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  1. well, ended up playing 8 solo games mixture of standard, expert and heroic, then 14 games 2 handed working my way through all the scenarios mostly on expert, couple heroic and I definitely like this build I have found that one of the biggest problems is a first world problem; once I have the deck thinned down, I am so strong defensively that often Vibranium Suit is wasted. I deliberately take undefended attacks, keep minions in play I could easily take out, etc just so it is of some value. The other problem is the deck sings with Golden City and Avengers Mansion, but I seldom need to flip down. It is hard to motivate to flip down for the bonus 4 cards (over 2 turns) but when I do it is always worth it so I force myself to but I could legit be in hero mode pretty much 100% of the time once I get the armor down. He does not do huge amounts of damage in one go but he can do 20 points in one turn with 3 Wakanda Forevers...it feels smaller because the most you do at a time is 4 (1+1+4x3=18+2 for BP himself) but at the same time, it has so many resources it is not unusual for me to have Heimdall, Luke Cage and War Machine out so there is another 7...so he ends up doing a ton of damage, it just isn't "8 for giant stomp, 8 for Giant Stomp, 4 for Ant Man attack" and can happen 2,3, 4 turns in a row. Conversely, if I need thwart I can use Tactical to take off 2,4,6 threat a turn, more with the aforementioned heroes or Brother Voodoo who I like to get in and out as quick as possible for his ability to go get another Wakanda Forever, and I love bringing in Nick Fury, draw 3, thwart or attack as needed, get out. Overall the deck is a lot of fun to play and has room to get better. I would take out Armored Vest for card draw or some permanent card that stays down, take out another med team and maybe two for resource or card draw generators or maybe another ally as they come available. So now off to purchase Wasp and start an Ant Man-Wasp run through huzzah
  2. actually bopped over there to check in on it. You mean threads like "This game is broken!" and "Designers, you suck and the way you design heroes suck and you never listen to the community"? Those are two prime examples of why I don't frequent there including several of the people in thread. Hilariously, they are among the more reactive to the community of any game I have ever played but they are welcome to that opinion. I just genuinely hope the FFG guys don't read it and get down on themselves, as many of us think they are doing a great job and routinely gush about our love of the game and interactions when we play. At the same time, the LotR community i have enjoyed and some of the files are invaluable. BGG is good at some things, less good at others.
  3. I love Ms Marvel so much. She is one of my favorites. Shrink and Embiggen might be her best cards. The ability to threat a bunch, exhaust and do it again or if attack is needed same combo...she has so much build required that flipping every turn is almost a must in my opinion You key in on a point there. First, let me preface this by saying "enjoy the game your way". With that said, sticking with the same hero to learn how they work and playing them against the three starte box scenarios, all three have very different challenges. You may find that dealing with the challenges posed by Klaw (many side schemes, going through the deck fast) and Ultron (drone after drone after drone after drone) helps you with Rhino and with seeing how the same hero can do different things against different challenges.
  4. so far running it two handed with a very sub-par second deck (Leadership deck with 1 signature and 4 leadership allies...not nearly enough. I have more things to put on allies than I have on allies...this is a function of keeping every hero built all the time and at some point you just run out of good cards) Yesterday made it up through the two Green Goblin scenarios. I was doing everyt scenario in order first standard, then expert, then Heroic, but around Ultron I started just doing expert so I will have time to finish before Wasp comes out tomorrow hopefully) Anyhow, Mutagen Formula was particularly funny. On top of the 2 encounter cards and minions you get on stage 1, I got so many surges I ended up with I think 9 encounter cards first turn. When I flipped him to stage three, both decks happened to run through their decks (for BPP, that is expected...I had something like 22 cards on the table, and between Nick Fury, Avengers Mansion, and Golden City it is not unusual to go through the deck every 2 turns or less) I got 5 encounter cards per deck and again had some surges. Nothing quite like going from clear enemy board to multiple side schemes, multiple minions, being exhausted...lol The good sign is by game end BPP actually was sitting on more HP than he started, had full board of great allies (War Machine, Luke Cage, Heimdall...yes, I have that many resources), had cleared off all the side schemes and minions and could have comfortably done an extra 10 damage if needed....it takes a bit to get the engine going but once it is, it can handle pretty much anything. Really liking this build. I am thinking of taking out a second Med Team to put in a cheap ally if/when one comes out. Either that or putting in the basic resource generator that gives science so I can use Black Widow without using card from hand. So far the only resource generator I use is Helicarrier and it is never a problem when I have 3 Wakanda Forevers in hand. Some of the stuff I mentioned previously...I like keeping a minion engaged and not defending him so I have 4ish damage to use with Vibranium Suit. Kind of fun killing minion for free with Retaliate and him having done me favors by damaging me. And with Wakanda Forevers and those allies, I don't care about being exhausted on my turn so can easily defend for others. I usually have Armored Vest and Elecrostatic Armor out (along with a couple Energy Barriers0 not for their use but to get them out of my deck, so defending big hits is laughably easy. It is so different to my normal playstyle where my goal is to have no threat and no damage that it has completely freshened the game for me yet again.
