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  1. Wayland's Forge in Birmingham (Nothing to do with the Waylandgames online seller) have two copies unclaimed which should be arriving in the store tomorrow. I just ordered one and asked how many they had left as so many of you have struggled. Get them while they're hot (and still there), good luck ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Has anyone mentioned the Far Orbit Project? I did a quick scan through the thread and couldn't see it mentioned. It's an old West End Games campaign guide, the campaign was based on a Nebulon-B Frigate being used as a privateer, it contained some pretty useful deck plans for the craft in question, it didn't cover every single deck (Many such as crew quarters would repeat) but it does cover everything important. Could be a useful reference for layout of bridge, engineering, etc. Or you could just switch over to a Nebulon-B. It was in the D6Holocron last time i was there. Hope this helps, good luck.
  3. Thanks for providing some context. So in essence shipping wise supplies to the UK are far from ideal but it's not the end of the world, and if it helps FFG/Asmodee stay afloat and churning out the remaining career books and a few more setting books i'll grudgingly settle for it, I'm enough of a forum lurker to know when these things should be surfacing. Got burned by a pre-order where the shop never received any stock of the item before supplier ran out so I'll just carry on with the furious googling of game shops around release time. It's still better than the old days before the interent when things just turned up without warning, or didn't at all, and occasionally companies would disappear without warning or any real explanation.
  4. Hey all, Just wanted to put this to the hive mind. I personally have noticed over the last 6 months to a year it is becoming progressively to harder to get hold of the books from all lines as they're released. I always track them down in the end but these days I have to ring around about 5 or 6 shops before i find a shop holding a copy, many citing they're supplier being unable to meet their order requests. It used to be a just quick order from Amazon and if that was a bust from my favourite FLGS (It is no longer local so it is mail order). Now this may just be down to bad luck or FLGS having trouble with their supplier and Amazon being as much of a tool as it usually is with RPG's but on the other hand it might not be. I just wanted to know if any other board members outside the US have been noticing a similar trend or am i just unlucky? I really do hope it's just me. It'll put my mind at ease.
  5. This is the music I use to open my Pathfinder campaign immediately after my little "Previsously on Rise of the Runelords" preamble. It is pretty epic For Star Wars games using Spotifty I've been tapping into a lot of other John Williams soundtracks and other bits and bobs. I have different playlists for general Star Wars background music, for battles, for chases, for downtime and a few things I pick ahead of time to read when I have a specific scene I'm tying to set. Best examples that I can recall (I'm at work at the minute); Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws and ET (All great once you exclude the tracks which contain motifs which are too iconically linked to the film). Don't even try with Indy though, his little motif turns up all the way through most tracks. There's an album on Spotify called "The Towering Inferno and other disaster classics", it's all very bombastic and tonally pretty spot on for big silly scenes in your campaign. Bram Stoker's Dracula by Anton Copolla is pretty amazing though make sure you remove the Annie Lennox song at the end. The odd other track is a bit light but do make sure you check out "The Beginning" and "Vampire Hunters" I use the most recent Boards of Canada album in run down parts of big cities, the Social Network soundtrack in a well run metropolis, sections of the Fez soundtrack by Disasterpiece when they are alone in the quiet of space though some of them suit run down parts of town too. I found some useful sections in the soundtrack for the most recent Superman film. Generally Hans Zimmer stuff doesn't work out of context of the visuals but on the whole this one stands up well. There is a Clone Wars series compilation on there, called something like "The Clone Wars: Series 1 to 6" which has some of the music for the big scenes from the series. On frontier worlds I use alot of Spagetti Western stuff usually (but no texclusively) Ennio Morricone. That's all I have for now. Hope it helps. Good luck.
  6. I'm in for help with the writing. If you need some written work done I'd be glad to help, I'm not a bad proof reader either if that's any use. I'll send you contact details in a PM as I don't actually log in to the forums that often. I am a lurker by nature.
  7. Welcome aboard old man, I'm mainly a lurking GM who pipes up with a question or comment once in a while. It's a good system, there's more than enough rope to hang yourself with creatively. I would recommend running players through some 'official' bad guys to help you get a better grasp of how to scale your own creations properly. Narratively a run out to the Outer Rim ducking Imps and pirates as the party goes would do. Once they get there you can hit them with whatever you can come up with with a better idea of what they can handle. As for the boards, they/we seem to be a nice bunch. Helpful, respectful and not prone to decending into bickering madness. So a win all round.
