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  1. There is also adventure mode that allows you to explore a bit more at your own pace.
  2. If you chose to not test tech, you don’t get the ship. So it really depends on do you want the free ship or not.
  3. Yup nothing about the end of the game or hiatus. I found that a little weird and not sure what to think of that.
  4. This quest looks to be a lot of fun, can’t wait!
  5. Carol Black Widow third is tough, cause he’s new Thor
  6. They have new categories now. Also it says US release date July 3. It likely changes to shipping today or Monday
  7. What a fun deck BW is! I expected to like her but she is instantly one of my favourites. Her starter deck might be the strongest this far? Starter decks I mean.
  8. I’d simply play it as a different Gwaihir. Perhaps it is a common name amongst eagles. So I’d keep it in play.
  9. It is in Canada too. I rather like Resistance myself.
  10. Just watched the Phantom Apprentice? Is that the title? Fantastic! 2 thumbs up, couple of minor issues but overall really enjoyed it, excellent season, too short, I want more
  11. Yes I think campaign one I made bad choices in the armoury. Campaign 2 I added some expansions and mission 1, 2 new bad guys showed up. Super cool.
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