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  1. Oh, I'm fine with them killing it...
  2. These guys like an epic battle... I think I'm going to have a tech-heresy themed campaign. *cough* will need titan stats *cough*
  3. My entire group is moving away this summer... How should I prepare for the break-up both in life and in-game. I need time to build a campaign and its ending before the end of summer so the sooner I have this sorted out the better. Previous experiences are appreciated.
  4. But.. but but... Friendship is Magic! So adding that to the next Slanneshi cult my group encounters
  5. That was the single most hilarious campaign of sessions I've ever read. I really like how these missions are original and descriptive. I'm assuming that the group is no longer together?
  6. I found that three or four, for a party of four, up-armoured servitors were quite fun for my group as they presented a threat that if allowed to get up close and personal could cause a bit of damage, along with a single 'ring-leader' human with a gun. This made them think about the entire environment as well as target priority. Although, I know that not all parties will react this way, so it would be in the first few combats to address the combat system and any weaknesses of the group. The second engagement I almost ended up one hitting a character because he was so used to standing and shooting while the hoard bore down on him. Now he is much more careful to avoid the muzzle of a stubber.
  7. May I ask which of the Ordos their Inquisitor is from?
  8. That sounds quite appropriate for their Modus Operandi. Perhaps I should have them air-dropped inside the tank...
  9. My apologies, I forgot to explain how this group works... Step 1: Kill every NPC and GMPC in sight. Step 2: Investigate corpses and surroundings. Repeat steps 1-2 until the entire campaign is complete. For some miraculous reason they are always able to find the end-game by accident
  10. I'm really afraid... My entire party has the skills and influence... They want to build a Chimera. There are two issues I would like to address in this subject. 1. Building time and cost: My group will need to requisition all the parts and an imprint of the STC. How many requisition tests should this take? How available are the parts? Should they just requisition once for a kit (like a kit car)? As well as the actual building. It will require a special workshop, no? How long will the building take? Days, Weeks, Months? Will there be any modifiers to the tests? 2.How should I begin to modify my campaigns to avoid this thing just rolling over everything save for a greater daemon? Environmental, saboteurs, other tanks?
  11. I agree. The new system actually makes a psyker choose a balance between 'accuracy' and power. In my first few sessions i misread the manifestation rules and let the psyker get way out of hand, he ended up with more kills than the entire party in one combat than the rest of the party in the entire campaign combined! I was afraid that about everyone was going to convert to psykers the first chance they got. We finally resolved it, so now I see its far less overpowered than the almighty powers he was pouring out.
  12. So I'm guessing you have quite of Ad-mech in your group? I think you could give your PCs Hatred(Slaaneshi) once they learn of the deception and have this as an element throughout their career.
  13. I'm just giving examples of times that the entire group had a laugh. My bad if I wasn't clear.
  14. I think its worth throwing this up here so we can share our most enjoyable moments of our experiences with our Acolytes. Be it a gentle chuckle from a trained assassin tripping in a pile of garbage, to gut busting moments when the entire party is scared into unconsciousness by a Psyker's mishap. We do it for the grins, otherwise what do we do it for?
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