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  1. You should play Legion where they had a Limited Edition Darth Vader only available at Star Wars Celebration, an event that each booth had a unique pin. These pins were very sought after but you had to purchase an item to get the pin at the FFG booth, and the cheapest thing at the FFG booth was the LE Vader, so most LE Vaders were sold to pin collectors that had never heard of Legion let alone play, they went for $200+ on ebay.
  2. Multiple other mini games have board pieces that setup into maps as well, Descent, Imperial Assault, Zombicide, Gloomhaven, etc. It is probably the combination of video games and the continuation into mini games.
  3. And she is not a 40 year old trying to play a 17-25 year old. I will hold judgement, but Dawson would not have even been on my list.
  4. This will be another obstacle. I am dealing with a Blood Bowl defective sprue, problem is I bought it about a year ago and do not have a receipt from my FLGS and they can not look it up. GW is asking for my receipt for the replacement, if they insist on it I will be stuck with this defective sprue. Many stores if they take returns have a 15-30 day policies, and we should look before that time, but often in the hobby that does not happen.
  5. FFG games all involve dice manipulation. This is why units cost different points or it's worth taking certain upgrades.
  6. Can you share these? I am always looking for more.
  7. Cusm


    Don't forget the LCG where much of the art for the other Star Wars games originated.
  8. My wife informed me this is being ordered.
  9. My odds are 3 - 1 - 4.
  10. What size magnets have people used for the BARC speeder's side car? I am about to buy some 2mm and 3mm magnets for various projects and didn't know if I need anything bigger.
  11. Some of the issues with the SW:LCG and Destiny was their ineffective distribution/production. Both of these had big delays of waves and/or shortages.
  12. GW stopped Blood Bowl for over a decade and finally re-released it in 2016/17. The community was healthy and grew greatly including many highly attended tournaments that continue to this day.
  13. Would @The captn please contact me?
  14. Assmodee attempted to sell earlier last year, but their asking price was CRAZY high. I am thinking these cuts are to reduce overhead and encourage a buyer, pretty standard SOP for a company attempting a sale.
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