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  1. They look great, but as Ardaedhel pointed out we have all that we need. At least it is an upgrade that does get some use. Any chance the same person spoiled the Star Wars Card game Q4 kit?
  2. What size sheet are these and did you print them on card stock?
  3. I didn't know if they had pushed them back since Regionals will be starting in a few weeks. I would love to see what is included in this and the Regional kits, but it seems like they stopped announcing the kits back in Q3.
  4. Well said. I have younger family that play X-Wing and they burned me out on tournaments because they had to win and would bring winning builds ALWAYS, never "Flew Casual". I have seen rage stories online over X-Wing games. I have seen someone at our local Armada Store Championship win with an illegal build and all of that played were "well crap we should have caught that, we'll do better next time", those that played were asked what action they wanted to take and everyone said nothing. If this happened at our local X-Wing there would have been blood.
  5. As someone that never really gamed in the past and started about 4-5 years ago with X-Wing, I will say there is a perceived high cost with Armada. it is $100 core and then you have to add other ships to be competitive. But after being in Armada for a little bit, it is a lot cheaper than X-Wing and other games. If you look at the secondary market for entry it is even cheaper. I bought a 95% complete at the time, with some doubles and Feldherr foam for about 50% off MSRP. Each ship might be more expensive than X-Wing, but you don't typically have to buy multiples or as many as in X-Wing.
  6. I was looking at the schedule for tournaments and it shows we are due a Q4 kit anytime now. Has anyone heard anything about this for Armada or any of the SW games?
  7. This is truly awesome. Thank you.
  8. Quarter 3 kit is TIE Bomber and Assault Proton Torpedo.
  9. They will be releasing villagers later this year. I know guards, Innkeeper, winches for sure. I was thinking the fox might be able to double as a red panda instead of a wolf, which as stated you can find pre-painted from other lines.
  10. We definitely need more titles, I would like more unique squads as well. We are starting our next CC and we are borrowing from a user here (sorry I forget who - totally want to give them credit) and we are building out 9 fleets (soon a 10th) per side for each admiral and we are requiring the use a of a title on each ship, but there are only a few and really only a few that really worth taking, so many bland titles most are not worth the cost.
  11. I recently bought a IA collection, I've been waiting and got a good deal on a used collection. I really can't wait for the app to be out. I really wanted to jump on Legion, but the scale is disappointing. I was hoping for smaller and have AT-AT and other larger vehicles in the game. I am still on the fence and might jump on it when I see the local support for it.
  12. Email FFG, they might do something for you considering the circumstances.
  13. The easiest and best way is to trace your ship on a piece of paper, I prefer thicker card stock and then you can lay out all your ships on the foam for the best fit.
  14. I forgot about backing up to not touching.
  15. As someone else that started as an X-Wing player all I can say is try not to compare this to X-Wing. There are some things X_Wing handles better, but for the most part X-Wing would do better in adopting from Armada. One thing I would like to see and this would help those bump builds is not allowing to shoot with ships that are in contact and not being able to use the arc that is in contact. I wish the squads were not as relevant as they are, they should be a bother and not a main threat, I think they could have done a better anti-squad mechanic, maybe more dice; but this is something I gripe about (not a fan of flotillas as ships, think they should be separate or included with squads) and accept. The different dice for different range is BRILLIANT. X-Wing would be much better if it used this mechanic and I like the defensive tokens vs green dice. My community is not super active and we are not meta at all so some of the stuff that bugs me in X-Wing tournaments I do not see in Armada. I do not know if there will be a regionals around me this year and I will try and make it if there is and would probably get my first exposure to the meta - I have never seen a Rhymerball, Reikan zombies or 3+ flotilla builds. X-Wing is 70-90% build and Armada is more forgiving of unbalanced match ups of builds; I much prefer player skill meaning more to a match.