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  1. They used the monthly release for LCG and that is very nice, only dropping $15 or $30 (for a big box expansion) once a month instead of the X-Wing/Armada wave release, especially when a wave had up to 5 ships, some you may want multiples. $25-50 a month is probably better than $75-150 every 3 months. Do they have enough items and more importantly enough man power to produce product for monthly releases?
  2. New Article - FFG Game mats

    They tried this with X-Wing and it was quickly ignored and dropped. **** their rule of official cards only has been openly snubbed at Nationals and Worlds with custom fan made alt arts, just don't change bases or use certain acrylics and they seem not to care. I would not worry about needing FFG mats.
  3. Armada had a Campaign OP kit for the Correlian Campaign that included expanded artwork for some squads and faction specific alt art objective cards.
  4. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    So it has nothing to do with Magneto's son? WEAK!!
  5. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    What is Legion? I haven't seen anything about this, is it from FFG?
  6. New Article - FFG Game mats

    That was later dropped once they released their designs. I think it started with the close up Death Star mat that had almost a grid design. And they dropped the FFG only stipulation as well.
  7. New Article - FFG Game mats

    My favorite was in X-Wing when they made a FAQ for tournaments had to be played on starfield mats, no design (planets, deathstar, etc) and then they stated they had to be FFG mats. But 3 of the 4 FFG mats had planet or a Death Star on them.
  8. New Article - FFG Game mats

    With shipping these are $75, beats the price of 2 FFG mats.
  9. New Q2 OP Kit

    I will say that the Armada OP crew are probably the best on selecting useful cards for OP. I have so many X-Wing alt arts that are completely useless, or ones that are useful at 1 but I have 10 of them. The LCG, a game that is cards only, does not have the most used cards as alt art, they have some good ones but others are a big wtf decision.
  10. New Article - FFG Game mats

    A large regional game group in Eastern US was able to get 6x3 mats produced for Armada event and sold on their online store, surely Assmodee as one of the biggest game companies in the world can figure something out. FFG now has 3 games that require 6x3 mats, they need to invest in hardware or outsource to make the correct product they require for their games.
  11. New Article - FFG Game mats

    And again FFG misses on the mats. They need to just make the 6x3 mats if that is what they require for their games. I had to buy a mat for Armada from another company and if I get in on Legion will have to do the same. The seam from the 2 mats does present issues in games like X-Wing and Armada where movement should be pretty precise, it might not matter as much here; but I don't want a damned seam on my game area.
  12. New Q2 OP Kit

    These are done in house how do they get behind. You select a pre-existing card, pre-existing art and Reese's PB Cup those bad boys. It seems the best plan would be to outline all the cards and tokens for the season and ones they want to do in the future. This is Armada, we have less than a dozen tokens, although we do need a veteran token for CC still. So the new formula looks like Quarterly kits get a squad and an upgrade. Store Champ through Regionals get Ship and World's a Commander?
  13. I will ask locally, my LFGS has a set in to get painted for the demo weekend.
  14. Here is the Stormtroopers, but their bases are not leveled, but they look way different size.