, fast game so everyone stays engaged. Played the Rheeda Walice scenario, probably misspelled her name. We didn’t kill her but won, just healer died on last turn. Can’t wait to do another session. For a medium difficulty quest though it was hard and we only one with a questionable last play. final player action was explore, fell short one success but drew a exploration card that said you become focused, I ruled it could be used and on the reroll got the required success
  3. Ywingscum

    Quick Rules question, Shadows....

    Correct. Next turn he is already engaged then bash hits. I had a healer die in a game yesterday as he ended up engaged with 3 enemies
  4. Ywingscum

    1st Game played, couple of questions

    Yeah the scenario tells you when to spawn him. Note you can engage a 4th enemy just one will inflict damage and return to shadows. There could be a situation were this might come into play
  5. Ywingscum


    6 cards total yes . So 2 sets of 3
  6. Ywingscum


    The max 5 is for success tokens which you get from being aided by another hero or specific game instruction
  7. Ywingscum


    I believe the extra success, in this case being damage is wasted.
  8. I’d just dive into a solo play after giving the rule book a read. It’s only like 8 pages I think.
  9. It’s pretty straight forward. I got caught up with overthinking a few details on my second play through. My third play through was flawless and lots of fun. I don’t think there’s too much set up either.
  10. Ywingscum

    Enemy activations

    Played my third game now. First 2 were warrior/healer. This game scout/mage. A lot closer of a game totally different feel. Pretty sure I got all the rules right and really enjoyed it. Now to play a harder scenario:)
  11. Ywingscum

    Enemy activations

    Oh! So just one at a time but continues until all are activated. That makes more sense! So by end of the phase all enemies will have activated. So you should never have face down enemies at the end of a round. So game 1 I played correctly but game 2 I skimmed and saw the only activate 1 enemy an got it wrong haha
  12. Ywingscum

    Enemy activations

    And only one enemy activates per player. So there’s an advantage for 2 player versus 4 player I suppose
  13. Ywingscum

    Enemy activations

    Played the Goblin problem twice yesterday. Really enjoyed it, but had some questions. Say rat swarm activates, it engages a player, but it doesn’t have ‘inflict’ so it does no damage? It only damages you on counter attacks from the black die? Oh and exportation deck. Do you shuffle all together? Or shuffle in groups, stacking groups like enemy deck? Or leave a pile for each relevant location ? Thank you in advance
  14. Ywingscum

    Journey UP the Anduin (WoR) help

    It can be done solo. That’s how I did it. But I own 2 core sets. I used the 2 heroes that come in the box and Dunhere as a second spirit hero and to take shots at creatures in staging area.