  5. Black Panther is awesome. I have played 13 games with him over last couple days, some solo and some two handed with a deck designed to have as many cards on board as possible so I am drawing into lots of Wakanda Forevers. In one game on expert I ended up with over 20 cards on the board (I think it was 23) and between Golden City, Nick Fury and Avengers Mansion was averaging going through the deck every second turn. It was awesome doing 2-3 Wakanda Forevers every turn. Takes a while to set up but it is incredible fun
  6. did run it a half dozen games last night. basic Rhino is not really a good test but it worked out as despite a full hand mulligan, I only started with the piece I could search for. Nevertheless pretty easy game. Expert got more interesting when I ran into Exhaust (surge, exhaust your hero)/villain attacks/shadows of the past in the same turn but was able to overcome that easily. Interestingly enough, I have found I really want Shadows of the Past to come out early. Killmonger is not affected by BPs stuff so I can just leave him there for 5 turns. Sounds weird, but I NEED him. Because of the deck design, I can easily stop virtually all damage, but to maximize damage output I need to be using the Vibranium suit. I had several turns where neither Tactical nor Vibranium fired as there was no threat and I was fully healed. But then came heroic and I loved Shadows less as all three games it hit me the first two turns and I definitely realized quickly this deck does not have enough threat redeuction to play heroic solo. On to Klaw and it works decent...struggles early, I cannot afford to stay down the 2 turns to get stuff rolling and a Clea is nice to clear his side scheme, so it starts slower but still works as intended. I typically get 7-9 cards on table first time through my deck and with Nick Fury being in the deck, and usually having Golden City, Helicarrier and Avengers Mansion down, I have so much card draw I am going through the deck every 2-3 turns. The extra encounter card is a trivial matter at that point. So the deck shows promise, will start on Ultron tonight probably. Definitely a lot of fun. As to the posting...I don't currently plan to. I did read the thread about my contention over on BGG and will continue to read there and a few other places but it is not my cup of tea for participation unfortunately. On top of that, golf season is approaching so I will not be online much anyway 🙂 Plus my youngest brother and his wife have their first child due in a few weeks so I will be doing more uncle stuff huzzah. But I hope the game keeps rolling for many, many years and looking forward to getting Wasp Friday and starting a run through of all the scenarios with Ant Man
  7. My brothers and I had a couple of conversations that led to some interesting overlap. We were talking about how Protection decks are good at what they do but are pretty boring (to us). Too much reaction, not enough action. Simultaneously, there are very few cards that stop treacheries and one of those cards is in Protection but ends up being so costly that it is not worth playing (Get Behind Me) What I mean by cost is...yeah, it only costs one resource but if you don't have a resource generator down, you lose 2 cards from your hand which, being on hero side is likely around 5 so now you are down to 3. The opportunity cost of holding on to Get Behind Me (GBM) means you lose the use of that card for however many turns you hang onto it before a treachery worth playing it on comes up. So if it is say...3 turns before you play it, that is total of 5 resource cost and there are very few treacheries that come up I cannot handle with 5 resources. Hence it becomes a bad card in a vacuum (you can always build a deck around any particular card and there may be a hero or build that wants to hold cards) Meanwhile, a hero I have often struggled to come up with a fun build for has been Black Panther. I have had good builds, effective builds...but they were not particularly fun as Black Panther. Probably my most fun version was the one that got Goliath to do 20-25 points of damage multiple times. But that build can be done better by others...it is not specific to Black Panther and there is also some thought it interferes with what he does best. So I started thinking that having built effective but not fun protection decks, effective but not fun Black Panther decks, maybe there was something there. I started thinking about Black Panther's strengths: he can deal with a lot of small to modest threats, whether with damage or small amounts of threat itself. When he gets multiple Wakanda Forevers off in the same turn he can do shockingly huge amounts of damage although it feels small as 4 pips is the most at one go. Second, he is resource rich as Vibranium is so strong for him. So the idea was born; build a version