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  1. Tried that, it has its own drawbacks, like people would rather work on their own ideas and material
  2. 10 per session flat. Adjust if you game less frequently.
  3. A lot of views, no comments... don't be shy. Let's make it a communal effort! We do this daily in threads, we can make it even better! Even if you have just a little write up or you have an idea for a cool challenge, it helps to a lot of Galaxy Masters.
  4. What worked with my jedi group, is scolding them with my master and not allowing them to resolve conflict as long as they continue to abuse the force. Force is not meant to be used to solve all the problems, jedi learn it from a young age, and generally attacking without trying something else, incurs conflict and generally disdained among jedi.
  5. I'm looking to make more content for the community, and I want to help you make something out of anything you have. Did you drew a map for an adventure? I want it. Did you write up some challenges or a module? I'll produce it! If you're good at converting from old systems to the new one? can you write a stat block to an item or a vehicle? We need you. I have a lot of ideas but no team to help me with, even if you have short amount of free time, we can help each other to nourish the community with new or revised content.
  6. My player crafted a wearable gadget that he installed on two mods, a droid brain and armor mod for extra hand. Making it a Slicing droid third hand.
  7. NPCs don't have careers
  8. I'm working with a guy on producing a Black Spire Outpost supplement, so once there will be more info available we'll offer it to the public.
  9. @NicoJMont, I've considered a few things that are lacking, here's a list. Adapting more WEG and SAGA modules, encounters or gear. Web-application or software for sci fi map making, ships and buildings (e.g. Inkarnate) Web-application for adversary creation tool (e.g. Star Wars: Adversaries) New mechanics for encounters (adversely creations unique to AoR for example) or any inspired by genesys (Social Encounters) or L5R (Schools).
  10. If you have a book and you're on the galaxy map page, then just keep on reading... There are profiles on some planets with all the necessary details, the rest you might find in other sources like media. There are more planets in most supplements.
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