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  1. Cusm

    Runewars on the cheap

    Amazon has some more deeper discounts on stuff. Grabbed a second Uthuk for $21 and Latari Command for $12, others discounted as well. I am down to missing only the Vipers, Obscenes and Thu'uk from completing my collection.
  2. Cusm

    Oklahoma x wing tournaments

    There is a Facebook group for the OKC area, https://www.facebook.com/okcxwing/ . There is a weekly tournament in the OKC area. Every other Saturday is at Edmond Unplugged and the opposite Sunday is hosted at Game HQ. Every Monday evening there is a group that plays at Wizards Comics in Norman. This Saturday, 3/23, is at EU and the next Sunday, 03/31. Team Covenant in Tulsa is a major hub for X-Wing and FFG games in general; they always host a regional and they have great acrylics.
  3. Cusm

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    Obviously several waves were for previous Box expansions or creating from current SW media, tv and comics, (Obi-Wan, GI, Hera, BT) some which may have been planned for future expansion (Lothal) and the one that stands out as truly out of place is Agent Blaise and Alliance Rangers, which I always thought was an indicator that Endor was in the pipeline, but that yet to materialize - I have hope!
  4. Cusm

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    Didn't they have Thrawn on some prize support mat before he was announced?
  5. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    But no new minis/expansion and with a mini game you kinda want new minis. If FFG developed an app for RW and it keeps it around for years with no "new content", that would be awesome, but I have almost everything now and I can play as-is for decades.
  6. But the IA is cheaper than all of them by about 1/3; cheapest I have seen is $25 up to $75. I have a friend that buys IA to supplement his huge WotC collection for our RPG. Also nice to have minis for some IA tokens too.
  7. I might grab it then. I like that the original IA is about the same scale as the old WotC minis. Makes use in RPGs awesome, you can grab IA Boba Fett for ~$10 instead of from WotC for $40+ or you can have an army vs your heroes.
  8. It just sucks that they are not the same scale. FFG could have increased sales of both games by making the same scale and having players from either game buying alternative models. I have too many unplayed mini games to jump into another mini game so I skipped Legion.
  9. Cusm

    Everything is out of stock?

    There is now a big debate on a Facebook group of the game being killed. I think it came from someone seeing not available online and it just snowballed from there with someone knowing someone that knows someone that played in a tournament that said FFG told him they were killing it.
  10. Cusm

    SSD article up!

    Good because tarot sized sleeves were not hard enough to find. And now to wait for 3 ringer binder sleeves for this.
  11. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    Store or from a gamer user group? I just started playing/collecting after my initial Black Friday Core purchase and have bought from Amazon and some Facebook and Reddit groups for big discounts, missed a few deals too. I am still looking for a few to finish out my collection, figure get at least one of everything for now, although I have a massive Waiqar army
  12. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    And in less than a year Legion now has as many total skus released as Runewars has total.
  13. Cusm

    "limited edition" ships?

    I hate seeing these extremely rare alts, but I agree with you. I played Dice masters a few years back and on top of several of the OOP Rare and Ultra-rare cards required for a competitive deck, they released a card with 1 die (you could used up to 4 IIRC) at a system open type event that was incredible, a top 3 card, it went for $100+ with 1 die. You would see the winners of all tournaments included this card in their deck and as a casual - semi-competitive player made the game not fun to play.
  14. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    Don't bash us Americans, IF FFG would promote and commit real resources to something without the SW name or Five Rings attached to it, maybe then the game would not have whimpered by. I am a late adopter because no one else locally played and the price was on the high side - Runewars leader pack is $25, Imperial Assault 2 pack wass $10-15.
  15. My big concerns with needing a Regional win is stuff I have seen in X-Wing. Several top players going to multiple regionals and placing and/or winning multiple. I always hated the idea someone taking multiple top x prizes from someone that was 5/9/17th; but now they could knock someone from making it to a higher tournament.