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  1. If Mak has line of sight wouldn't it be a given that the target has line of site as well? I'm a bit confused.
  2. The card says: For 1 strain: Use when you declare an attack targeting a figure that does not have line of sight to you. This attack gains 2 strain. What does this mean? This character can shoot through obstacles or through (around) walls? because it says out of line of sight. How does Ambush work? This ability comes from Mak Eshka'rey
  3. When resting it recovers strain and it heals if there is less strain than endurance. So if you rest with no strain you can heal by the number of endurance? It just seems to make the Players invincible.. If they keep healing?? Am I missing something?
  4. I'm trying to find the Star Wars font that has all the Dice symbols from the Star Wars games of FFG. Would really appreciate direction..
  5. May?!?!?! OMG I thought it was gonna be released sometime in March.. May? *cries*
  6. When are we expecting Ghosts of Dathomir to come out.. I've been patiently waiting but my patience is wearing thin. I want it NOW! NOW! NOW!
  7. I tried teaching my Nephew RIFTS which is a simpler dice system. He had a hard time with knowing what his skills do and how to act in the game. He was 10. Considering the dice system of Star Wars it could be difficult to teach younger players. Thats just my opinion.
  8. When you rest it heals strain according to your endurance then heals damage with any excess points of Endurance. I'm wondering if you have no strain can you rest and heal according to how much endurance you have?
  9. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever made a Talent Tree for a Dathomir Witch? I'm thinking of a clan other than The Nightsisters since they are of the Dark Side. I'm thinking something along the lines of The Frenzied River Clan who are like Jedi in that they practice the Light Side. Has anyone done up any kind of Character Build for them?
  10. OMG I gotta wait till the end of March!?!? Thats too long I want it now..
  11. In episode 4 Obi Won was teaching Luke how to sense the force by putting a helmet on his head that suppressed his sight. Could Chirrut be doing the same thing? Thats how he can fight so well blind? I did read a site that said Chirrut could sense the Force but not bend it to his will.. Just as how Luke sensed the Force to see the training orb thing? just a thought.
  12. Which Character career would Chirrut Îmwe be?
  13. This Hero has a healing ability. I'm having a hard time understanding how it works. it says "Heroes within 3 spaces of you (Including yourself) May recover damage equal to the damage rolled." When it says Including self does it mean that it heals both Heroes 3 spaces away and your self at the same time? as well as any Hero withing three spaces all at the same time? Or just one at a time? Self only? A certain Hero Only? or is it all together?
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