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  1. A. You are correct. Fatigue for every Strife SYMBOL (which is the important part), so Void Stance does not change the situation, you just don't gain strife for the symbols on the dice. B. It refers to the situation, that your gained fatigue (from the bleeding) exceeds your endurance and you'd get a critical hit for it. C. As the condition says "When a Bleeding character makes a check...", so the fitness to reduce the critical hit applies here, although I see no reason to count the fatigue that exceeded the endurance once he's incapacitated or unconscious.
  2. I felt the same, and I followed the XP distribution from published adventures only... they even got the ring discount from the beginner game DLC. But, we decided that its intentional that we'll get to high school ranks, and we plan to take new schools once we reach 6th rank. It looks like we'll be heading into Anime/Exalted territory with our heroic strength/wits.
  3. Every invocation has a different name according to tradition, so they would use the Alchemical name, saying that their Theology roll is making the alchemical component for the invocation or the preparing of the alchemical substance is preforming the invocation. Also, Wards are in the beginning of the sub chapter on invocations, in the core-book.
  4. There is merit in starting light on mechanics as the system can be overwhelming. It paces the players through making a check, and especially it helps with understanding the setting. I have sinned in running stuff as I think is appropriate, many times, and always figured out too late that I was wrong... and not just on technicalities.
  5. Run the extra adventure on the site, it cements the party as investigators and sets them on a first mission. From there you can have leads that were left open from the investigation, or use other adventures as the next missions. My group I GM to is still in the investigation, we're taking it slow and getting to know everything about the theater of NPCs.
  6. A gather of different clan delegates were almost massacred nearby, need to figure out what happened (talking to / hearing witnesses) and try to carry out their duty and ensure that their clan are not dishonored by the events. A minor clan archer was in a bad arranged marriage, to a major clan bushi. He fled post ceremony (possible mid-hook to capture him) and the major clan does not care. But His father and the bride's lord/father does. One of fathers/lords is caught embezzling wedding funds (as part of the investigation/trial) and commits seppuku. A prominent magistrate, and former minor clan daimyo is very successful, but most of his clan wants him dead or gone. He is transferred to the court of law, and it's discovered during a seemingly casual trial, of what his clan accuses him of or shuns him for. A relative of a magistrate in the court of law, asks to review/revert the outcome of a trial the magistrate was involved in. Some trial outcomes affects the trade in the village/province, and the magistrates are accused in their own court, once the taxation collectors arrive. The collectors can be held against their will, as prominent village leaders / distends prosecute them.
  7. Thank you. Seems it is an amalgam of the beginner DLC adventure, dark tides and mask of the oni.
  8. Does the beta book include a different adventure then the finale product?
  9. I haven't been impressed with the mechanics suggested in Jewel of Yavin, anyone seen anything else that looks and feels better? or any suggestion how to do a commercial-encounter like that? Moreover, player characters don't have strain-causing social talents, so I am leaning towards it being different then usual social-fighting, where its a race who loses more strain. For context, this is for a middle arc in Ghost of Dathomir, the npc-mcguffin has been rescued but the shard is in position of a hutt and it about to be auctioned, players are using a local merchant to bid for them, against the npc-adversary's bidder, with assorted others (npcs might be lifted from Jewel of yavin).
  10. I have started two projects, if anyone wants to give a hand (especially if your looking for experience in production and writing), we need help with document layout for one project, and writing and editing for the other. "The Selonian Run" a smuggling (long) adventure "Paradise Lost" a rebellion (short) adventure Soon on your tables!
  11. Tried that, it has its own drawbacks, like people would rather work on their own ideas and material
  12. 10 per session flat. Adjust if you game less frequently.
  13. A lot of views, no comments... don't be shy. Let's make it a communal effort! We do this daily in threads, we can make it even better! Even if you have just a little write up or you have an idea for a cool challenge, it helps to a lot of Galaxy Masters.
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