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  1. I like playing the app because then there's no loser. That's the most important part of it I'd say. When I'm playing the overlord it makes me feel like a huge jerk when I win, it's not fun for 4 people then because they've got smashed. And because this game snowballs it often means it stays not fun for them as we go on. The app totally removes that problem. And yea it means I can play it two player without it being....rubbish.
  2. It specifically says "from your local retailer" in the news post
  3. Like I said, either I'm the overlord or I'm playing the app - "forcing the overlord to play a small monster" doesn't mean anything in that situation. All Karnon does is get 1 stamina back when a monster near him is defeated, it's not enough, it's not reliable enough and not as constantly useful as other people's powers. Compare it to Trenloe the Strong who gets +1 heart and +1 shield all the time always for example. And Karnon has only 1 in book which is bloody awful. Hexer is a nice idea and so is illusionist but in actual play the Runemaster does more damage and that's all that matters. Doing 5 damage this turn and ten next turn isn't as good as doing seven damage this turn and seven next turn when it comes to the app. And I'm a big believer in things not being fiddly. Hexer is fiddly. Kinda like the Champion for fighters - yea it's nice if you're paying a lot of attention and are on the ball all the time but I'm just not and nor are the people I'm playing with.
  4. So my choices here are based entirely on either being the Overlord or playing Road to Legend - I've not been a hero outside of RtL. And I've got all the expansions/characters that are available outside of 1st edition as well. Best Heroes: Ispher - Their ability is always useful. Always. They also manage to play some of the more esoteric healer classes without a problem because they don't really need to heal themselves. This is who I always pick to play when I'm being a hero. Elder Mok - Said a billion times but Mok's ability is glorious and synergises really well with being a bard. He's just rock solid all around. Nice stats too. Lindel - The app has a lot of tests to do. A LOT of tests, far more than you'd ever do in a normal game. Lindel can make a lot of them much easier. This especially applies to areas where the game is sort of pushing a "warrior carries this item, scout carries this, mage carries this" because Lindel can just carry anything and do well with it. Okaluk and Rakash - The most mobile hero in the game. Being able to move 4 without wasting an action is just insanely good. Especially when you want to open a door and move away, which happens all the time. Sir Valadir - He's got a heroic feat that's actually useful in the app, which is actually quite uncommon. And his surges mean things like Skirmisher is a really good choice and can remove a lot of randomness. Honourable mention goes to One Fist. He's super situational though and you have to kinda build around him which isn't the case with the other heroes. Best Classes: Beastmaster - Has a strong pet and a lot of passive abilities which is really important when it comes to forgetting stuff. Bard - In the app group healing is king and the bard is the best at it. Skirmisher - Can boost their stamina and also gets a ton of attacks all on the same target, really good for taking down very strong single lieutenants and others. Killing is more important in the app than the normal game, so they become much more useful and flexible. Also goes super well with the hybrid mage. Battlemage - With the exception of Runemaster all the mage classes are rubbish and being able to drop having a mage is great. Again that might not apply to playing normally but in the app it's definitely true. Adding this class to Jaes the Exile and using a bunch of runes (which often come up in the shop and are wasted) makes it a lot of fun too, so much variety. Shadow Warrior - Being able to add hearts to people as well as generally boost attacks is just unbelievably handy in the app. Doing more damage is all you need to do, killing more monsters or keeping them out of the way is just extremely important. Worst Classes: Every Mage and Scout Class - I'm discounting Runemaster and Shadow Warrior here. Treasure Hunter is great when you're playing normally and need those search cards. In the app search cards are almost meaningless which really shoots the TH in the foot. Thief is a weaker version of the TH already so that goes out of the window. Wildlander is very much a one trick pony and doesn't work as well in the app as it does in the real game. The mages that summon things to mess around are mostly just in the way because in the app doing loads of damage is way more important. Marshal - As an Overlord Marshal makes my game really tedious and in the app the Marshal doesn't do anything at all. I dunno if I've ever had someone play it. Spiritspeaker - It can't heal statuses. Every single healer class works better than this one, even Prophet which is already quite fiddly and annoying. And their main ability is "before dice are rolled" which makes it even more terrible! Worst Heroes: This is a harder one for me because I don't really remember the names of most of the heroes since they never get used. Anyone with a brown defence dice is ignored because you're going to just get walloped really early. Ones based around rez abilities are meh because you don't want to die since you've only got 5 deaths before you lose the game. I've got every hero but we only regularly use maybe....15 of them? And even then some are for gimmick parties like "all orcs" - which is hard because there's only one Orc scout and she's really not very good! I'll give an honourable mention to Steelhorns and the....Yeti hero. They both look unbelievably good but their abilities are terrible and I just can't justify ever using them.
