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  1. What ratio or amount of cards have a will power test in other encounters and how bad would it be to fail them if you're strong against everything else?
  2. Maybe I'm wrong but looking at the encounter deck it seemed a lot of cards were monsters, add another Doom, and events that occurred without a test. And even some tests that tested things like agility (grasping hands). It didn't seem like there were that many will power test cards. I don't have much familiarity but with the core set it seems like it's not used very often. If you have no mystics you could ignore the trait and cards related to it altogether. But maybe other scenarios rely more on it or expansions?
  3. So I only played the tutorial for the game single player and so far I don't see any actions that use will power? Fight, evade, and investigate don't use will power. Encounters can use any attribute, as well as parlay. So far it seems like a less useful trait unless you pull the right spell cards. It seems better to have characters with 1 will power and cards gears for investigating and/or fighting and evasion. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. After playing a few campaigns, usually as overlord, I found that there were sometimes that certain heroes were getting really unlucky with the shop items they were pulling. Especially for classes or builds that relied upon specific weapons. For example a Wild lander player did not draw a single bow until Act 2 and was using his starting weapon for all of Act 1. The transition to Act 2 gives you full access to the Act 1 deck, but sometimes I find that maybe there should be a way to allow the players to have access to those cards? Generally I was thinking of implementing some changes to help the heroes, especially since I find it is harder to play competitively as the heroes (A bad choice of classes or heroes or where you can put your gold is very punishing especially for beginners, whereas there is less to worry about I find as the overlord with monsters you can pick and choose). So I was thinking of doing some of the following... 1- Draw store cards as normal for the heroes but also allow them to look through the entire Act 1 (or 2 deck after the interlude) and buy any item but at 25 extra gold pieces (perhaps 50 gold for Act 2 items?). 2- Make them pay a fee (like 25 gold) to draw extra store cards at a chance at something better. 3- Organise store cards by category (armor, shield, runes, etc.) and draw from each category. Or have them choose what category until the appropriate cards have been chosen. 4- Perhaps even a respec. option for some fee to allow them to change their skills. I know this will likely make it more easy for the heroes and fortune tokens add more cards but with the group of people I play, and perhaps others have a similar experience, usually the owner of the game, or more experienced player, plays as the overlord and has a better advantage, and I would like the game to be easier for the heroes and perhaps allow them to not feel so pressured to make min/max builds or pick heroes and classes solely for practicality rather than personal taste... Perhaps someone has better ideas or I am missing something but thanks for reading.
  5. I have played with it blocking line of sight but not movement due to that example. I'd be curious about the answer to that. Usually as long as you are consistent and monsters can do the same I think it's fair. It just makes blocking paths harder and people can move around faster.
  6. Usually when a descent expansion comes out another one is ready to go. This is the first time, I can think of, with absolutely no descent expansions coming out. Or reprints even. Does anyone know if they're still making expansions? Did they get enough sales? Maybe wait for a Descent third edition in a decades time.
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