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  1. Okay so I've got a group of rebellion special operators going to be making their way to Coruscant to retrieve a VIP. What sort of trials and tribulations should I have them face to get there and to get out? I've been rather lax on customs and inspections in the past but those worlds/encounters weren't the capital of the Empire. The group itself is very well experienced and have a few contribution ranks under their belt. None of them have been directly identified by the Empire as they work as spies or special operations troops most of the time. I'm thinking of adding setbacks on their rolls to bluff their way past any officials that matches their contribution ranks at least on the initial entry and when faced with someone that might be in the know of such matters. In game time it is around 6 months or so prior to the battle of Hoth. They've fought and defeated inquisitors before as well but I'm trying to keep them out of this bit of the adventure and keep them for more big ticket scenes later on. I've done some reading on wookiepedia but I figured some advice from you mates wouldn't be a bad thing to ask for.
  2. Now that is a clever solution! Story's like this are why I enjoy Roleplaying games haha.
  3. The player needs to be aware as well that he isn't the special snowflake of the group and sure while he might be the deadliest thing to ever walk the galaxy his skill set can't handle many other things. I suggest the Squad rules from the Age of Rebellion GM Kit to add a bit of challenge to combat that doesn't make it totally out of hand for the rest of the party. It will also serve as a great way to get your guys to spend advantages and threats as you can use them to break up squads. Your nemesis can also spend triumphs to have his squad shoot as a minion group. I've played with the house rule that the Squad leader can give up his action as well so that he can have his squad shoot. It makes sense to me but I've been in an argument or two over it since it isn't RAW.
  4. Meh, I my politco has all the skills as Career skills and the ability fully loaded up (except the one where I can do it an uncareer skill). I mean sure you can stop a fight and then talk about it but it kinda sounds like they are just going to make you be able to change it from a standard combat to a social combat. I mean it has uses but it still doesn't beat the smuggler's sig ability Unmatched Fortune.
  5. Well the holonet is heavily monitored but there has been shown that there is some sort of BBS systems set-up and there are planetary networks as well that are separate from the holonet. Our group has sullustan that always start digging around a planet's network for the darknet type forums and BBS. Of course if it is sensitive or illegal there is always the chance that the Empire was paying attention or just the local authorities which what the red dice represent in these scenarios.
  6. Sounds interesting. I would love to hear how it goes for you.
  7. I was worried about this. There are enough Pilot/Driver characters for it to be worth wile but I was thinking of having them in 2 heavy tanks so 2 pilots 2 gunners and the extra crew member that handles things like emergency repairs and the secondary weapons. I will make up some stats based around the ground vehicles with tracks and wheels. I suppose I could use a hover tank since they were in universe somewhere if I recall correctly. When I come up something I will share it here.
  8. I am trying to develop a huge tank battle for my players to participate in. I am not sure about the vehicles to use or how to organize it. None of my players have any talents from Stay on Target yet and it seems like it has more talents to help with ground vehicle combat then the core book but I was going to splash in some talents for the opposition and their supporters. What sort of tank vehicles would the Rebellion use against the Empire and I suppose what sort of tank would the Empire use? I think I remember using a Tie Mauler in the Empire at war game but I don't recall what the Rebellion used off hand or if they have stats in any books. I will also admit I am being lazy and asking you guys here instead of looking but thanks for the help.
  9. Well, I got a few of the other GMs in the Shadow of the Broker campaign to write up their custom organizations and I wrote up the two I developed. Next time I get to GM a session, I am going to try and include one of the other GMs organizations using their stats. I want to see if I can capture their picture of the organization from the stats that have been written up. Of course, I might just try it out in a one-shot when I get home with my offline group. I will certainly let you know my thoughts on the process when I get a chance to use it.
  10. Well the way we have it setup the individual sessions are missions from a shadowy benefactor. It is a multi-gm setup where folks can drop in and out as they please. To keep it from being overly complicated we try to try have each session be an adventure in itself. Of course we keep story lines going by having actions from one session have an effect on the next with obligations, or having the work they have done in one adventure lead up to the action in another using call-backs, shout outs, and even just direct continuations of a story line but setup in a way that you don't have to have had a part in the prior chapter of the story.
  11. Most sessions for me are between 3 and 5 hours long. The exp rewards vary from 15 to over 30 depending on the time spent playing, special conditions or even if it was a special event in the story. It averages to around 24 xp a session. Of course it is about what is right for the group so if the group is happy just go with the flow. Also I would caution rushing to the end game as it becomes hard to balance when near everyone becomes a one shotting machine.
  12. Oh god you have no idea how bad I want to unleash that thing on a group of players.
  13. Yes the more moral implications should exist in the description. If a company enjoys collateral damage then you mention it there. Otherwise, I would say individual morality is more important the organizational.
  14. Star wars Edge of the Empire GM board has adventure seeds and there are some folks that write adventures on these boards that are love to share them. In fact when I can get to my laptop I can post one of my own.
  15. I am certainly going to test this out and I feel it help in games that have multiple GMs and players that drop in and out. Especially when trying to establish a continuity
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