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  1. I'm interested to see if/how they change the mechanics for the shield generator to draw a ground tactic cards.
  2. Amazing job on Leia's skin tone. The color on her cheeks match the card art perfectly. Excellent job.
  3. BN: Sam Gamgee. 3P: Beregond. I really like playing that spear card on him.
  4. Scout's Guidance: 2 strain: Use during your activation to place 1 recon token on another friendly figure.Coordinated Attack: 2 strain: Exhaust this card when an attack targeting a figure with a recon token is declared to add one die of your choice to the attack pool.Pro Strategy: Give Gaarkhan a recon token and exhaust Coordinated Attack when the imperial player declares an attack on him to make sure he gets focused!
  5. Sorastro, I'm super pumped being able to show my appreciation through Patreon. I really enjoyed painting these monsters. I went with a more innocent looking non-elite Nexu. Some kind of exotic pet the scum of the galaxy have not unlike how drug dealers maintain a menagerie. On the other hand, we have the wild bred elite Nexu - fully able to develop more deadly attributes. The stripes, silver back (dry brush of Iron Breaker), and red eyes are what the heroes will see in the dark jungles next to Imperial strongholds. Great idea about the Steel Legion Drab as the grotty base coat for the teeth. I really like the way they look.
  6. My play group had an amazing final mission this weekend. Seeing the miniatures painted made it even more fun to play. Spoilers for Last Stand:
  7. Thats a bit of an exaggeration! I work in a lab so I deal with µL scales on a daily basis. It's a tiny amount! Although it may be accurate for those that paint eyes and pupils on their minis. I didn't even try that with my officers! Oh and what an excellent paint job. Love the creativity of the eye patch. Thanks! I just finished shinning their boots. I based the elite officer with Castellan Green and washed with 50/50 mix of Nuln Oil and Athonian Camoshade. After that, I brought up the highlights with Cellestra Grey/Castellan Green mix. For my officer with an eye patch, I took my smallest brush and made a dark line with some Reikland Fleshshade and tried to give it some color with a mix of Mephiston Red and Kislev Flesh. Just a touch of the Kislev Flesh on the center of the scar gave it a minute highlight. (Ignore the terrible caulking job in the background - not my work. Maybe I could blend it into the back splash with some thinned White Scar )
  8. My Imperial Officer had a slight accident. Some paint pooled up in the eye socket, leaving a flat surface, obscuring any detail. I felt the best course of action was to play it out like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie and give my space fascist a sick eye patch. You'd think the Empire could have a health insurance plan but hey, Palpatine's got bills and Star Destroyers don't grow on trees. Maybe the Imperial Officers should stop pointing at eye level when they hang out, just sayin'. I have respect for people who can paint faces. The slightest stray µL of paint can cause a face look like a lump of mashed potatoes.
  9. Had a great time applying the rust effect on the AT-ST. My Longbeard Grey was a little too dry and I applied too much but I was able to tone it down a bit with some thinned Celestra Grey. That Stirland Mud stuff is awesome! Here's some of the elite guys showing off a strength of force. That probe droid better just be passing through that terrain!
  10. I agree. Who does this company think it is? I'm just a simple man trying to have fun with a star wars experience, and FFG keeps doing all these hypothetical things just to make a quick buck. I've had enough. This game is dead anyways and has been for a while.
  11. AT-ST POG?? Are you serious? The only, and I mean only, collectible POGs are Looney Toons Tasmanian Devil Slam Dunking a Basketball POGs. If you want to talk serious POG shop, you'll need to get on my level. Start by reading my newspaper blog - POG BLOG LOG, the Analog blog for POGs. Boba Fett needs to be in the box. Period. As a dehydrated POG that you soak in water and it grows into a 3D miniature. Period.
  12. Tell your dad if I wanted to play with cardboard discs, I'd break out my illustrious POG collection. Oh wait, psyche, they are super collectible and I would never tarnish their mint conditions, DUH.
  13. FFG, why doesn't any of my miniature expansions come with a cardboard disc??? What the heck?!?
  14. This isn't false advertising; I literally live under an overpass and follow the Ewok life style. Thanatopsis, I suggest you meditate on the death of your civility, you nerd lord.
  15. The Jerk Store called, they are all out of boxes with your face on it.
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