of Black Panther designed to get as many cards on the board long term and enhance card draw to try to get multiple Wakanda Forevers off every turn. To this end, protection offers a lot of value. I don't want to use the cards that need to be in hand to be valuable...no Desperate Defense, Expert Defense, GBM...but Defensive Stance, Armored Vest, Indomitable, Unflappable, Energy Barrier, Electrostatic Armor...ah yeah, come on down!!! Additionally, Protection has a great card for Black Panther in Brother Voodoo. With a thinned down deck, his search for an event in the top 5 cards only has one event to search for...Wakanda Forever but he is going to find one pretty much every time. With Avengers Mansion, Golden and Nick Fury I have a ton of flat out card draw (not to mention Unflappable). Knowing how many resources I have, I filled it with expensive allies...Brother Voodoo, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, War machine, Lockjaw (who serves double purpose with his ability to be a resource and get played in the same turn) Heimdall, Nich Fury...only Clea and Shuri are cheaper. The biggest problem I have is a weird one: with Armored Vest and 1-3 Energy Barriers out, I might not be damaged all the time thus invalidating Vibranium Suit...a first world problem to be sure. Needing to be damaged but defending too well to take it. So my brother ran unaltered Black Widow and I played him for our first test run and he had Klaw already out so Klaw it was. Sometimes a test run goes too good. I had Golden City and a piece of armor in my opening hand, with his ability I got 2 pieces down. By turn three I had all four pieces of his armor down and was doing multiple Wakanda Forevers. In less time than it takes to type it I had Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, Armored Vest, Electrostatic Armor, allies, Unflappable, Indomitable, an evergy barrier...I had at one point I think 17 cards out and was blasting 2-3 Wakanda Forevers every turn but only use some of it as there was no threat to handle, no minions alive and I could not heal as I was taking no damage.... Klaw had one o those classic 2-3 surge on each of us, put out side schemes and you are looking at 2-3 minions each, I think there were 4 side schemes, might have been three, each with 6 or more threat. In one turn there was nothing on the table for Klaw. It was as good a first run as possible. I plan to play ithis deck through my testing gauntlet; running through every scenario on the game basic, then advance, then Heroic 1 and more and am looking at: Taking out 1-2 Med Teams, taking out iron Fist (I don't want the villain stunned, I need to take damage), taking out an energy barrier (same reason) or 2. But I would want to put in 2 cost or less cards that stay on table. Plan to start a sideboard of cards i think might work. Not needing more resources, never felt resource poor so have some room and options. I often have Black Widow being played by someone in the group or that ally would be plan 1, 1a and 1b but I like this problem; a deck working exactly as designed that has room for improvement. For the first time I have a Black Panther deck I enjoyed playing. For the first time I have a Protection deck I enjoyed playing. Not sure there is any point to this post, just wanted to share. Hope it had some value
  8. what aspect you playing her? Threat reduction can be a strength for her when needed...if you have preparations out it is not unusual to do 4 removal a turn with her and a free Winter Soldier (and if you don't have preparations out you probably have lost anyway, she needs her preps to work.) Playing solo, 1 or at most 2 Beat Cops can handle pretty much any threat that ever comes up. In my eyes, she is one of the strongest Justice decks and between cards like Counterintelligence, Covert Ops, she can keep threat from ever getting put down up front. She is one of a handful of heroes who seldom has the explosive turns of 20, 25, 30 points damage...but can do 2,4,6, maybe 8 points turn after turn by popping preparations at the right times. She probably has a slightly bigger learning curve than some heroes but once you figure her out...she is a very strong, versatile hero. The thing to remember with her is she is almost the opposite of Hulk you were playing earlier. Hulk needs to blast through damage as fast as possible. She does not deal huge chunks of damage so it is very much a control style deck...keep the villain from putting on threat, do damage to him on his turn with Attacrobatics, Grappling Hooks, Counterintelligence, Widows Bite...it is a different style of game where you probably never feel danger but also never have those moments of super thrill... If you like that style, stick with her and she might become one of your favorites but it definitely takes a while to learn which cards to prioritize.
