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  1. My friends and I just started playing, but we can't seem to find an answer to this: When we enter a new system, how do we colonize a new planet and bring it under our control? will the control tokens work, or do you have to land troops?along those lines, when you enter a new system and there is more than one planet, can you colonize both in the same turn? Along those same lines, once you do have control of the new planets, do you get them tapped or untapped?Finally, answering the previous question, how much does it cost to build a space dock in the new system? none of the cards seem to answer that question!
  2. No. The unit upgrade cards are listed separately. But, thanks to Dreepa I think I have my answer. My thanks to you both!
  3. Just wanted to ask a question: my friends and went to play our first game, and according to the game guide there is supposed to be: 122 Technology Cards 62 Unit Upgrade Technology Cards. When I started sorting the cards out, we found out we had only 54 Unit Upgrade Technology Cards 96 Technology Cards This resulted in 16 tech and 9 upgrade cards. Now, if you put the two together, per player, you do start out with 25 tech cards,, but it doesn't explain the missing 34 cards. Am i missing extra cards, or am I not getting something in the rules? Will these be needed or was the number a typo? Sidenote: some have now explained that 34 might be the number of Racial exclusive technologies, but, how does that account for the upgrades when the format of the racial technology cards is not the same? please help!
  4. I disagree. Co-op combat for this expansion was atrocious. They needed to start over and revamp the expansion and fix the co-op combat, other than providing a few cards to change things. They would have been better off eliminating the co-op feature and added more gear or better ways to get gear early.
  5. Thanks for your input, but, that still doesn't answer how you do combat in co-op play! If you are in a party, do you take turns? how do you determine who is fighting in combat?! Just having a couple skill cards doesn't really answer the question, so any advice or answers would be appreciated! If you do do Fight alone, then what is the point of a party?!
  6. My friends and I just tried out the new expansion, and while we like all the new twists and perks a new features to the game, especially being able to form a party, we couldn't find anything having to do with how you fight as a party. Do you double the Masters health? Do you add a second monster? We couldn't find any answers in the rule book, and would appreciate some help!
  7. Saw the Feldherr and trying to get it from my local games distributor!
  8. Looking for a good way to store all of the miniatures that come with Descent. Bought three different foam trays, but still have lots to go. Is there a brand or something someone can recommend to store them all?
  9. Looking for a good way to store all of the miniatures that come with Descent. Bought three different foam trays, but still have lots to go. Is there a brand or something someone can recommend to store them all?
  10. I would like to heal lots of damage from a far! Preferably the party but definitely heal lots of damage.
  11. Looking for a healer character/class combination that people feel really work well together! Are there any suggestions? I'm starting a new campaign with my friends and I, and this time I have the role of healer
  12. My friends and I are just about to reach the end of the campaign from the Main set, and as such we have a couple questions: 1. Do we turn in the relics like the rune of Shadows and the Dawnblade and 2. Do you keep the same characters you had during the first campaign? As a side note, any suggestions as to what campaign to do next?
  13. I noticed in the rulebook and with the punch-out's that there are 4 different color tokens with weird symbols on them. I know they are supposed to represent the heroes, but how do you tell who gets what?!
  14. I for one can't wait for the App to be released. It will make our gaming group a lot happier and will allow me the fun of slinging it out alongside the other players! Now, we just need FFG to actually RELEASE it...
  15. My group and I took 2 a couple comic book characters, used a Blank Talisman template, redid the attributes and made 2 more women characters. They ended up a bit stronger than the game, but, they could always be scaled down.
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