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  1. Read the Cthulthu's sheet. During the reckoning he also may spawn eldritch tokens. Normally when you finish a mystery you discard everything that was created by it. Like eldritch tokens, for example. But there is no difference between the eldritch tokens spawned by the Mystery and by the Cthulhu himself. If this mystery puts three tokens on the board, you need to remove three tokens to complete it. Not necesarrily the three tokens that were put there by the mystery. The rest of the tokens remain on the board. Not necessarily the ones that were put there by Cthulhu's reckoning. Yeah, I'm aware of the Cthulhu's reckoning, that wasn't the issue. The problem was whether the Eldritch Token gets removed from the board when you resolve the Deep One ambush. It was our understanding that you don't because the card says that Eldritch Tokens don't get removed from the board, which meant if you resolve the encounter you could just stay in the same place and do it again the next turn. So, I guess that was a mistake, but in the end it wouldn't have changed much...
  2. I've read about this issue in another topic, but I still don't quite understand how it works. The Deep One Attack! Cthulhu Mystery says it spawns Eldritch Tokens equal to number of investigators and then those have to be solved as encounters. Ok, no problem there. Then you use specifically those ET to resolve the encounters and put them on the Mystery card. But the next paragraph says that you don't discard any Eldritch Tokens. To which tokens are they refering to that do not get discarded? If you have 5 players, you'll spawn 5 tokens and then use them to put them on the card. If you don't discard them, you can just stay on the same space and fight Deep Ones, which makes the mystery a bit easier. I'm really confused.
  3. I don't have any expansions, so it's not that hard to go through the whole Assets deck in one game. Well, good to know that there are ways to remove it. In both our last games we where in a situation where we solved the three mysteries, doom counter was at 1 and the only thing there was left to do was survive until the end of the turn. Both times the player with the Dark Pact rolled a 1 and advanced the Doom to 0. Once it was against Yog-Sothoth so we managed to salvage the situation, the second time was against Azathoth, so bye bye world... I just remembered another question - can you use multiple clues to get rerolls? Burn one to get a reroll, the result still isn't success, burn another one, etc?
  4. Cool, thanks. Is there a way to remove a Dark Pact? Aside from avoiding rolling a 1 during Reckoning.
  5. Actually, the injuries are THE LEAST common condition that I've seen coming up in games. It's usually madness or debts (or unfortunately, dark pacts). Past two games, I haven't seen a single injury. Weird. Anyways, here I am with more questions after the last game: 1. Is it possible to take a loan from the bank (during the Acquire Assets action) and try to pay the debt (Local Action) in the same turn? I'm aware those are different actions but both are based off Influence, so I'm wondering if there's some kind of collision there... 2. When a card which isn't a Mythos card advances the Omen (I think it was an Azathoth Research card or perhaps Other World encounter, I can't remember), does it also moves the Doom count forward if the next symbol matches the current gates? Or does that only happen with Mythos cards? I'm aware there are beneficial Mythos cards that allow you to move Omen as you see fit without the consequences of Advancing Omen mythos effect, this isn't the card I'm talking about.
  6. Since I've asked a few beginner's questions here and there doesn't seem to exist a general Q&A topic, thought I'd ask this one too - which conditions are common and which aren't? I'm thinking Debt and Injuries are common, but I'd like to be sure since I didn't really see it in the rules (page reference would be great if it exists). Also, what's the point of the Mystery token?
  7. Yeah, I meant Shub-Niggurath. We were playing a game against Yog-Sothoth and were preparing for Shub-Niggurath said, so I made the ol' switcheroo. I'm familiar with the lore. Thanks for the clarification, still learning the ropes!
  8. 1. I've seen this mentioned in a few topics, but it still sounds too good to be true - additional die ablity (Musician and Expedition Leader have it, or Urban Guide) applies to ALL tests? So, basically Jim Culver (Musician) gets +1 Strength and +1 will in combat, along with other bonuses to Strength/Will from other items? As for Urban Guide it applies to all tests, whether it's Influence, Observation right? 2. In the setup section of Yog-Sothoth's card it states that some monsters (I think a Goat Spawn and a Dark Young) are set aside. Why?
  9. Much appreciated. While we're on this topic, what does exactly "or otherwise be aware of" (in relation to line of sight) mean? Does it mean you can cast psychic powers at targets, for example, behind doors (if you can hear them)?
  10. Thanks. But since they follow the rules as ranged weapons, do they also get to-hit bonuses from short/point blank range?