  9. winning solo with Hulk is impressive. well done. he is generally considered one of the weaker if not weakest heroes but sounds like you are finding your way to success and that is fantastic to hear
  10. New Years Day we had 8 of us and managed to in each one get 3/5ths of the way through the Rise of Red Skull campaign. I have the progress noted for the next time we can get together to finish it out, though prospects are dim...2 players are out for January and in March one is having his first kid so will be much less accessible for the next...what 10-12 years? But I am planning a double or triple solo run through of all the quests with the classic Ant Man/Wasp pairing. Run through them on standard, if enjoying Wasp then again on Expert and if still enjoying might go the heroic route. Weirdly I am not excited for Wasp, her cards did not grab me but I have been surprised before when I started playing a hero I did not expect to like so Hey Wasp....come by soon.... (meanwhile scratching the LoTR itch and trying to figure out a "always have at least two enemies Forest Snared deck" which more than satisfies my deck building urge. Lots of tweaking to go...and a good look ahead at where MC can go)
  11. I have too although over there I go by a different name as there is a guy who I believe primarily does videogames...I got his email on occasion for a couple years who started using the darthweasel name a few years after I did but got to BGG before I did so I had to choose a different...most of the forums on there I enjoy along with other resources...one of my brothers has a 3d printer and I have the tokens for it which I like. Lotr, Risk legacy, for a brief time Doomtown and a few other random sections I still frequent. I genuinely hope most people engage and enjoy them for sure. I actually drop by and read threads every so often but have intentionally posted nothing in the Champions forums. Then again, forums are much like the game in question itself...different people want different things from them and more power to them if they can maintain a healthy interaction and they do not suffer from my absence. For selfish reasons, I am all for anything that grows awareness and purchases of the game...means more new content for me. We are actually playing hopefully 2-3 scenarios tomorrow and I am looking forward to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Feb. I will pick up Wasp and likely be pleasantly surprised but anything that keeps new content coming is good.
  12. 7. that is the number of levels I find this thread disturbing on....stalking, goats, deals with devils and so forth 17. that is the number of levels of laughter I am enjoying from this thread...
  13. agreed. And there were clues he needed help, such as for asking for help winning with Dr Strange, who is often regarded as too good by some people...a critique I find hilarious but also common in the LCG world. Saw it in LoTR LCG as well, people suggesting for example Steward of Gondor be banned. Here is a thought...if there is a card/hero/etc you don't like, don't use it but remember somewhere out there a Dad is teaching his 5 year old son to play and they are having a great time barely scraping by or maybe losing against Rhino on easy with Dr Strange and Captain America and their experience is just as valid as the person playing Heroic 2 with Hulk and Thor...this is not a tournament game. I am with you, a welcoming community can help grow the game whereas condescension tends to turn people to other friendlier pursuits. As I often say to my golf partners as we laugh at some horrific attempt at a swing, and we laugh, because "I am not going to pay money to be miserable, I can do that for free"
  14. 4 threat for 1 (or depending on how you count it, 2) cards if you play For Power of Justice....it is one of my favorite cards and I can usually have the deck thin enough they come up together more often than not. Love that card
  15. I quit the BGG after watching people just absolutely wreck a kid who was having problems winning with Dr Strange. The condescension and aspersions against his intelligence were embarrassing. Not everyone plays on...or wants to play on...the same level, and just because someone else is less good or doesn't play the way a person thinks, it really made me sad. Were a few of those type interactions so I quit dropping in. Hopefully they have loosened up as it has the potential to be a phenomenal forum. I do occasionally check in on DeckCelsior on Discord but there are a few guys in there that are similar. One thing I always liked about these forums...not everyone wants to play Expert Heroic with the Ronan print and play mod set for extra challenge and I appreciated...I have played on expert and heroic, sometimes I enjoy them...but there are times I have been over playing LoTR and getting pummeled when my perfect setup gets wrecked by flipping a troll/surge/nazghul/Beastmaster three times in a row and just want a nice relaxing game. So I come to Marvel Champions, don't bother with heroic or at times even expert and just play a fun, relaxing game where I get to beat face...and having a forum where people aren't trying to one-up that mind set was a huge relief. Having a forum where playing standard mode sometimes doesn't invalidate your thoughts was nice. Hopefully your experience over there is better than mine as I found a lot of arrogance, a lot of "it has to be this way" stuff that pretty much finished my interest in them. As someone pointed out in another thread, what I like in a forum is not available for Champions, this was the closest to what I like personally, so seeing it close is likely the final nail in my Marvel Champions forum time. Won't slow my enjoyment of it...every other week anywhere from 3-8 of us play progressive scenarios, I play solo when I want and have plans to buy...well, everything they have coming out for the foreseeable but barring some form I have not seen...I just saved 10 minutes a day! huzzah!
