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  1. Mine has arrived! turned up today, i pre ordered it online but i was not expecting it until the 29th
  2. We cannot get past the first card of 9 progress tokens haha! Yes core set -
  3. we revisited this last night. 4 hours Did not win one game! How do you beat fear? its constantly adding - the fear starts off high as its on the objectives - then when you quest another 2 cards are added! It seems impossible to get over 8 wisdom to beat the fear per a time - we are constantly matching or under!
  4. Ok thank you for clarifying this. I think Im going to look at some expansions.
  5. Hi guys, so I am playing this with my partner, just 2 players. We are really enjoying it, so much more than the base game when one of us had to be the OL. Currently we only have the 2nd edition base game, but want to expand on some expansions. Two questions; Do the expansions add more available quests and side quests than currently available with just the base game? What expansions would you recommend? Thanks Kassie
  6. I am loving this! We purchased one of the co op campaign games before this app came out and it made descent both enjoyable and playable for 2 players and it took away one player having to be the OL. This app does all this and more, we are very happy and will continue to play and go update some expansions
  7. Im pretty excited for this app! I tried and tried to get into decent 2nd edition, but with only 2 players and 1 having to be the OL we just didnt really like it much. Now the AI can be the overlord this suits us much better as we can both be heroes! Cant wait to try this!
  8. "Did you just don't fight the nazgul at all? Ot when Phase 2 ended?" we did fight the nazgul and defeat it, it was just bought out a round / card too late. We bought it out on the final mission card as opposed to the 2nd. So i wanna go back and do it again properly.
  9. Thanks guys for some imput. We just finished the game and we won - although we need to play it again as we didn't realise the nazgul is put into play when your character is rescued! So kind of a victory lol. We also changed up Denothor for Gimli and Theodred for gloin. Seemed to work better for us, also i think it was partly luck of the draw in the staging area ;P
  10. This is really hard! I have played it 3 times now with my husband and we always loose. We have not got past the 1st card! Here is what we are taking hero wise: Legolas Denothor Glorfindel Theodred Eowyn Aragorn Also you have to randomly loose a character which is 'captured' argh. What are we doing wrong! This is my rant post! Hi my name is Kassie and I'm new to the game, we just bought the core set and we really enjoy it. Im a massive Tolkien fan
  11. I love this! Cant wait for new factions.. however Im secretly hoping the elves are next! Awesome stuff.
  12. Im eagerly awaiting the new expansions, however they just seem to be taking forever! How much longer do you all think its going to take?
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