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  1. I would say that daemons are only fear rating 1 to a blank and 0 if they're jaded. Without the whole reality-bending anathema thing they're basically just an ugly face which falls firmly within the mundane horrors of fear rating 1. In fact, I'm not sure if a blank is capable of experiencing more than mundane horror at all
  2. I haven't run it yet but one simple idea that wouldn't require changing much would be have the Acolytes meet the Dusk Hag as the last encounter while INSIDE the Blind Tesseract. They can then either open the Tesseract, allowing them to leave but allowing Haarlock to do the same, or do nothing, trapping Haarlock but being trapped in the Tesseract for all eternity. P.S. oh and also I'll add the Menagerie in as an extra group, basically serving the exact opposite role to the Slaugth. Given that they want to destroy reality itself they'd definitely want the Tyrant Star to come and the "dark masters" future would be them using it to achieve their goals.
  3. My personal theory with regards to "The Forgotten Apocalypse" is it's a reference to the War in Heaven. There are plenty of hints to suggest that the Calyx Expanse was important to either the Necrontyr or the Old Ones and it's well known that both sides had the power to create races (that's said in TT 40k) and all kinds of horrific biological, mechanical and warp weapons. "The Harrowing" could definitely be either some living weapon or some kind of fallout from the War in Heaven, which is what humanity was created to fight in. Things were too well recorded by the 32nd millenium, I just don't buy that a war which brought the Imperium to its knees, involved unprecedented losses for the Astartes, Inquisition and Mechanicus, required the use of archeotech, sorcerous lore and some great weapon from the Dark Age of Technology would just be forgotten about. Something that big couldn't just be erased from all records and memory, even by the Inquisition. So I personally think this event preceded human history and involved the fledgling humanity as well as the other races on the side of the Old Ones (who btw I've reimagined as stoic beings like bronze Greek statues, a little like the Sanguinor or the Custodes cuz srsly **** 40k Lizardmen)
  4. Just as an experiment I made a voidborn psyker with living nightmare, roll of 18 on WP, and "there is no substitute for zeal", ranked him up to ascension getting all the psychic talents he possibly could, including Unnatural Willpower x3, and taking stormwroth (which is OP imo). His Lightning Arc does a maximum of 1042 damage... holy ****
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