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  1. I suspect they will find their way into future packs for all factions. I wouldn't be surprised if we see force guidance with a model like Kanan.
  2. In a strike team, the model with the rifle is the leader, when the leader dies, a new leader is assigned with the remaining minis (ex. the binocular guy).
  3. Don't forget where the Vipers in Battlestar Galactica came from! Ol' X wings with just a little change to the wings.
  4. Let's not fool ourselves. We're all gonna have enough dice after Clone Wars comes out. Be kind and share until then.
  5. I do think Danger Sense and Infiltrate was given more credit (in points cost) than it's really worth. That said, I've had several opponents deploy far enough up with infiltrate that I essentially only have one target on my first turn. Pretty easy to take down one model when it's the only thing your whole army can shoot at.
  6. Gonna bet Cassian will be designed to work very well with her. Not sure if that will improve Jyn at all. Im suspecting hes the next rebel operative to be announced when the next ones are....
  7. Date announcements. Rule annoucements. Release, etc. They've all happened. LOTR lcg looked like it was going to get canceled about a year ago because they just didn't post any preview or release news content for near 4 months. They just......neglected to announce anything. I saw a Legion article several months ago get changed about three times right after posting. Might have been an upload error, but something was going on.
  8. I completely agree. I don't understand why the disconnect has to exist, but I've been told about it. And yes, it does make FFG look bad when the articles sound like the author doesn't know much about the game.
  9. There absolutely is. Basically, FFG still runs the day to day (shipping, receiving, ordering, etc, etc) and Asmodee runs the Press. They don't even work in the same building and don't communicate often. My impression is that Asmodee is not concerned with the minutia of a product like we the players, or the designers would be. So they don't notice small hiccups or mistakes in the articles that a person who played the game would.
  10. That force power is also in the card pack. If it gives a surge token, but there aren't any in the card pack, you're in the same situation. I wonder if there might be a few in the card pack? I doubt it.
  11. I sure hope we don't get one huge release drop. That would be pretty counter intuitive if they are hoping people will save their cash for some clone wars too. The CW starter wave is going to cost a bit, I doubt they would want to dilute their sales if they didn't have to.
  12. I sort of took their comments to mean they would release a version of units that best suited their faction. For instance changing the wookies to work with clones better, or having Sidious not be the same as palpatine, but tuned to provide more function for the Droids. We shall see soon enough.
  13. I don't know how easy/hard FFG customer service is because I have NEVER had to deal with a missing or broken part upon arrival. I know I'm no testament to the whole of their product, but I've never missed anything from a box. Another company I used to buy games from on the other hand, I had to submit repeated requests on one item because they didn't understand which piece I wanted. Worst part, I couldn't show the exact piece because I didn't have it! I finally had to take a picture of everything I had and just said "send me the piece you don't see in this picture" I did almost get another copy of the model because they kept sending me the wrong thing.
  14. Kerfuffle or not, if they want it at Gencon, they will have it at Gencon. They will pay primo airlifting if necessary. The profit they can make off a $100 box at a con is worth the added costs. Doesnt mean their "regular" shipment dates will be anywhere close. I think TI4 was this way a few years ago. They got a limited supply at the con. I heard it was 500. The regular shipment didn't hit shelves until the next year.
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