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  1. While this would never be considered competitive by any stretch, some of the most fun I've had in this game is flying this. Delta Squadron Pilot - 30 Delta Squadron Pilot - 30 Bounty Hunter - 33 Heavy Laser Cannon - 7
  2. I'd suggest busting out the mad rhymes to show dominance over your opponent as is only fitting for the badest MC in the Empire, Major Rhymer. I'm Major Rhymer and I'm here to say, The Empire gonna kick your butt today. Aint no surprise that you get beat, When you face the might of the Imperial Fleet!!! (flash gang signs as necessary)
  3. Nera Dantels with Advanced Proton Torpedos. Three Z-95's with ion missiles. Once a target is stunned I know exactly where it's going to be next turn. (hopefully running over an asteroid) Then Nera sidles up and kicks an almost guaranteed five hits out the side door.
  4. My lone Dash experience was escorted by 4 Bandit Squadron Pilots. Dash absorbed three pieces of ordnance including a focused APT and went down fast. Viva los banditos!
  5. If you're just starting then I'd suggest the second option. Fly both factions a few times to get a feel for which you prefer.
  6. Richard Morgan's Kovacs book are the bet post-cyberpunk dystopia I've ever read. Would recommend.
  7. Just reread 1&2 after several years and found they were not as good as I remembered. It was distracting how often the author found excuses to mention events from the original trilogy. This is understandable since at the time they were written there wasn't a lot of other cannon lore, but it still felt forced. Also, it seemed to be a very small galaxy. Out of the countless billions and billions of sentients, people who knew each other or had history of some sort couldn't help but run into each other. For example the people freed from Kessel just HAPPENED to be people Corran had a history with, Corran's contact on Coruscant just HAPPENED to have a past relationship with someone he was suspicious of, Corran's father HAPPENED to have arrested Mirax's father who just HAPPENED to be a father figure of sort for Wedge. It might have been tolerable in smaller doses but the degree to which he exercised his artistic license was grating.
  8. A high PS TIE with a good elite talent fit's nicely into the 20+ range.
  9. Definitely both for me. I loved Stackpole and Alston's X-Wing books back in the day, and then I got a chance to watch a game off to the side of a late night Magic tournament one night which got me interested in the game.
  10. I came up with this cute squad that seems like it would be a lot of fun to play. My first thought was to build Nera Dantels as a missle boat with 4 Z-95's flying cover, but then a much sillier idea struck me. Nera Dantels - 26 Advanced torps - 6 Advanced torps - 6 Push The Limit - 3 Sensor Jammer - 4 Shield Upgrade - 4 =49 Tala Squadron Pilot - 13 Ion Pulse Missile - 3 Munitions Failsafe - 1 =17 Tala Squadron Pilot - 13 Ion Pulse Missile - 3 Munitions Failsafe - 1 =17 Tala Squadron Pilot - 13 Ion Pulse Missile - 3 Munitions Failsafe - 1 =17 The general idea with this build is to use the ion missiles to stun a target and then saddle Nera up next to it and drop a focused advanced torp on it for a 1019/1024 chance at five hits. Sensor Jammer and Shield Upgrade are there to give Nera a bit of extra life since I'd imagine she will draw most of the hate. Clearly I can save 6 points by losing the Failsafe's and downgrading to Bandits but I'm not sure what else to do with the points. Any ideas?
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