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  1. Holy sh**! FINN! The HWK finally has a 2 dice primary
  2. avaktor

    SWX58 Still missing

    Ebon Hawk. Because nobody is expecting that, and nobody knows everything.
  3. Counting up the distinct posts where I can parse a clear opinion, there are more in favour of such an expansion than against But then there are quite a few sort of responses. Either A-wing with different stats A-wing that's not the same as the already released A-wing but is still an A-wing because, or A-wing that is the A-wing that we know and love but not with Rebels material. Anyway, as has been pointed out, we can do this with existing tools. Here's my attempt using Rebels screen captures: As tempting as it is to use the exploding A-wing picture along with PS 0 and "die when looked at funny" for the Phoenix Squadron Pilot, I decided to be a bit more serious about it. I've made the Phoenix Squadron Pilot the same as a Prototype pilot but added a squad leader title that can be used to boost them to make them distinct from Prototype pilots. The leader title is a rough idea and will need work to balance and improve it. I didn't intend to actually create cards for this, just wanted to see if there was interest should FFG release such a thing. Oh well. Still, it's got me re-started on my own set of A-wing upgrades using legends material.
  4. I did the exact same thing And my axe! Oh wait no, I mean I did the same thing too
  5. Only the episode where they got wiped out by Darth Vader; but I have issues with that. I still want to try 8 or 12 prototype pilots vs a fully tooled up Vader in the TIE Advanced. Regardless of how Hera did in the series, in game she'd be a PS 7 with EPT (or two) and the ability to switch any green to any other green using the A-wing dial.
  6. Well, there's Pash Cracken, Linna and Edor Crespin from the Rogue and Wraith series of novels for A-wing stuff. I'd be just as happy with that. Anyway, I'll take your response as a no to interested in Rebels A-wing Also with a special rule that you have to remove one Phoenix Squadron pilot from the game each round if Darth Vader TIE Advanced is on the board. edit: Rouge does not equal Rogue
  7. Given that there are already two expansions containing A-wings, would anyone be interested in a third A-wing expansion based on Rebels? There's Phoenix Squadron, possibly a Phoneix Leader title, named pilots could include Ahsoka Tano, Hera Syndulla (her pilot ability might be too powerful on an A-wing), Sabine Wren (I think she flies an A-wing, and it's not like she's in enough ships already ). Looking in wookiepedia I see "Dicer" for a low PS unique. What would be the preference, an Aces style box with two ships or a single ship expansion? Personally I'd prefer the latter, a single A-wing with new pilots and stuff. I should make it clear that I haven't watched much of Rebels and I'm not really fussed either way about the series. I do however like A-wings, a lot, and will champion almost any excuse for more A-wing
  8. You might say, they quad jumped the shark.
  9. avaktor

    Your Fav Ship is

    A-wing, first ship I got for the game (core set included).
  10. avaktor

    Tie Fighter Anima

    What abilities they would have? Female TIE Bomber pilot (I know they have names/bios somewhere - will search later): - can hold target lock for more than one ship? - ignores obstacles? TIE Fighter pilot: - ignores critical hits? TIE Interceptor pilot: - hits pretty hard? Admiral crew: ? Found the character sheets for the pilots here: http://moviepilot.com/posts/2810310 Would use those as a basis for pilot abilities.
  11. avaktor

    Tie Fighter Anima

    I want those Imperial pilots.
  12. This is a joke, but I'd kind of like to see a ship that didn't have any banks. Just as a design challenge, how do you make up for a ship that is missing that kind of basic maneuverability? It's called the boat, large ship, has a green stop, red 1 straight, red 1 turns, nothing else See n% of forum posts on the boat and serious impact it's having on the meta right now On a more serious note the Jumpmaster has a slightly asymmetric dial, I'm curious to see if FFG take that much further to a point where a ship is missing maneuvers on one side of the dial that it has on the other. As a question about your design challenge would s-loop be allowed? I'd guess you'd put in some of the more extravagant maneuvers to compensate for the lack of angled turns, that or barrel roll. On much less serious note, I have right 2 bank Acrylic template and I've lost my core set cardboard ambi 2 bank. Can I use my right 2 bank Acrylic as a left 2 bank?
  13. It doesn't appear as if there are any torpedo upgrade cards in the fan. Third card in from the left on the bottom row of upgrades. Could be a torpedo, really not sure but the icon looks blobby enough for it.
  14. Looks like two tactical jammers and counter measures on the shadow caster
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