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  1. So, you'd like a Soontir that can do two actions plus a boost plus gets a guaranteed focus every turn plus autothrusters or free defensive reroll.
  2. I have a module for anyone that wants to give it a try. Dragons of Mandalore Journey deep into the Mandalore system to meet with an underworld contact and recover a lost technology. Hutts, pirates, warriors and an ancient guardian stand between you and your prize. Go in guns blazing, or use stealth, diplomacy and deception to overcome the Dragons of Mandalore. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Ialxdpp9QBTHpDaVdTY2ZkSUE/view?usp=sharing
  3. We took out the flipped order, both moving and shooting in descending PS order. We also took out all unique cards, and had the winners in absolute order they crossed the finish line, which put an interesting new emphasis on higher PS generics.
  4. There are definitely cards that you can equip that cannot end up being used in game. Boba was already mentioned. They just don't end up seeing much play. There's no real 'design element' argument to be made there. As to whether or not its good design... I quite like the concept, although you could control it a bit more. The flip card idea is one way. It could also copy instead any one crew card of the opponent's choice. Therefore, it they're playing Palp, its on them to run another crew too to protect that investment. Its important, imo, to make sure your opponent has a way to plan around whatever you're bringing if they're clever enough, which is part of why Palp's a bad game design.
  5. Thanks Hellcat, made them with Strange Eons. The CCL main thread has the links to the downloads and instructions, if you're interested. I didn't go with the action regen for a few reasons, one of which was precisely because thats already done for Scum in Gonk. As Fighters too, they really need the action for combat, so more expensive and action-free makes them a lot more viable. They also needed the +2 Hull to bring their cost into line with their jousting value. I will try Scramjets with Autothrusters out, hadn't really considered that. I'm not a huge fan of ATs anyways, so I'm not sure off hand how much that would effect them, but it shouldn't be game breaking.
  6. I've been playing with the titles I posted on the last page, and they've made a huge difference. Genuinely fun to play, makes them viable, but not at all overpowered.
  7. Great work again! The sloops might be a bit much on the ship, as that's pretty agile for a bomber. No 1 forward might be tough as well. Really like the named pilots. Short fuse is a great idea. The Torpedo seems like it might be a bit weak. Maybe 1 point too expensive. Magpulse might be too good for its cost, depending on the size of the template plus range 1 all around it could cover a very large area for such a strong effect. Custom job looks good to me.
  8. For the first game, do the starter set's Luke vs 2 TIES, swapping Talonbane for Luke if he wants Scum. Get the initial basics of the game down like this. Then do the 100 point list, Boba+K-fighter+Thug.
  9. For Draco, you could probably go as far as 'At the beginning of the Combat Phase, assign 1 stress to one enemy ship within Range 1'. I don't think that would be too strong, yet keeps that theme going. You also don't need to call back to whether or not you decloaked that way, which could be relying too much on memory in a later phase. Yansu I wouldn't keep exploring in that direction. As you said, its dangerous design territory, and would have a really profound impact on the game, shutting down a large portion of viable alternatives. Maybe "When you are declared the target of an attack, if the attacker does not have a focus token, treat the attack as obstructed". Certainly less powerful, but definitely a useful ability in-game and at PS4, forces the other player to make a similar choice to your previous wording but allows them to make other decisions without completely shutting them down as long as they're willing to accept the penalty, and keeps the Nightsisters obfuscation and deception themeing.
  10. This is a pretty clear-cut example of power creep. The initial title seems like confusing design to me. As was already pointed out, it makes the existing title obsolete, which is not good design. Then it adds the third red die, which is an extremely strong bonus. Just look at the 'Punishing One' for how that's been costed in the past (albeit on a large PWT ship). Finally, it adds reactive maneuver changing, an extremely strong ability. All of that for 1 point? The Launcher to me is even more eye-raising. You make every TIE a better ordinance carrier than anything in any of the other factions. There is absolutely nothing even comparable to this upgrade in the game. Long Range Targeting is absurd. Infinite range missiles plus free LRS? Open up a whole new range for only one faction of the game, plus in the same pack give them cheaper missiles for all TIEs? This is flat out unfair. -- These all just make one faction and ship much, much better than anything else available in the game. It also absolutely negates the factor of opportunity cost from all of them. If the Launcher didn't have the additional bit of allowing Chimps too, then maybe it would not be so egregious because at least you have to make a choice to have it. If the Avenger were a Advanced-only systems upgrade that worked in conjunction with the x1, so instead of the ATC's auto-crit you got an extra dice and the maneuver changing, that would be an interesting choice. Long Range Targeting completely negates the already existing choice of LRS or Chimps, and gives you an absurd ability that breaks the game, so there's no helping that one. Sedaya and Arsenal both seem fine without the upgrades in this pack.
  11. These missions are hard! Very good work, very fun to play through. We played with 3 players, and absolutely got our teeth kicked in repeatedly. We had to be very janky to win, taking advantage of the AI and the like. It might be too hard. We embraced the challenge of it, really got into the spirit of ultra-fragile TIE pilots and laughed it off when we died again, and again, and again. However, for other groups it might get too frustrating too quickly. Especially having just played through HotAC as a Y-Wing, the Tie Fighter felt like porcelain, where an errant range 3 shot could get you at any time. What we decided to do was give everyone Autothrusters as a default starting modification for free, which then got replaced the first time you bought a modification, and that made a big difference. Great work though, looking forward to future missions.
  12. Some of us have played with it for quite some time. Why not? What is its intended role? Cheap aces? we have those and they are better Arc-dodger? we have those and they are better Fast flanker? we have those and they are better Durable jousters? we have those (and the Striker is the exact opposite of durable) and wait for it... ..they are better Having said that, it is a very fun ship to fly, in casual games. Have you considered their role as Mario Kart racers?
  13. I will run through it this weekend, looks fun!
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