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  1. Vader - Palp - Thrawn + anything u like
  2. Talking of prizes, still haven't got any info on the alternate art design thingy from the 1st euros..
  3. well, a lot of ppl dont like signal jammer, so there's a place but its hard to pull it off on palp or you should at least put force rush then
  4. Well fallout is getting an expansion, so maybe its civilization's turn
  5. anyone considered running SC without chopper and using more upg?
  6. Of course elite jawa is a nice unit, but i had 4pts left to fill, and didn't want another upgrade so it was either hired guns or 2 rjawas. 5 speed is awesome, but hired guns don't get dodges, have worse range, surges and no extra defenses. Besides with so much long range attackers these days it is hard to get a decent parting shot. Also the 9th activation gives me advantage over 8 act scum lists (if i lose initiative).
  7. They did great on all parts, as extra activations/grabbers/door openers or to block LoS. Ability to trade into extra block often lets them survive an attack. As for eClaw, he probably not worth 6pts but it is an amazing figure, i really like him. Tried regular at first, but the conspire surges become too inconsistent, and he needs focus to hit anything decently. On the other hand elite can do just fine on his own. Even did some focused scout shot on 1st round, as he hits 10-12 range pretty easy. And since there were many empire players its also good to bait zillo exaust with scout so that vinto can go in and do his pierce+bleed surge later in the round. The drawback on elite is that you really dont want to take much dmg with inteligence leak because it becomes way easier to one shot him. I also had to get rid of strategic shift because i want him to be attacking instead of using his whole activation for the shift. Dealing with with vader is pretty easy, there are several sources of unmitigated dmg in my list. I think the worst match up is IG since he has assault, blaze and doesnt need to get as close as vader. And han, well, i either ignore him or try set up some shooting places so i dont get return fire.
  8. Hi, this is my list. Got me to top 8 Deployments: Weequay Pirate [Elite] [7] Clawdite Shapeshifter [Elite] [6] Onar Koma [6] Vinto Hreeda [5] Greedo [4] Gideon Argus [3] Jawa Scavenger [2] Jawa Scavenger [2] C-3P0 [2] Devious Scheme [1] Black Market [1] Temporary Alliance (M) [1] Commands: Assassinate [3] On the Lam [3] Tools for the Job [2] Heightened Reflexes [2] Tough Luck [1] Negation [1] Intelligence Leak [1] Primary Target [1] Strength in Numbers [1] Take Initiative [0] Urgency [0] Positioning Advantage [0] Element of Surprise [0] Toxic Dart [0] Celebration [0]
  9. At least we play that they can be purchased later in game.
  10. and this makes me want to go back to greedo losing focus after dying on slow on the draw and making parting shot
  11. Same here, we got back to the old game just because new one feels very repetitive. Definitely needs expansion
  12. You can't weaponize light speed travel. Why would you need to fight any big ships in any of the films, if you just can ram them with some auto-piloted space pimple capable of light speed jump
  13. the old one was pretty good.. we'll see about this one. Gotta say, love the old games art more.. but maybe thats just me
  14. Decide what u need more, heavy hitter or a char who can finish off several figures at once. I'd go for vinto +Devious
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