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  1. RusakRakesh

    Ship art

    Don't think it's a star wars one
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/america/theme-parks/2019/02/28/star-wars-galaxys-edge-disneyland/3007982002/
  3. RusakRakesh

    Knight Level Play

    Thanks for those who responded constructively. I learned a lot.
  4. In conclusion for my 3 year long and ongoing campaign (once a week meetings steady), I can see that about 800 xp from starting, is already master level, or at least have a a few force powers in full, or 5+ talent specializations full. My feedback is, don't give away too much extra xp, 10 per session should be top, and pace the spending of the xp with intervals, meaning with the arcs in the story. Specifically Force Power buy, as some synergistic talents and powers are quite a plot killer... Move 4 ATATs into Extreme? quite the fall damage... and attacking with a ranged sized vehicle? Combat upgrades as incidentals?. Same goes to all the Fore Rating 3+ powers who you get faster, if you double down on talent trees with FR from the start. Just as example, one of the players is; Seeker, Sage, Hermit, Niman Disciple, Ataru Striker, Executioner, Enforcer, All Basic Force Powers full, all career skills at 3, and has a beast companion Silhouette 2.
  5. RusakRakesh

    Realms of Terrinoth Talent - Finesse Question

    I would judge it does calculate damage from the new characteristic used.
  6. Having my players already achieved a dry dock workshop where craft can be done, and the parts and crew necessary, I am going to say that some of the time needed already done. Moreover, some requirements can be bought already assembled with higher price.
  7. RusakRakesh

    Capital ship attack action questions

    If its just ship on ship, it can be done with each ship doing its actions in turn, but I usually use mass combat rules.
  8. This, along with patrol boat or racing vehicle, are roles that a ship can take if designed this way, not a ship class.
  9. RusakRakesh

    Hide and Seek

    I started adding difficulty to Force power checks for this instances- Seeking a target you know too little about, Sensing/Influencing high willed people (opposed usually).
  10. RusakRakesh

    Age of Rebellion - Spy Campaign

    Most infiltration scenarios I run tend to peak in a "they on to us" moment, usually with a Big Bad taking the stage, upstaging the characters, and chasing them out. There were also some space mass combats like that, where you have to defend one side while the other is breached...
  11. RusakRakesh


    AC is taken...
  12. RusakRakesh

    Ship combat: capital ships

    1. Yes. Note that the relative position of ships is determined by both GM and Players actions via narrative, especially when it comes to capital ship used as terrain while two groups of starfighters dogfight. 2. Yes. although logic dictates in the example that such weapons are mounted on the face's edge, and not somewhere further on the hull, which would otherwise be dorsal or ventral facing only. In some cases I would examine it for typo and look up the image of the vessel to understand where the weapon is mounted. 3. Assuming groups of gunners on the deck sit by each weapon or weapon group, and have a superior receiving orders and commanding, I would roll for the whole deck's initiative and then roll for attack for each minion group separately. Assembling a better pool would be using upgrades or boost from commander, gear, on-board systems and support like droids or other actions (Fire Discipline, Squad rules, etc). 4. Hanger bay ruling is hard to spot, its in the starship attachment section. You total the silhouette sizes of the vehicles parked in the hanger bay. A silhouette 7 can carry a total of 60, so about 15 YT's ... 5. In my previous uses of capital ships in combat (without and with mass combat rules) I took note of some officers on-board that I wanted to participate, they would be commanding on minions and rivals sitting in designated decks, but they would eventually represent the same roles and action you can do on a smaller ship, but they have the advantage of having command over others. For example, if your officer failed to direct his minion group to preform a successful Jamming action, another team on the deck might try to preform it right after, maybe even an upstart rival trying to impress his superior. 5b. With a good leader, and cool bridge interaction, anything is possible... Consider making the Captain or Bridge Adviser an NPC.
  13. RusakRakesh

    Crafting a New Gun

    This! RAW is always best...
  14. Just my two credits, didn't read the thread - Re-skin everything, tweak as much as you want, to fit to your table and setting! For example, I want some of my players to take a signature ability, but they like the one not fitting to their tree and don't want to take the appropriate tree. PUFF! Now you can, because I said so. Why? For fun!