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  1. Sounds great...Though I won't be moved until the spring or the summer of 2020, ran into a delay on my house sale...Keep in touch?
  2. My thoughts exactly! Can break that chain real fast.
  3. What is your "area"? I did some research in Melbourne and there is one store that runs it when the TO isn't deployed. Honestly do not feel like driving several hours for a casual possible game, organized league...maybe.
  4. I have been trying to research the Florida Legion scene as I am moving down that way in the near future (Melbourne area). I see little to none when it comes to organized play. What gives?
  5. Can anyone suggest what the round times should be in escalation? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you. Talking with the players this is very similar to what we came up with. However, I think we were over complicating it (committee think tank ya' know). This simplifies it big time.
  7. We have been playing an alternative format as pick up games at our store for fun and speed. We call it duel of the Aces. each player builds one Unique pilot to not exceed 45 SP and we go at it on a 2'x2' mat. I have over 30 players in our league. They all love the format because most rounds end in under 30 minutes (actually closer to 20). Guys can usually get in two matches on a lunch break! Anyhow, they have been asking me to run a Saturday tournament with this format. The problem I am having is what to do about pairing. MOV obviously will not work. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks guys! Exactly what I was seeking!
  9. Some time ago there was a one shot adventure buried deep in the EotE forums. A group of characters wake up in a vault with amnesia, they don't know why they are there, who they are, etc. Anyhow, I had a copy of it on a computer that went dead on me. I have been digging in here for sometime and cannot find it. Can any of you get me in the right direction. I am sorry I don't remember the name or the author, but I know it was very unique and well liked. The little description I gave will ring a bell to anyone else that also enjoyed it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ok, I will try to figure it out, worse comes to worse I will get one of my computer genius buddies on it tomorrow, thanks for the assist none the less
  11. typo meant JAR. But still not doing it. I click it, goes to an open or save dialouge box, click open, goes back to that box again. No idea. Using explorer 11, Java 8, Cryodex 4...something just isn't adding up.
  12. Not getting an error at all, I can't even get it to start. I just clean "re-installed" Java and downloaded and extracted Cryodex again. Still nothing. Trust me, I know its not you, it is me and my computer (lack of) skills. On my old laptop I had zero issues. Extracted the .rar, and fired it up. Now, no dice. I can't even find what file to click to get it running.
  13. Been using Cryodex for our tournies and leagues for quite awhile. My laptop took a dump on me and I had to buy a new one. I updated java downloaded Cryodex and now it won't run...no idea what I am doing wrong...any assistance would be appreciated.
  14. You mean colored bases and plastic dial upgrades are not money grabs?
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