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  1. Your information embargo didn't last long. Glad to have you back.
  2. I love these except the Stormtroopers. I don't like that they are Tatooine Stormies. To me it will look odd to have 1 Tatooine stormtrooper in a regular unit and there are not enough to make them their own squad with one box. I really like it besides that little gripe.
  3. Imagine the hate many feel about snipers and now the new hotness can not take their own snipers to counter. I do think it is a bad move not to have one of every unit type available at launch since we have 2 complete factions now. They have still not announced Operative or SF for the new factions. I will still buy at launch but it is a little disappointing from a competitive stand point.
  4. You forgot flipping the figure over to see the picture of the figures and hoping for a new picture with the upcoming figures. Always exciting when they had a couple blacked out.
  5. I want Galactic Marines and the Scout Troopers the most and it seems SF is their probable fit. ARC troopers would be #3 on my list. CIS Magna Guard and BX series droids.
  6. I do not like that this list continues to include the Wizkids unpainted line of minis, those are not a game. Armada is still probably hanging around in the top 10 for FFG as well.
  7. Cusm

    Missing Skus

    I agree thematically Maul does not fit as well as others would.
  8. Cusm

    Missing Skus

    Rex is in the OT. :~) This is all our opinion, but IMO it is hard to argue that not all canon is “equal”, movies are Tier 1. The movies have the recognition of the largest audience. Geeks like us will watch all cartoons, read the books and comics, but we are the minority. My wife enjoys the movies but has paid a bit of attention to any of the cartoons and they have all played in her presence. Several of the local FFG players (X-Wing, Armada, Legion) don’t know anything but the movies and a general idea of the cartoon main characters that have characters in game.
  9. Cusm

    Missing Skus

    I would throw money on Maul being the first operative. He was PT, CW, Rebels and Solo. IMO Movies and cartoon trump cartoon only, except for Ahsoka and Sabine whom Disney/FFG love.
  10. Cusm

    Missing Skus

    My first guess is Operative and Special Forces for both sides. Galactic Marines or Scout Troopers and Ashoka for the Republic and BX series Droids and Maul for CIS. These are the two unit types missing and all of these are on my wishlist. Maybe Jango as an operative first.
  11. Cusm

    Missing Skus

    SWL57 and SWL56
  12. I'll update this when new SKUs are announced/leaked. Down to two: SWL59 SWL60 Core SWL01 Dice Pack SWL02 Movement Tool SWL03 AT-RT SWL04 Rebel Troopers SWL05 Speeder Bikes SWL06 Stormtroopers SWL07 AT-ST SWL08 T-47 Airspeeder SWL09 General Veers SWL10 Snowtroopers SWL11 Leia Organa SWL12 Fleet Troopers SWL13 1.4 FD Laser Canon SWL14 E-Web Heavy Blaster SWL15 Priority Supplies SWL16 Barricades SWL17 Boba Fett SWL18 Scout Troopers SWL19 Han Solo SWL20 Rebel Commandos SWL21 Emperor Palpatine SWL22 Royal Guards SWL23 Chewbacca SWL24 Wookie Warriors SWL25 Rebel Specialist SWL26 Imperial Specialists SWL27 Trooper Bases SWL28 Large Bases SWL29 Downed AT-ST SWL30 Jyn Orso SWL31 Rebel Pathfinders SWL32 Director Krennic SWL33 Imperial Death Troopers SWL34 Combat Assault Tank SWL35 X-34 Landspeeder SWL36 Sabine Wren SWL37 Bossk SWL38 Rebel Veterans SWL39 Taun-Taun Riders SWL40 Shoretroopers SWL41 Dewback Rider SWL42 Crashed Escape Pod SWL43 Core Clone Wars SWL44 Count Dooku SWL45 Commander Rex SWL46 Phase 1 Troopers SWL47 BARC Speeder SWL48 B1 Battle Droids SWL49 Droidaka SWL50 Upgrade Card Pack SWL51 Stormtrooper Upgrade SWL52 Rebel Trooper Upgrade SWL53 B1 Battle Droid Upgrade SWL54 Phase 1 Clone Upgrade SWL55 Luke Skywalker Op SWL56 Darth Vader Op SWL57 Imperial Bunker SWL58 ?? SWL59 ?? SWL60 Phase I1 Troopers SWL61 B2 Super Battle Droids SWL62 TX-130 Saber-Class Tank SWL63 AAT Battle Tank SWL64
  13. Hate purchases, they wanted to show how much they hated it, probably burned most of those DVDs.
  14. Cusm

    Ewoks ?

    Let's not forget the ancient Greeks were performing successful brain surgeries thousands of years ago and then we stumbled and just 300-600 years ago you were sick because ghosts in the blood and you needed to be bled or you might have been a witch. In the 16th century there were guns and sailing ships that circumvented the globe and in North America you had tribes running along (no horses in NA) their pray with bows. A little before this time in South/Central America there were tribes building artificial islands that supports Tens (possibly 100) of thousands of people and a thriving market that commerce set up for hundreds of miles away, and then there wasn't.
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