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  1. The Aragorn with the white text is the original alt art, I believe the one shown on Hall of Beorn was done by GeckoTH to make the Aragorn alt art match the subsequent releases
  2. BH: Sam Gamgee BI: Legolas BJ: Elrond BK: Théoden (S)
  3. AZ: Galadriel BA: Éomer BB: Legolas BC: Haldir of Lorien BD: Elrond BE: Gandalf BF: Aragorn (T) BG: Arwen Undomiel
  4. AJ: Galadriel AK: Glorfindel (S) AL: Frodo Baggins AM: Éomer AN: Aragorn (Lo) AO: Legolas AP: Merry (T) AQ: Haldir of Lorien AR: Rossiel AS: Merry (S) AT: Gandalf AU: Erestor AV: Éowyn AW: Amarthiul AX: Arwen Undomiel AY: Théoden (S)
  5. D: Galadriel E: Pippin (Lo) F: Glorfindel (S) G: Sam Gamgee H: Frodo Baggins I: Beorn J: Glóin K: Idraen L: Aragorn (Lo) M: Prince Imrahil N: Legolas O: Denethor P: Beregond Q: Merry (T) R: Haldir of Lorien S: Mablung T: Elrond U: Rossiel V: Merry (S) W: Damrod X: Gandalf Y: Halbarad Z: Boromir (T) AA: Erestor AB: Éowyn AC: Eleanor AD: Elrohir AE: Aragorn (T) AF: Celeborn AG: Arwen Undomiel AH: Théoden (S) AI: Faramir (Le)
  6. We usually get 9 new cards per pack right? The article says a leadership hero and three copies each of 10 player cards! I know it's only 1 more card but still <3
  7. I think a card, or maybe even better a Noldor hero (Arwen/Cirdan), with something like "Response: After a card enters play, search the top X cards (maybe even the whole deck?) and add all the cards with the same title to your hand" might be really good for this type of Noldor discard mechanic, by letting you grab some copies of unique cards that are already in play as discard fodder. Not limiting it to when the cards controller plays a card would also let people find a ditch their unique cards that another player already has in play
  8. What are you talking about?? If Balin uses his ability to replace a shadow card for another defending hero and the hero still dies it's the exact same bloody outcome. How is that MUCH worse than Erkenbrand dying??? Ridiculous Balin replacing a shadow and the ONLY bad thing is a second "boardwide bad shadow"??? Hyperbole! Your luck must be so phenomenal if that's the case maybe you should quit LCG's and stick to the casinos? Erkenbrand needing some readying/healing is completely justified and necessary. He completely negates the shadow, if he had no caveats stronger than throwing away resources it would break the game. It's an incredibly powerful ability sitting on the board from turn one, unlike waiting around for a Hasty Stroke. Sorry I just don't see how NO shadow card being worse than MAYBE shadow card makes any logical sense. "It's a different approach on the same kind of question - dealing with shadows, no matter what you say." I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I said at the end of my previous post
  9. I'm valuing his base def "medicore" not by comparsion with other heroes, but by comparsion with attack of the foes. We will usually face the ones who'll strike through pure 3 defense, and thats what matters when we are talking about self-wounding ability of the defender. You just argued that next shadow will be bad You're missing the main variable - Erkenbrand has just one base action. That 1 possible shadow negated per turn. How much Balin can negate is only limited by the his resources, which there are a lot with leadershit, and on my, I'll dare say, rich multiplayer gameplay experience with Balin, there were plenty of times where he used his ability multiple times per turn on different defenders and it actually helped most of the time, because most of the time you're not trying to just get rid of the shadow, you're trying to get rid of this particular nasty shadow. I'm not arguing that the next shadow card will be bad, I'm arguing that in most every scenario I'd have no idea what my replacement shadow card is going to be, so it's a punt. Even if Erkenbrand is killed after using his response (because of the extra damage) you're down a character at the end of the turn, but because you're not replacing the shadow card that outcome isn't a surprise, Erkenbrand may still die but that shadow card isn't instigating an extra attack or any number of other effects based on the defending character being destroyed etc. If Balin uses his ability and the defender still dies you're down a character AND a resource. No matter how you slice it, every single time you use Balin's ability you run the risk of leaving your board state worse than if you had not used it at all. I'm completely aware there you can use Balin's ability on more than 1 attack per turn, but that still doesn't change any of the above. Erkenbrand's strength is that at all points of the exchange the outcome is predictable, I've already said, twice, it's less flexible than Balin's, it's not however "inferior". There's a few ways you can get more than 1 use out of Erkenbrand's ability (Stand Together and Hama, any readying effect, Eomund and Westfold Horse-Breaker if you want to keep a Rohan theme), all he needs is some healing to support him, which is no different than adding resource acceleration to support Balin. It's a different approach, not a worse one.
