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  1. Yeah and I really consider this behavior to be ridiculous and actually damaging for their own game lines. You watch their Q&A and they say "No comment" so much that I wonder why they don't just put a cardboard standee in front of the crowd with an audio loop. I understand that games can get delayed and therefore it's better to avoid being too specific about their releases... but this just makes no sense to me.
  2. I disagree here. Did you see what they did with Eldritch Horror? Even if they promised not to bloat the game after basically ruining Arkham Horror? That's actually what annoys me. They made 5 expansions for Eldritch and they have one more on the way. They keep almost every game in their library alive by feeding the fans lots of extra content to the point of going way too far, but they didn't do it for Battlelore. And again, I don't believe that a game that gets so high praise and free publicity like this one can do that bad in sales. Even then though, they could have done one last faction to round the game up and make the fan base satisfied (and gain a bunch of money in the process as well, because we would have bought it).
  3. I don't know guys... on one hand I share your pessimism and your disappointment here. Even if we don't actually know what this discount move really means, it definitively doesn't look like good news for those who hoped in another expansion. Still I can't let my hopes go. Battlelore slowly became my favorite game of all time and I really want to see the full potential of this system. On the other hand I must say though, that I find this lack of new content really strange. A lot of people on this forum and on BGG keep saying that Battlelore never sold enough to justify more expansions, but I never understood where these people got the information. This game is #112 on Board Game Geek, it's in Tom Vasel's and Sam Healey's Top100 and it gets mentioned on A LOT of top10 lists there on the channel. So it's not like it misses appreciation NOR publicity. I know that these things don't necessarily mean good sales, but they must still count for something. Right?! Also it seems to me that there's a lot of people asking to see more for Battlelore. We are complaining all the time on this forum and the same thing happens on BGG, at the In Flight Report the question about the elves was one of the firsts that have been asked. Even Tom Vasel said in one of his videos that he hopes to see more for this system. Is it really all a mis-perception then? Either way... at this point I just wish FFG could tell us whether they want to stop supporting this game or not. At least we could stop spending our time here complaining.
  4. Any new faction would be fine by me. I just want some more content!
  5. That's true, it's a choice that the player has to make and it can get expensive... but in some cases it may be worth to pay this cost, at least in my opinion of course Especially if it means killing the Roc Warrior or another big threat. Grey Haven Battlemages and Necromancers are both support units, while Blood Sisters are all about attacking. Besides the fact that they are all casters, their roles in the respective armies are simply too different to allow a real comparison. As you don't take Flesh Rippers to hold the points, you shouldn't take Blood Sister to support. Exactly, they are anti-support! But they are really hard to kill, because they don't get countered, because they can heal back and because they can run away from units that are coming closer and still attack them. At the same time they can hit pretty hard.The reason to take them over other melee units is that they can deal damage withing 5 hexes from their position with the same chances and ignoring Flying, Ethereal and, I forgot to mention it before, Armor of the Ironbounds. This can really come in handy at times. That's a real risk. I played that match up a few times already and the result was that I couldn't play nor draw lore cards for a good chunk of the game. I could however pay for my conditions. The only way to get out of that situation is to kill the Necromancers ASAP, but that is actually something you should do anyway, because if Waiqar plays Necromancers it means it's using a minion strategy and taking their casters down means weakening their army considerably. I've both won and lost the match up... so I guess I can say that it's still doable The real problem is when Waiqar plays a condition strategy! Then lore gets reeeeeally tight. At the same time I played matches where my Blood Sister massacred their Wraiths, so I still wouldn't say that it's a bad idea to pick Blood Sister against Waiqar. In my opinion, that would throw the whole game out of balance. They wouldn't just lose the draw back, because you could allocate [lore] for damage and then [heroic] to remove the bleeding, but they would also become insane against Waiqar. Now they kill the Wyrm, the Wrights AND at the same time completely counter their conditions strategy. You're right, my bad! Anyway I checked the Lore Deck list that I usually play with Blood Sisters and the total cost is 51, which makes an average cost of 2,55 lore per card. I think it's still manageable even with Blood Magic crippling our resources. 1) I don't get why healing back to full health is bad. Is it because you think shielding is better? It might easily be, but Gray Haven Battlemages are support units. I don't judge them on their ability of dealing damage, because they are not meant for that and they really suck in that respect, as they should. Blood Sisters instead are offensive units WITH a great defensive ability as well. That counts for something, at least in my opinion 2) I didn't say that you should hit something ignoring the VPs just to get your hit-points back. I just wanted to say that 5 hexes is a lot of range and it sounds pretty absurd to me that you can't find a wounded target in such a wide portion of the board. Besides, if you're doing your job right the units on the VP should be wounded... especially since that's the specialty of the Uthuk Y'llan All I'm saying is: I trust the developer team a lot. During my 70+ plays of Battlelore I realized that each unit has a purpose in this game and can be used to great effect, even those that seemed weak or under-powered at first. The only exception to this so far have been the Grotesques. That's why I'm testing them as much as possible... with real poor results, I've to say, and I have no idea how they could be fixed. All the other units instead, if used right, can make you really successful.
