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  1. You should still take a Jedi force out there, 3 guys vs 30 battle droids, totally cinematic and epic!
  2. I bet the Jedi will be commanders and and maybe VERY expensive specialist, with the focus being Clone Troops.
  3. Cusm

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    Guy changed his dial on camera. Twitch user saw and texted a friend at the event. They told the TO. EVENTUALLY they looked at footage after the game and did not let the person continue. His opponent that lost still had the loss for the day but the eventually gave him, IIRC, all the prize support for the event. This was the second time someone at a major X-Wing event cheated and unfortunately FFG has not handled it the best in many people's opinion. They have banned people for life in other games, the Warhammer card game had 2 guys banned after being caught on video drawing more cards than they should have.
  4. Cusm

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    They did stop the cheater from progressing further in the tournament. They did nothing for the poor guy who lost the game in question as far as seeding went, but he did get all the top swag from the tournament.
  5. Cusm

    When are we getting our next SSD article?

    It was early when I wrote that so forgive me if I went astray.
  6. Cusm

    When are we getting our next SSD article?

    With 2.0 dropping tomorrow, I would not expect much aside 2.0 articles for a while.
  7. Cusm

    Thrawn and Deathtroopers

    Anakin was 6'2". Darth Vader was 6'8".
  8. Cusm

    Packing Up 1.0 - How are you doing it?

    Pilot cards will be tossed into a card box and the upgrades will be put into my HotAC box as currently have no plans to update that to 2.0.
  9. Cusm

    The Case For or Against a 3rd Faction

    Watch it again, a single X-Wing did not destroy a capital ship, a single X-Wing took out a capital ship's anti-squad weapons so a bomber wing could come in for a run and a single heavy bomber that took out a capital ship. Ridiculous would be a single A-Wing, smallest ship in their fleet, taking out the largest capital ship in the Imperial Navy.
  10. Cusm

    Armada trade thread

  11. Cusm

    Armada trade thread

    Look at the X-Wing dice, they go for about 4x more, some of the Worlds dice go for $1000, but there are less than a dozen sets of some of those.
  12. Cusm

    Armada trade thread

    Looking for single set (1 of each color) of any of the promo dice. The only thing I have for trade are the regular art Washington/Lincoln/Jackson "cards".
  13. Cusm

    Squadron upgrades

    My wish, and I do not expect to ever see it implemented, would be a built in counter attack for ships vs Squads, and critical hits count as 2 hits on squads from ships, at least as one. Coming from X-Wing, all the squad play is something I do not care for, I want to play capital ships, not a Epic X-Wing game. I hate Yavaris Ace, especially with Luke, lists.
  14. Cusm

    Clone Wars Core Set speculation

    Clone Wars is resurrected, just announced this past week.
  15. Cusm

    If there's no Gencon update...

    Now it is through crass talk on an app, damned millennials!