  10. What here to elaborate about? Balin cancels any shadow effect anywhere anytime and only needs to pay a resource, which there are abudance of in the leadershit. Erkenbrand NEEDS to defend HIMSELF and pay 1 health (which might not seem a lot, but for the defender with medicore base def in the sphere without healing could be not that neat). By itself - it's not. By the circumstances both of these can be triggered - it's inferior by far. Worst case scenario Erkenbrand takes 1 damage instead of being killed outright by an awful shadow card. Balin would have to spend a resource and the defender could still end up dead when the replacement shadow card is revealed. Less flexible? Yes. More of a risk/gamble? No. Inferior to Balin's? No. Worst case scenario Erkenbrand takes 1 damage and then dies from attack because now this attack has enough damage to kill him. Balin would have to spend a resource and the defender could sitll end up living when the replacement shadow card is revealed. Less flexible? Yes. More of a risk/gamble? No. Inferior to Balin's? Yes. Which game are you playing where 3 is "mediocre base def"? Did I miss the release of some 5+ base defense characters? There are what 4? characters in the entire game with a defense of 4 or more. I think you need to reacquaint yourself with the definition of mediocre. Quantifying cards in the vacuum of what sphere they're in is utter nonsense. Leadership has no usable scrying to check on shadow cards, so you arguing that it's just as likely the new shadow will be better is exactly the same as someone arguing the new one will be bad, ie pointless. With Erkenbrand there are no variables, everything you need to make the decision to use his ability is right in front of you the whole time, there's no randomness to account for. How is that worse/inferior to rolling the dice on a maybe? We've already agreed it's less flexible, that's not in dispute, dismissing it as inferior seems hasty if not outright stupid.
  11. By itself - it's not. By the circumstances both of these can be triggered - it's inferior by far. Worst case scenario Erkenbrand takes 1 damage instead of being killed outright by an awful shadow card. Balin would have to spend a resource and the defender could still end up dead when the replacement shadow card is revealed. Less flexible? Yes. More of a risk/gamble? No. Inferior to Balin's? No.
  12. All things you listed here can be done with Late Advanturer the same way. Except what he said with Theodred
  13. I really like the idea of these Dunland guys, however with the Dunland Chief hero it's entirely possible that you may not have to discard a card for 2-3 turns in some cases, so he'll be under performing a little during these instances? Maybe give him a Refresh action ability like Erestors? The Dunland allies obviously facilitate getting cards into the discard pile but you're making them very dependent on the setup of the other heroes (2 of the same sphere) with the Chief and drawing into the right Dunland ally on the first turn? Also there's a little typo in the Chief's card (tompost). Great reversal of the card hate theme though
  14. I'm still only halfway through the video and every card so far is amazing. So excited for this pack
  15. Team Covenant has just posted an unboxing video from Worlds of Celebrimbor's Secret https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4iEZuuZfG0
  16. Hi, Not sure if it's just me but both the links (the download link, and the embedded player) on the page you posted both play Episode 1 again?
  17. Here's the rest of the spoilers I could find, no pictures I'm afraid, and obviously all translated from German text Leadership Follow me! - Event, 1, Action: Become start player and draw a card Tighten the belt - Event, 0, Refresh Action: Choose player, all his heroes that havent spent a resource this turn gain a resource, players can play only 1 copy total per round Tactics Galadhon Archer - Ally, 2, 0/2/0/1, Silvan, Warrior, Ranged, Reaction to do 1 damage to enemy not engaged with you when comes into play Bow of the Galadhrim - Attach, 1, Attach to Silvan with ranged, restricted, +1 attack (+2 if target not engaged with you) Spirit Celduin Traveler - Ally, 3, Dale, Scout, Secrecy 2, Reaction when comes into play look at top card of encounter deck, may discard if it's a location Island amid dangers - Event, 0, Action: unsummon silvan ally to lower threat by x, x is ally's printed cost Lore Mirkwood Pioneer - Ally, 2, Forester?, 1/0/0/2, may give him doomed 1 when played from hand to gain Reaction: when comes into play choose a card in staging, ignore its threat until end of turn Wingfoot - as spoiled by FFG Neutral Defender of the West - Attach, 1, title (unique), attach to unique non-objective ally, start player gains control of the ally (passive, ie wanders around the table), undefended damage to you (ie current controller) may be assigned to the ally
  18. Here's the thread on the German distributors forums http://forum.hds-fantasy.de/viewtopic.php?f=149&t=18548 Someone's posted the stats, no pictures yet
  19. Apparently the German language version of Nin-in-Eilph was for sale at Essen, but I haven't seen any spoilers posted anywhere yet
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