  8. This does raise a point which has been bugging me. One of the pilot or scout career talents allows players to plot hyperspace jumps in half the time alongside other benefits (Don't CRB with me so can't elaborate). I know it's not vital and I kind of placated one of my players by saying narratively he would plot a course twice as quickly as someone without said talent. That said he didn't seem impressed by this and is far from enthusiastic about sinking points in to this as he doesn't see how this detail benefits him. I've had any successful astrogation check take effect next round where the ship jumps away as it seemed consistant with films and games but because of this talent detail it made me doubt this as he does seem to have a point. Similar thing applies to the outdoorsman talent too. Been meaning to try to come up with a solution which isn't too crunchy but life got in the way. How has everyone else been applying this stuff in game?
  9. This is exceptionally useful, thanks for posting these. May i use them in a campaign I'm writing. And if I did would you mind them appearing on the related Obsidian Portal page (I'll give credit where it's due on the page)
  10. So after years of living in the city where I grew up and barley finding anyone to play RPG's with I moved to Belfast in 2008 and forgot about RPG's, about two and a half years ago some friends of mine got into Skyrim and started talking about wanting to play D&D. I told them I used to play. Present day and now I have a waiting list to play, the reguar group is at 7 players with 5 in the wings who attend sometimes just to watch. It's the turn of Star Wars and I've had an idea but I would love to hear any thoughts. In the Shadow of the Rebllion Combination of EoftE and AoR rules. Setting is the planet Copia, a critical and very efficiently run Farmworld supplying foodstuffs to the most of the systems in the local sector. In the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin the unrest and anger at Alderaan's destrcution spilled over into rioting and civil disobedience which was put down by the local Imperial Garrison and reinforcements which arrived about a week after the unrest began. Martial law is in place and the populace is under control. This is when the resistance formed. It'll be a sandbox setting. If everyone my game and waiting list wants in I run two startup games of 6 which sets the scene for all and introduces the important locations and charcters. Using a large number of pre-gens initially (Have made about a third of the planned 18 starting choices already) which should have most skills covered between them (There will be very few if any of the soldier/fighter type classes available amongst them). Players will pick what appeals for now. These characters will be used to introduce how the game works. While the game won't be deadly, captured players will be very difficult to rescue so if someone is lost then a spare pre-gen can be taken or player can opt to generate their own from the available specializations, some will be locked out until certain objectives are completed. Game sessions will come from two sources; 1. Timeline events (Once every 3 or 4 weeks) - Certain events are planned to happen in game and I'll need to have PC's be part of these events. A game invite will go out a few days ahead of time saying I need 6 players for this episode and first responders get in. 2. Radiant quest type things (In between the main timeline episodes) - Through interacting with NPC's and obtaining intelligence other optional side adventures become available. If anyone in the group is interested they can see if they can get other players to help them complete these goals and ask me to run that session. These side missions will 'unlock' new equipment, resources, evironmental conditions, intelligence, contacts or access to personnel from locked out career paths for the group (Effectively allowing people to generate characters from one of the locked careers from that point forward if their player is killed or captured) It's ambitious but I'm really excited by this idea. Has anyone else tried anything like this? Any more ideas or constructive criticism would be gratefully recieved. (I'm aware there will likely be some attrition from the unwieldly starting number of players but I'm pretty certain of 8 definites and I don't enjoy running numbers higher than 5 that much so this format seemed an ideal way of proceeding without excluding anyone).
  11. This is as much a GM style/tone thing as anything else, yes it will affect gameplay but it really changes the way the players behave and use what resources they have. Some GM's are miserly and make the party work very hard for everything and by god do they look after their stuff well. Some throw sweet toys around like no tomorrow and expensive items start to feel disposible very quickly (I'm not a fan of this method when I'm playing). One very memorable GM would giveth and taketh away at an alarming rate. Talk to your players and talk about what your players and you would enjoy, if you're all enjoying them living hand to mouth then make it hard to keep their head above water, if they like new toys then give them plenty to play with but find ways to make sure they struggle to hold on to their new toys or funds. Or give them choices. Pay them well but hit them up with expensive ship maintenance, until certain work is done the hyperdrive works intermittently (When it suits the plot) or the dorsal turret won't track targets smoothly (Adding a disadvantage die). I'm sure you get the idea. This is all hot air really, you could mix all of the above at different times. Find or figure out what you and yours find fun and then let that guide you. Good luck.
  12. Amazon UK wasn't holding it last I checked. Ordering from Amazon US proved prohibitively expensive. The only UK shop I know that had stock was leisure games mentioned above and that was about 6 weeks back. My copy from there got here 2 weeks ago after it went on an adventure through many dark corners of the post office. I know a number of other shops that do mail order were trying to source copies when I was doing the rounds so you could try; Waylands Forge (Birmingham) Orc's Nest (London) Static Games (Glasgow) Spirit Games (Staffordshire) Good luck
  13. Have we had the Eta-2 yet? Or the Republic LAAT Gunships? Grievous's Belbullab-22? I'm quite partial to the Republic Carrier/Flagship type ships too. The prequels may have had their flaws but the Republic fleet design was pretty sweet!
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