  5. Wait, what? What's given you the idea that it's only available on the FFG website? I've not seen that anywhere.
  6. I'm really glad that something new is coming although I'm going to say Hybrid classes are mostly disappointing - I feel like their main draw is letting you use a fighter class for a mage because mage classes aren't very good. I can't think of any time I'd rather use a scout class than a fighter class too. I guess what I'm saying is that healer/fighter are the best "realised" archetypes. This especially applies to the app!
  7. I'm actually pretty interested in the map. Although I guess the Terrinoth RPG has a map in there I've not seen that so I've still not actually seen a reasonable map of the world for the games.
  8. I feel like if they're going to release anything new (which is DEFINITELY feeling like a no) it'd be something to do with the Uthuk to tie it in more with the other games.
  9. It's absolute fact that they release one-offs at events that are better than anything they make otherwise.
  10. I don't want to rain on your parade but Wiz Kids are absolutely terrible with attack wing. They release limited edition models that are extremely powerful and ruin the balance - usually they've been given out at cons and that sort of thing so if you visit one suddenly you're twenty times more powerful than anyone else. As bad as FFG's massive insane focus on card games has been they're not even in the same universe as Wiz Kids.
  11. Then why have the card? If you are going to ignore it, why have the card? Why have a card that creates new win conditions for part of the party and makes them a traitor in an otherwise co-op game? That, again, is the whole point of the thread.
  12. I've never been on a forum where it even allows you to give a reason for editing and I feel like that's etiquette that you're pushing onto everyone else. Especially since this thread gets maybe two posts a week, it's not like we're in a chatroom replying at a mile a minute.
  13. The thing is why would that person grin? Again, for a lot of us if you "win" because you've set a load of fires and it ends the investigation in a co-op game that doesn't feel like a real win. The game is over and the investigation isn't done, that's absolutely a loss.
  14. My assumption is that the same coders work on the RTL app and the Imperial Assault app. So if they're making something for one they can't be making it for the other. Perhaps now Jabba's realm is out it means we'll get something new? I'm reminded of the people datamining the app and finding new heroes in there, I still don't understand why they exist if there's nothing new coming for it at any point in time.
  15. Amiral? Are you going for "main" or "primary" there? There won't be anything for Runewars the board game again. Having two properties competing for attention with the same name (even if they're not quite the same genre) is a really bad idea. It'd be nice to see something else for Terrinoth soon but it doesn't feel like anything is coming for Descent. Gaps this big either mean the game is done or that there's a new edition on the way. I don't even really expect new stuff for Runebound even though that's a lot newer.
  16. I think that if two Gencons have gone by with nothing then that's it, we're done. It's a shame because the imperial assault app is a bit fiddly and confusing compared to the much easier to follow enemy orders in Road to Legend!
  17. You've misunderstood there. I'm saying that when the game ends it says you've lost when you have (for example) Pyromaniac because you've not set six fires. But really if the app is completed and the "quest" is done then you've won regardless of what the card is saying to you. And like totgeboren said this is a fake loss, it doesn't mean anything. In the same way as when you set six fires and the game is over and you've "won". Well I've not, because the game is over and the investigation isn't complete.
  18. But if you're "losing" - and again this is a technical lose because the actual level is completed - then you're ignoring the card.
  19. I'd love a way to make the enemy movement look more like the Descent one and be less...specific. I find it really hard to visualise what they want me to do with all the information it throws at you.
  20. The bases are the worst and stupidest thing in any FFG game I've ever played and I have a lot of them. I cannot understand why they've done them that way. Why put artwork on a card that's covered at all times, for example? Baffling.
  21. Thank you for saying exactly what I would have done. If the cards give you the option to ignore them then like I said before the topic of this post - that they're better ignored - is pretty fulfilled isn't it? And if there's someone in your game group who just goes "Okay I win now" during a co-op game and just ends it when it's plain that everyone else doesn't enjoy it then why are you still playing with them?
  22. It's pointless to try and discuss this with you because you cannot understand examples that are in any way abstract. If you ignore the card, then the point of the thread - that the cards are stupid and bad - is entirely correct. What more do you want here?
  23. I dunno, he's a really....invested in details sort of guy. I can see him wanting to make one. And because I like to engage with the game in the way the developers intended, I guess? I don't really like using mods in computer games for roughly the same reason. It just doesn't feel right to me. I'm fine to say "This rule is dumb and I don't like it" but a big change feels different.
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