  6. In my opinion the only unit that really needs a fix is the Grotesque. The Viper Legion is not so bad, but the Blood Sisters is not a weak unit by any mean! According to me it's just one that doesn't look as strong at first glance as it actually is. I actually used them to great effect in the past and at this point I hardly play Uthuk without them. I would like to share with you my analysis: Blood Sisters have the same chance of hitting of a melee unit but they are ranged. This means: first blood, no counter-attack, no reduction against flying units (like the greatly feared Roc Warrior or the Burrow Wyrm) and no reduction against Wraiths, since they are casters. Therefore they are a unit with a good offensive potential and a particularly strong pick against Waiqar, since it's a substantial threat to two of their most expensive units. Furthermore they also have a good defense, because again they don't get countered and because they can syphon. Syphon is NOT situational, because they move 2 and their range is 3. I can't believe that you can't find a wounded target within 5 hexes from their position after the first couple of turns. So they have a good offense AND a good defense. This would be terribly unbalanced without a drawback. That drawback is that each hit with Blood Magic costs you 3 lore, which means that you are not going to have a lot left for your spells. There's however a way around it. If you notice, Uthuk's Lore Decks already have a lower cost curve than those of the other two factions... well, then all you need to do is deck-build expensive spells out and cheaper ones in. Cards like Parry and Blood Sacrifice (particularly good with Blood Sisters) might not be as devastating as Dark Pact, but they are still going to help you out a lot and you will be able to cast them without too much trouble even with the lore shortage that Blood Magic causes. Lastly I want to mention one of the best synergies that I discovered playing Uthuk. Nobody argues that Flesh Ripper Brutes are probably the best unit at our disposal. Yet they can show their potential only if they can use Bloodthirst and Pursue. Therefore it's usually a bad idea to activate them and attack a unit at full-health. Of course you can wait until some infantry damages something to attack, but in my experience no other unit gives Flesh Rippers a possibility to shine like the Blood Sisters. Since they are ranged, they can damage a unit way before a melee unit but still with the same chances. All they need is one hit among three dice. Then the Flesh Rippers come and sweep that unit off the board, because they now need 2 hits among three dice with 50% chance on each one, maybe even 66% if somehow the enemy can't retreat I used this tactic a lot in the past and it works like a charm!
  7. For a long time Ironbounds have been one of those troops that I almost never deployed for the same reason as yours: I didn't know exactly in what aspect of the game they could really shine and why I should choose them over something else. But lately I've been experimenting a little and I'm slowly growing fond of this unit. I think the main problem here is actually the comparison with the Rune Golems itself, even if I know that it's kinda hard not to compare them. They are both elite and they both seem to lean towards the defense. It appears that they would have the same purpose on the battlefield, but at the same time it seems also that Rune Golems might do a better job because of Immovable. This is especially true if you need to defend a building, which already grants you some decent protection against damages. Lately though I realized that the Ironbounds are actually one of the most balanced troops in the whole game and that this comparison actually is not so fair. On one hand it's true that they have an ability that can easily spare them a few hits (and bear in mind that it also works against ranged units + Desperate Deploy or Fury of Y'llan), but at the same time they they roll 4 dice when they attack, which is a really good attack value, and they can turn a bad draw from the Command Deck into a good one. This means that they are good at attacking, at defending and also at giving support. I don't see any other non-legend unit being as good as them at everything. I've never thought of doing that! It sounds though like a very interesting option, that can come really in handy in some scenarios. I would like to give it a try soon
  8. You raise a lot of good points. I would like to clarify that I've never took part in any tournament and therefore I'm not aware of what's the meta like or just even if there is one. My opinions are based exclusively on - I would say - a good number of plays (69 so far) among friends. I would also add that every list should largely depend on the scenario you're going to play and that I'm absolutely not claiming that this is an effective list in any given situation. That being said, I think I've something to add and I would like to respond to some of your points. First of all, I realized I've should have included the LoreDeck list in my previous post, because a lot of the strategies and tactics that made that list successful were based on the lore cards. That's also why I had those 3 Lore in the list, but the argument for the Roc Warrior is very good and it could be easily followed. Anyway, basically I took the Hernfar Guardians Lore Deck and modified it like this: -1 Defend the Realm, -1 Spotter, -1 Machinations of War, -1 Blinding Light, + 1 Valor and Vengeance, +1 Overrun, +1 