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  1. Nice write up! gonna have to try and make my own too. Was afraid you might have celebration at the end, and only after moving Hera away realized that Gideon+celeb is also enough for you. Was tense and hard final game, well played.
  2. Once you go Devious scheme, you can never come back
  3. Release date in UK is may 18th, so it will be legal
  4. you roll dodge, if enemy has deadly, you can still take 1 block and after spending surge: -dodge you end up with one block
  5. would be great to have new even more improved version
  6. Some really great thoughts So in the end, did you lose matches because your list was not potent enough or just because you made mistakes?
  7. i would switch motivation for black market too
  8. Started one campaign, and after 2-3 skirmish games i was almost skirmish only
  9. If you want to keep fun games get some house rules, like opponent may pick a figure up cost of X in your list and vice versa. That, or some other way, you can stick to non tournament lists, or even chose figures in the meta to have a more competitive-tournament-like match or whatever my 2 cents
  10. Did the drop down option dissappear? was nice to see first unread, last posted, etc.
  11. have to disagree with buckero0 on Take it down. If its worth taking with anything its HKs or pirates (havent played them yet) since they tend to sit in the back shooting and gideon doesnt have to really move far if any. In the current map rotation you can get good shots (especially focused) from every deployment zone. Not saying it's a must have, but I've used it many times to take down stronger figures
  12. Parting blow can u give extra chance to heal or cleave or even both and with beast tamer in play u still can get rid of stun next turn, move and use brutality. plus its pretty easy with so many massives to be adjacent to someone
  13. Sad we didn't get any creature cards since we have rancor, otherwise cards are really interesting, and makes choosing command deck even more diverse.
  14. Still a bit too bold'ish for me, but waaaayy more better!