  16. there are multiple play strategies and some others have given some really solid specific examples so I will tend more towards the general strategy. I tend to play a slower, more conservative game and this works very, very well for that; others will play more aggressively and have a different answer. Find the one that works for you. On my turn my priorities are ; plan for long term, clear all threat, then take care of minions, and only when that is done do I attack the villain. In another thread people are talking about Heroes and Aspects, for example. I love building up Hawkeye Justice: Over the course of the game it is not unusual for me to have both copies of Expert Marksman, the Quiver, Mockingbird, and a Beat Cop or two out. A typical turn goes play Mockingbird, have her thwart for 2, spot-thwart with the Beat Cops, and use the appropriate arrow(s) from Hawkeye, usually free or requiring just one resource thanks to his Expert Marksmen. Then when the villain attacks, I use Mockingbird to defend, taking her back in hand to play again next turn. It takes a while to set up; but once set, I can take care of all the things the villain did on his turn and as opportunity presents whittle his hit points down. So in a turn I will A) do the things that cost nothing and could alter my choices; Ie, with Hawkeye, even if a turn has an obvious path, I am going to use the quiver first so I can know what arrows are available. Having assessed the board state, then I know if I need to use a Cable Arrow (threat),damage multiple minions (explosive arrow), stun or confuse the villain...is Hawkeye more valuable exhausting to fire a second arrow or attacking for 3? Or...and this is rare...would there be value in using his sole thwart? I have had times when I needed that one extra threat to clear a hazard producing side scheme for example. B) Once I have done the free things I can plan the turn. It is easy to see what will cost you the game on any given turn. Have 2 hp left and villain attacks for 3+a boost? I am flipping down. Threat 2 from taking you out and villain schemes for 3? I am thwarting with every ally I have, every trick I can pull and likely to be on hero side. Anything that will make me lose if I don't handle it, do that now. Then I can deal with less immediate threats. Once you get used to prioritizing you will find that many turns play themselves. When you reach this point, go back and reexamine because you are likely to be missing things that will ease the way. Also, and this I have not seen mentioned in this thread, if you are not playing pretty much every card every turn you are doing it wrong. I have a lot of younger players in the 8 people I regularly play with and sometimes you will see one hang onto a card, two, three cards for multiple turns. That loses games. With very, very few exceptions, you are playing cards or tossing them at the end of turn. There are exceptions...Rhino with the 2 Charges, I am holding a Shield Block. (If I am Hawkeye, I played Mockingbird and laugh that attack off anyway). Live action example, recently on his first turn a younger player was going to play one not overly useful card at the time and save 3 cards in hand; one was Stark Tower which costs two. Because he is fairly new to the game, we alpha gamed him a bit and walked back his turn; by playing every card in his turn, he was able to use rocket boots to help pay for Stark Tower, pull Stark Tower back to hand, and at end of turn he had Stark Tower, Pepper Potts, a piece of armor and no cards in hand. Look at multiple ways to play your turn and remember a resource saved is not a resource saved...it is lost. Not spending it this turn does not give you an extra resource next turn. Spend, spend, spend. Look for ways to maximize value. Have 5 cards in hand, one being very useful and costing 1, 2 being modestly helpful, a Helicarrier and something you love to play but not vital...play the helicarrier, use it to play the 1 cost card and you are better set for the rest of the game. If you played chess, this is somewhat akin to planning the response 7 moves down the line as you see the responses coming. Hope this helps a bit. Little margins add up to huge results.
