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  1. The core set will be getting a price increase (along with plenty other Asmodee titles) according to some posts from GAMA. The likely thing, 1. they did need to increase prices some to help with new molds, etc. but not by this much. 2. a price increase would probably be coming soon for other reasons so 3. They just put them together and hit us with one price change instead of one with the plastic change and another just a few months later as part of a swooping price increase.
  2. I keep forgetting there isn't cellophane on these.
  3. I never realized that Mas Amedda survived that long. impressive.
  4. They might not do it if it means the dewback boxes can't fit back in to the larger box though for shipping.
  5. It would probably save money after a certain point. to swap out a base, you have to open the big box, take out all the dewback boxes separately, take off the cellophane, take out the old base, presumably toss that in a pile that will have to be sorted into a spot at the warehouse later, put in the new base, wrap again with cellophane, run through a heater to shrink the wrap and toss it back in the larger box that holds 6 or so dewbacks each and make sure that in all this work, no one messes up and thinks some are done/not done when they haven't been yet. We used different tape than the distributor did when we had to do this. Four guys working all weekend didn't get that many boxes done (of some other company's game).
  6. I think I'd just start stapling the base to the box and go.
  7. less boxes to repack. I bet they are waiting to unleash the American allotment until ALL of them are repacked..
  8. maybe he will be the new leader of the Empire as it stands. Sorta like Laura Roslin being 60 something in line for the presidency.
  9. I suspect the main baddie, Giancarlo Esposito I assume, is a former imperial officer that has kept some of his/other loyal soldiers by his side. I suspect he isn't really even serving the Empire anymore, just his own ends and covering them up with the guise of saving/rebuilding? dunno. Looks fun. I love all the pieces from the universe. Droids, deathtroopers, mixtures of old and new make me happy. Makes the universe feel more "complete."
  10. I almost figured Mandalorian was hoping to illustrate a universe where warlords were all over the place and they used whatever resources they could find, sometimes old Battle droids, sometimes a legion of stormtroopers that followed their general, not necessarily the Empire. (common in the Roman era with legions following their general)
  11. Very cool. I've been using gray stuff to stick magnets under the bases. It's worked pretty well so far. I tried drilling in the past, but it just isn't worth the hassle.
  12. Are those designed to fit in a legion base? That's pretty neat! Even if it's just to provide a better way to glue your magnet to the base, it's still pretty awesome.
  13. I fully expect Obiwan to go out and about in the galaxy. Assuming or hoping that nothing will happen to Luke while he is away. Or just thinking "there is another" so losing one out of two aint bad. Hopefully, the show doesn't just discuss it once and then forget about it forever after that like Obi doesn't care any more. I suspect he will be attempting to save Jedi, protect Luke, deal with tatooines worst, and probably distract Vader and Bounty Hunters more than a few times.
  14. Magnets magnets magnets containers like these are magnetic and you don't have to worry about gluing a sheet into some other container. They tend to stack depending on the lid that comes with it. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Non-Stick-13-x-9-x-2-Covered-Cake-Pan/14913190 I love mine. So much room to store troops. Even speeder bikes on their posts fit in this container.
  15. While I would have no problem with these models/units, what if they just wanted to see if they could find the leaks?
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