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  1. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    Great post. Demo at Gencon is one thing, gets some eyes and outlets talking about it, but you really need local demos to get the majority of people to notice. My store had some posters prerelease, but not a single event or person talking about the game. I was excited for it, but there was no one locally that even mentioned it, so I initially skipped it. I think locally it was too close to Age of Sigmar for he warmachine players and for the FFG players it was not a genre they wanted vs Star Wars, but then to do nothing for the game really gave it NO traction.
  2. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    I am still adding as we speak. I have some of every faction, will eventually have one of everything. My next buy is the Elves starter set, and then I will be able to field at least a small army of each faction.
  3. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    I started my FFG games with X-Wing, and still play. I will say in my experience that X-Wing is all about winning. The community is great locally and the regionals I have attended, but winning is the focus. I don't get this from Armada or the SW:LCG events I attended and now it is too late for me to see how RW community is/was.
  4. Thank you for stepping up. I am also a Star Wars LCG player and the community is working on new tournaments and content.
  5. Cusm

    Deep Space Nine

    Looks great. Maybe someone can 3D print a base for it.
  6. Nor would I describe Legion as FFG's first ground combat game. And I would consider IA a skirmish game that is more akin to ground combat than a strategy game. I mean you have ground units that engage in a limited skirmish style combat.
  7. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    I agree with this. I have watched Age of Sigmar played and the players will start in with some of the history and I just bale. It doesn't sound good to me and seems like it is trying really hard to be deep. The L5R stuff does not grab me as I am not into the Samurai/Ninja fantasy. So I guess I prefer generic fantasy with it's roots in JRRT and D&D.
  8. If you are not using strategy in your combat games, you are playing them wrong.
  9. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    Thanks. Thought I might have missed a deleted post. Hopefully anything in the works will get pushed out. This is their own IP and anything already developed and to the testing phase has had most of the $$ invested in to it.
  10. Cusm

    Help ID alt art

    Thanks, that was crazy fast.
  11. Except for their previous ground-combat games, including IA their first Star Wars ground-combat game.
  12. I picked up an army second hand and there was some alt art included. I have found everything but a few items. The tokens, the larger one is from the Challenge kit, but the smaller one I do not know. The upgrade card I am sure is a locally produced one, it has Texas on one side and Carolina on the other. The Tempered Steel I have never heard of an alt art upgrade card. Never heard of this one being produced.
  13. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    Did I miss this post?
  14. Cusm

    The Land Endures

    Worst case we can go to the Descent or Terrinoth RPG forums.
  15. Cusm

    Health of the Game?

    With the RPG released, they could tie in so much back/side stories with battles that form the OP battles as well. Borrow the above, but weave into the side of the RPG. And lets face it, alot of table top RPG players use mini and if you are playing the Terroth RPG, you are probably buying Descent and RWMG minis. This is what got me to make my first purchase, although for D&D.