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  1. So I just bought the core set to play with my family and friends. And I would really like to get some more cards so I can play 2v2 and have access to a better card selection for all 6 factions. Is there anything wrong with just getting the box expansions? Or should I get a couple of box expansions and certain force packs? Thanks!
  2. Cool! Thanks for all the suggestions! I really like TopHatGorrilla's idea of using the coin storage boxes!
  3. I ordered the P.A.C.K. 432. With the x-wing load out. Like I said, I know that the case has issues holding all the dials. I've read it in the comments on the bag. What I'm looking for is some kind of tube or something that I can put just the dials in. Like maybe something that "just so happens" to fit perfectly. For example a conducting baton case or poster shipping package (obviously neither of these because I'm is too small and the other too large). But something similar is what I'm lookig for.
  4. So I just recently ordered a Battle Foam case for my SW Xwing Minis. I'm really excited about it! but I have heard that there is not enough room for all the movement dials in the case I got. So I am looking for some ind of packaging/storage tube or other type of case that the dials fit well in. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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