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  1. Kit Rhodes

    Another Character Generator

    Well if you want an RDP style while you wait, I can offer it for the next couple days.
  2. Kit Rhodes

    Another Character Generator

    What about a Chrome Remote Desktop? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-remote-desktop/gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmpp
  3. Kit Rhodes

    Another Character Generator

    I'm got a Macbook sitting here at the moment and would love to contribute making this Mac friendly, well Mac acquaint-able any way. I've got no ranks in computers, so you'll have to walk me through getting you access, but would love to help.
  4. Kit Rhodes

    Another Character Generator

    No love on the mono mac, but its nearly 100% certain this is because I have no idea if I'm using mono right.
  5. I probably still asking all the wrong questions, but is there a way to use either roller within a website?
  6. Not a bad idea, and likely the route we'll end up taking. Any other rollers you would recommend I look at though. I'm attempting to bring as much of the resources we need under one location.
  7. This is great! One (probably really dumb) question. Would it be possible to add this as a widget to simple website? I play with a small group that can never have the same free time and we've started adapting a play by mail system. I made a rollable table on Roll20 so they can come and go as its their turn, but having access to this on like a google site where we could easily track the destiny would be amazing. I'm sure the answer is "it just doesn't work that", but I had to ask.