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  1. Because you can have up to two copies in your deck (the Unique rule only applies to your cards in play - e.g. your deck isn't in play), so if your BB-8 is discarded from play, you could play another one to replace it. >.>
  2. My LGS (had) Cores today, I handily scooped up the last one this evening.
  3. Imho (and risking a force choke from FFG), a 2nd Core is pretty much a waste of money unless you absolutely want double+ of everything. I've got a VSD, GSD and a TIE Squadrons Box on reserve, because all the options.
  4. My thoughts exactly Vlad, I was rewatching Armada vids today and the staff running the demo states pre-measuring is allowed.
  5. Hmm... makes me want to paint my TIE Fighters... good thing I've been painting 15mm minis recently. Any suggestions for Howl?
  6. Single Icon Planet | 2 Cards or Resources | Strong Battle Ability Double Icon Planet | 1 Card and Resource | Moderate Battle Ability Triple Icon Planet | 1 Card or Resource | Weak Battle Ability This is my observation, though strong/moderate/weak are subjective and based on deck type. Theoretical No Icon Planet | 2 Cards/Resources and 1-2 Cards/Resources | Awesome Battle Ability
  7. I totally said 'Ere We Go when deploying my first Ork, followed shortly by Dakka Dakka Dakka when attacking with it,not to mention many Waaagh!s throughout. One thing to note is ypur list has a lot of bloat, mainly fluff info and non-relevant items. And typically Board Wipe comes before "Board Sweeper" in popularity, however we don't have those, we have a HQ Wipe (Doom) and a Planet Wipe (Exterminatus). Good effort, I will copy/paste/edit/repost after my scribes and functionaries finish their more pressing duties. =][=
  8. =][= Original Transcript =][= Ragnar stared at the dataslate long and hard. He grunted, then handed it to the thrall after etching the runes of acceptance upon the screen. One of his trusted Wolf Guard stepped forward, "Ragnar what is it?" Ragnar raised his head and gave a wry smile before adressing the many packs of his Great Company. "Blackmanes! Sons of Russ! We have four years to finish the hunt!" A multitude of howls roared through the great hall of the Blackmanes. =][= Original Transcript =][=
  9. Battle Report #7 Planet: Plannum Combatants: Phaedros - Orks/Chaos Weather - Dark Eldar/Eldar Result: Ork Victory
  10. I have no issues with any of the card art, I have compared them to their sources and they all match up fairly well (a lot of art is from the codexes or BL books.) So really to me, any opinion of too dark seems to stem from unfamiliarity with the grimdark art style. :/
  11. Battle Report #5 Planet: Ferrin Combatants: Phaedros - Orks/Chaos Weather - Dark Eldar/Eldar Result: Ork Victory Battle Report #6 Planet: Plannum Combatants: Phaedros - Orks/Chaos Weather - Dark Eldar/Eldar Result: Ork Victory
  12. Honestly, I find it hard to even draw a comparison between the two, they're worlds apart.
  13. Will give it a listen momentarily, and best of luck @ Worlds.
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