Battle Cry, +1 Stalwart Defenders. Therefore the Lore Deck would look like this: 2x Plunder, 1x Defend the Realm, 2x Wall of Steel, 2x Valor and Vengeance, 2x Healing Hands, 1x Rally Cry, 2x Overrun, 2x Lightning Surge, 1x Battle Cry, 2x Stalward Defenders, 1x Intercede, 1x Portal, 1x Runic Assault. While I absolutely agree that the best point holders of the Daquan faction are in fact the Rune Golems, I would at the same time argue that the strong defense of the faction comes more from the Lore Cards than its units anyway and that one might be fairly successful in holding a spot with other units (especially with the Knight keyword, like Citadel Lancers and Citadel Guards) by relying on the Spells. In this deck list there's a total of 9 cards that can replace Immovable and allow you to ignore retreats. That's almost 50% of the Deck! 2x Wall of Steel, which are actually not sure but can be pretty effective anyway, 2x Valor and Vengeance (for Knights), 1x Rally Cry, 1x Battle Cry, which doesn't make you ignore retreats but it's just as effective if not more, 2x Stalward Defenders, one of the best cards at our disposal, and lastly 1x Intercede. Now I realize that depending on the Lore Cards to do something that a passive ability can otherwise do is not always the way to go, but I still think it's a valuable option if you want to trade some defense for some extra offense. This makes us however strongly dependent on lore and that's why the Grayhaven Battlemages are in this list. Again, the idea here is to use the Lore Cards to defend the point. Also the Golems are pretty slow and it can easily take 2 or 3 orders to bring them on the spot, so you might be forced to defend it with other units anyway. In my experience the damage potential of this list is pretty solid. I don't know if that was good luck on my side or bad luck on yours, but based solely on the statistics the strategy should work. 3-4 dice with 66% chance of damage on each is pretty good and, I would argue, far better than having half the chance and rolling one die more, for example with the Ironbounds. I've no doubts about that, but I think the same could be said for any other list. There's always a way to play around a strategy, otherwise the game would be broken. Still I didn't understand what you mean with "he choses the unit in reach of the CL and if it's supported or not". Would you mind to explain it?
  9. While I see how they might not fit someone's play-style, I don't think they are a bad unit by any means and I actually used them to great success in the past. In fact they might be one of my favorite troops, even if I also didn't recognize their value at first glance. First of all, in my opinion the comparison with the Riverwatch Riders isn't really that fair, because they have a completely different focus. Riverwatch Riders are all about support and are pretty useless by themselves, but that's fine since the Daquan is anyway an army strongly focused on creating synergies between their troops to get the most out of them. The Citadel Lancers on the other hand are one of the most independent troops in the whole game, if not the most, because without any kind of support they can increase their chances of inflicting damage up to 66% on each die all by themselves. It's huge! That alone gives them purpose. You can use them in areas of the board where you don't have a lot of troops or where your troops have been killed and they still don't lose their effectiveness... while ordering Riverwatch Riders in those situations would be a complete waste. Also, as already mentioned by others, they counter the ability of the Banshee to the point that you're almost happy she's there! Yet it doesn't mean that the Citadel Lancers lack interactions. In fact they can benefit greatly from the Riverwatch Riders, because they both have a high movement value and can therefore easily surround an enemy troop and tear it apart. Even better than that though is the high number of Lore Cards that are related to them: 2x Valor and Vengeance, 2x Overrun and 2x Lightning Surge. That's 6 cards out of 20, more than 25% of the deck! No other troop comes even close to that. I also would like to point out how strong Lightning Surge is. You get to stun a bunch of troops, attack them without getting a counterattack while turning retreats into damage (even if the enemy unit isn't supported or surrounded) and also forcing the other player to spend probably way more lore than what you paid for the card to remove its effects. Just for reference this is one of the most effective offensive Daquan armies I've ever deployed: 3x Citadel Lancers; 2x Riverwatch Riders; 2x Greyhaven Battlemages; 3x Citadel Guard; 1 Command Tent; 3 Lore.
  10. I've heard this kind of statements before and fairly often actually, but I've always wondered on what data they are based. I can see however how, if it's true that this game didn't sell enough, all we would be left with on the expansions front would be some wishful thinking. My personal one is that FFG would try to shake things up for this game by releasing a big box stand-alone expansion (something like the base game, but with Elves vs Orcs) that could both serve as an entry point for new players and as an expansion for the old fans. I wish so much this could happen!
  11. No news from GenCON and my hopes for an expansion are growing thinner... Yet I see a pretty good fan base for this game, so I wonder why wouldn't they produce some new content for BL2.
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