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  1. They could have used X wing dice
  2. Ywingscum

    Expansion featuring Campaign settings

    In an interview it was hinted at a campaign is something they want to look at. So most likely at some point?
  3. Ywingscum

    Cleansing Touch and Provoke/Skullcracker

    Hello! 1) May is optional so you can discard Focus if you want or you can keep it. 2) you can choose up to how many enemies you want , 2 and 2 up to 4 . But you can only be engaged with max 3 enemies. You could engaged just one enemy, even if that enemy is engaged with another player.
  4. Ywingscum

    Solo play

    My interest is in the solo play. So I shall wait and see.
  5. Ywingscum

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Loyal Hound is an instant favourite of mine.
  6. Ywingscum

    Only Player in Arkansas? And Reprints!

    It’s been said in twitter tweets older packs are being reprinted and are just a few weeks away!
  7. Ywingscum

    Charakter Upgrade Cards

    It resets each game. Currently there is no ‘campaign ‘ mode.
  8. Ywingscum

    Defeated nemesis

    Yeah face up in lair then spawns face up in shadows. So the skeleton die side is always ‘on’.
  9. Are you going to paint your minis? who already has there supplies? I have some paints and supplies. I’ll likely have to buy a couple more colours as I think I will paint my heroes. Not sure about the monsters, see how it goes.
  10. Ywingscum

    New LCG on the Horizon?

    Perhaps there is a shifting away from the LCG model.
  11. Ywingscum

    Solo games

    Played it again, slowed things down like you suggested, mich cleaner play through and a clean Victory!
  12. Yes but you can manage the odds with deck manipulation. So it is an interesting mechanic. but dice rolling is more fun haha
  13. Ywingscum

    Solo games

    Played the Mistlands last night. Says if you Kill Ankour Maro you win. So you don’t need to explore the 3rd location? If so then I had a nice clean win on that one. Played Red/Blue. My biggest challenge in this game playing solo is remembering how many actions I’ve taken. Has this hero taken 2 actions or just 1? Haha that’s a real challenge for me.
  14. Ywingscum

    I make it random to keep it fresh

    I haven’t played all the scenarios yet, but once I have I will employ this randomize. I like there are so many options in one box.