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  1. Get a bandsaw and cut them in half, that is the best way to see if someone has tampered with them internally. There are also mentions of "bucket tests" but they are mainly for D6s I think.
  2. You like the wave but think the two biggest game-changing ships in the Wave are DOA and too late? You must be liking the Inquisitor's TIE a heck of a lot more than me! Though I am loving the G-1A a lot also.
  3. Caspanova

    Title cards?

    There is the title that allows for 2 EPTs on the A-Wing as well.
  4. I was thinking about this the other day and while I have only watched the movie once I recall Finn (that Traitor!) firing at a target ahead of the Tie. Sure he was facing backwards but I recall the Target being in front of the tie when it fired it's payload, along with multiple options for shooting that Poe quickly explains. I would probably expect that the end result being that a TIE/SF is just a Crew Slot on the TIE/FO body, maybe a missile slot as well? But no rear firing arc. Allows for Gunner (effectively what Finn was in that scene) and adds some utility to Ties that they don't currently have.
  5. If you don't mind a little bit of chunk, I got this one for X-Wing and Infinity and it works pretty darn well. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Quality-Laser-Edge-Level-Straight-Line-Guide-Leveler-Horizontal-Measure-Tool-/121514658508?hash=item1c4ad68acc
  6. Oh man, I had forgotten all about those dinosaur transformers. Awesome. Transformers box art was always awesome as anything, and always in space. Where is the box art now? Where is my epic battle scenes that demand tha Metal and head banging?Oh, I guess FFG found it. I just noticed that the green guy has a cement truck for a leg. I hope you don't find that image...Devastating! <spoiler> </spoiler>
  7. My god, the amount of (in my opinion unwarranted) butt-hurt in one post is staggering. Time to see if I remember how to use the Ignore feature in this forum.
  8. I wouldn't object to a Cad Bane card here or there...
  9. Harder to sufficiently bonk the guy/gal shooting you with a laser shield, laser swords totally where it is at.
  10. Well, I disagree.It's not a police badge. This is a universe where a type of magic exists. And these objects are specific to those who use that magic. Obviously the objects would have some connection to that magic. I do obviously agree that Jedi being portrayed as an order of peaceful monks, while their symbol is a weapon is contradictory. So is them serving as general in the galactic army, etc. But, at the end of the day, these are still action movies. So their philosophical wizards also have to be warriors. Not really seeing that, it is definitely tied the the mysticsm of the Jedi but they are not the only ones who can use it, but they are the only ones who can use it well. Get a regular pleb to swing it around and you are going to chop a lot of limbs off, awesome. But it is implied,possibly flat out said, that you need Jedi reflexes/precog to be able to deflect the blaster bolts or to last long in a lightsaber vs lightsaber fight. I do see it a great learning experience for the Jedi though, if you give them a saber they are going to be chuffed and over excited. Make them go through perilous trials and exacting tribulations to make their own, well there is a far greater lesson to be learned there. Do you teach the youngling about responsibility and the importance of care of their weapon...or do you give them a bunch of pixie sticks and a pistol?
  11. I was actually impressed with the recent eps (watched the clone double ep and the introduction to the Inquisitors) I like having the reveal to Ezra the fall out of Order 66 and having Rex come in at the end, though Wolf's treachery was a little easily forgiven in my eyes. Letting Zeb have a moment was nice, shows that the muscle doesn't have to be a goon all the time. I loved the "I don't want to die like this, I am the last of my kind." complaint when he was stuck in the vent.
  12. Caspanova

    Pilot Cards

    I really like the card, and concept interests me but I am not getting into it entirely. I think it might be my feeling that certain pilots fly certain ships better. Take the beloved Han, he is 9 in the Falcon, a ship he has customised and flown countless times. I would have no problem thinking he would only be a PS 5 or 6 in a Lambda Shuttle due to the lack of experience and differences from his normal ride. Still close to Top of the Class but not Best in the 'Verse like when he is in his pancake. Same with Luke trying to fly the MF. I can imagine him crunching multiple docking bays and cursing that it doesn't handle like his X-Wing.
  13. I started for the Scum when they were announced...but my friend didn't tell me how long the FFG ship takes so I got deep into Rebs to practice in the mean time. So yeah; 1) Scum 2) Rebs
  14. It could be to use extra munitions in the torp slot? Adds value to the Mines and Bombs.
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