  11. To expand on a question relating to cover - do attacks from Psychic Power benefit from cover?
  12. I'm trying to figure out the effects of Suppresing Fire action, or rather, when does the Pinning effect end. If the character fails the test, he becomes Pinned. But what happens in the next round, if the attacker doesn't continue using his actions to perform Suppresing Fire? Is the character still Pinned until he passes the the test, or the effect ends as soon as the attacker stops performing Suppresing Fire? Thanks.
  13. what's wrong with an Admech with 6 AP from the start? they are supposed to be walking cans of "don't care about small arms fire" and they can't really upgrade all that much with "the flesh is weak" and dragonscale armour not being in the game anymore They're supposed be that at higher experience levels, not at levels of expertise that DH assumes they start with.
  14. Rules-wise, yes. However, as a player in a game that has an Adeptus Mechanicus Assassin, I'd really suggest against it. He can start with up to 4 very rare implants, without even bothering to get them through acquisitions and I'd be surprised if he doesn't go for MIU Weapon Interface (which should just not exist, as I've previously stated). It's very irritating to be in a warband with character such as that. Surrounded by enemies? Disengage + Shoot. Pinned? Move + Shoot. Prone? Stand up + Shoot. It's rare to find a situation when he doesn't get his free attacks, really. Most of the times it boils down to move into short/point-blank range + aim + full auto. And that's just ONE of the implants he gets for free. In my opinion, it should either be even rarer or limit the number of free shots to, say, TB times per day.
  15. It's not like he can't have both. Rapid Reload takes care of that and even if it's a full action, he can still fire as a free action. How so? I can understand that Heavy weapons couldn't be attached, but Basic are fair game, as far as rules indicate. They don't even really have to spend a lot of XP. If he, for example, takes the role of the Assassin, the combination of aptitudes will still allow him to fullfil the tech role and allow him to invest in BS easily.
  16. I'm really baffled how something broken as this managed to find its way in the Core Rulebook. Coming over from d20 Pathfinder, I thought maybe it won't be as good in the game as it sounds, but it's basically the equivalent of making a Full Attack action as a free action. For an Adeptus Mechanicus character it's available right from the start and really, nothing's stopping him from just Aiming or even Full Aiming all the time and hitting multiple opponents with Full Auto Burst. He doesn't even have to stop to reload. It just boils down to getting into Short Range, Aiming and shooting. Not even getting some melee combatants in his way is a sure way to stop him, as he can just Disengage and, what do you know, attack them anyway as a free action (he doesn't even get any penalty, because now they're in his Point-Blank range). Now, am I missing something or is this just one of those horribly overpwered things carried over from the previous edition (it's practically copy/paste from Rogue Trader version) and in need of a houserule to tone it down?
  17. Doubling the chance for Rightheous Fury is by no means little. Also, 2d10 pick higher averages out to 7.15, which is a nice boost from 5.5. That's why you shouldn't ignore those abilities because they add almost +4 to damage.
  18. I have a question regarding this and Subtlety rating. This sidebar states: Does this mean that Availability of the modification is changed three steps up and, in turn, doesn't cause a penalty to Subtlety (or, at least, causes a lesser penalty) or is it just a bonus to the requisition check? The reason I'm asking is because other similar examples (such as The Emperor Provides) specifically state that they provide a bonus on the Requisition check, whereas this gives a bonus on Availability, so I'm trying to figure out if there are differences.
  19. I realize that, I'm just wondering HOW do you attach them to whatever you want to explode. I find it odd that it isn't stated anywhere.
  20. It's pretty easy to stack up modifiers on ranged attacks (Point Blank Range, Single Shot etc) and the target number can even be above 100, but is this possible? Or the upper limit is 100? This matters when determing DoS, so I'm just wondering is there a limit on stacking modifiers...
  21. How do you actually use these things? But, melta bombs can't be used in those ways: So, I'm guessing you have to stick it to your target (because they adhere to surfaces), but how? Is it a melee attack? When does it explode?
  22. I was having a disagreement with my fellow players concerning the range and we couldn't reach a conclusion regarding the range. Point-Blank Range states that characters making ranged attack against a target that is two metres away or closer, get the bonus. I'll try to illustrate the point. If the character (1) makes a ranged attack against the target (2) gets the point blank bonus or not? 1 _ _ 2 Or does it have to be like this: 1 _ 2 Where _ are 1-meter squares?
  23. The exact bonus is irrelevant, it's just an example. This sounds reasonable, thanks for the input.
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