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  1. I'm thinking of grabbing the core set while it's $46. Is it worth getting an additional Corvette to go with it? And if so is that enough or is it worth getting 1-2 more beyond that?
  2. I plan on picking up the base set in the next couple of days. Is that enough to get a good amount of use out of the app or are there some expansions that would make it much better experience?
  3. Mulletcheese and DAMaz, thanks for the replies. I'll just go with the base game then until I've had a chance to try it out with the app and then I'll check out the expansion you mentioned.
  4. I've been wanting to try out Descent for quite some time but since my Imperial Assault has been gathering dust as I can't get a group together to play it I didn't dare invest in this yet. With this App I'm ready to give it a shot playing either solo or possibly getting my wife and/or daughter to play. I know there are still more details about the App to find out, but if I was going place an order for the Base game and a couple Expansions which Expansion would you recommend that would be best suited to this App? Thanks.
  5. Have you filled this spot yet? I'm on the east coast so this would be noon for me which would work perfectly. I am not familiar with Fantasy Grounds but I'm sure I could get up to speed quickly. Would this be a weekly game and how long would the sessions be? Any particular class you are looking for to round out the group?
  6. Just an FYI, all current expansions are on sale at Coolstuff. $5.29 each for Han, Chewy, IG-88, and RGC, $5.49 for dice, $6.99 for Saboteurs, $7.99 for Troopers and $10.49 for Weiss. The core set is $74.99 so the complete bundle would be $127.11 with free shipping.
  7. Our group is still looking for another player if anyone is interested. We just finished Whisper Base and will be moving onto Operation: Shadowpoint soon so that would be great point to join the game. Lots of fun to be had with a great group!
  8. I'd be interested in taking the spot if it's still available. I've created an account at the pbp and dice rolling sites under the username Mainiac. I've looked over the campaign thread briefly. Would you prefer I just take over the character of the player that left or create my own? I was thinking of a creating a Soldier anyway but wouldn't mind customizing it to my liking but I'm fine playing the abandoned character if it's easier. I've got a lot of free time this evening and tomorrow to read trough the thread to get caught up and so I can be good to go quickly. Thanks.
  9. Portland, Maine Looking for a group and I am willing to GM the Beginner's Game adventure.
  10. Check out this thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/136127-ia-storage-ideas/
  11. Hey sorry i lied i actually have the 732, it has enough room to fit my x-wing models and my IA stuff as well and plenty of room for expansion. Thanks, good to know. I'll be back out by Wal-mart tomorrow so I'll swing by and pick one up.
  12. Yes, the 732 uses the 3700 series of boxes which as the same series in the 1374.
  13. I liked the idea of the 728 for storage so I went to Wal-mart today and while I was looking at the 728 i saw the 732 which was only $2 more. It's significantly larger and I was wondering if it would be a bit of an overkill. I was thinking it would be good though for not only storing/transporting IA but I could also include an X-Wing list or two in it and even a couple SW:LCG decks. It could be the 'Total Star Wars Transportation System'. I'm currently storing all my X-Wing stuff in a 1374 and I suppose I could re-purpose it to serve the same purpose as the 732. Anyone using the 732? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Plano-Angled-Tackle-System/15904153
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