  17. just out of curiosity, what is your play style? what typically defeats you, do you threat out or do you lose your hit points?
  18. you almost need to break it down much further. Hulk solo is essentially auto-loss versus a lot of scenarios whereas we have a group that plays usually on standard, four player game where we have been able to use him and THor both as Aggression. I would likely never use Hulk Aggression 2 handed...unless I was doing something like Captain America Justice...in four player, his weakness against threat isn't really a weakness but in solo it is crippling and the answer is very different. I play a lot of Ms Marvel and have played her in all 4 aspects in everything from standard multiplayer on up to solo heroic. I would build her completely different for solo heroic than I would for multiplayer because her weaknesses are different. Played her Aggression in a recent 4 player game and she was thwarting nearly as much as the Justice Hawkeye...but solo I would have a much different answer as her weaknesses are different. Good question just a bit too broad I think
  19. With his ability to ping off tough, do one point of damage here or there with Army of Ants and the one point of damage when flips to Giant as well as the 1 point to all minions with Giant Stomp Ant Man seems pretty well set up to be pretty efficient...and when he flips down doing one point of thwart plugs into that...Wasp has a slight edge there but overall I am curious how you are playing Ant Man if you don't find him hyper efficient? Please note I am not saying you are playing him wrong. It has worked for you and that is nothing but a great thing. In this game there is no right or wrong way and what is effective for one may not work at all for the next...For me personally I have found Ant Man among the best for being extremely efficient with little to no wasted damage or thwart, the exception being maybe twice his 5 thwart Hive Mind needing to do less than 5...but he is able to pinpoint and direct damage and threat among the best. Also curious what combos you are using in the (likely) event I am missing some. My primary ones have been flipping him 2,3,4 times a turn to maximize helmet and his thwart/damage every time he flips and having his Giant Strengths out and readying him to do mass damage but I have not spent much time building his deck to optimize so I would be ecstatic to pick up couple more things. Even with the minimal deck construction I did, he quickly became a favorite until Rocket drops in...so making him better is on my "this makes me happy" list
  20. Rock was the best. Brahma Bull could lock everything down almost at will. I think my most-played decks were Rock/Peoples Champ, Hurricane, Buh Buh Ray and Batista. But I kept decks for every hero not long after the clutch apply train started, I took a Brothers of Destruction deck to a tournament, got out an action card, don't remember the title, but after taking damage you popped it to end their turn. It was not a popular card. Three consecutive turns he played his clutch, I popped it, he had the 2 fortitude from Dirty Low Blow and 3 from that and spent the rest of the game whining about how broken my card was. I think his deck was mono submission, it did not go well for him...but he did get all his clutches out! And it started my laughter every times someone declares a card "broken". Ah, another fond BoD memory...running into a Right To Censor deck that censored Fortitude Surge and plunging them to death with Throw into corner turnbuckles. Lol oh I miss that game. Hilariously, my all time favorite game of it...I lost. Playing Hurricane had an incredible first turn that saw me get the shining wizard kick, Hurrislam, Eye of the Hurricane off leaving him with I think 1 card in deck. He immediately Turn the Tide, Olympic Slam, Ankle Lock, game. Ah, the good old days. I miss that game pre-Revolution suck-fest. Side note I just two weeks ago sold all my Raw Deal cards. I had 96 assembled decks...and have given 20+ away to my nephew a few years ago. Someone had a problem... I note the Comic Images website is gone now...I still had articles on there including my prize winning one. Ah, the nostalgia...and the aging process. You young punks get off my lawn!!!
  21. All hail the power of flip, particularly when she has her full suite of cards out. We played a 4 player game this last friday where I got to flip nearly every turn. We had the villain down to just a couple HP and the last player is like "Can I take him to the next stage?" We all tried to tell him no, we want to flip him when we are set up for him. But he is also a younger player...mid teens somewhere, but not overly experienced at the game. Still has a tendency to hold cards in hand...first turn he had Stark Towers in hand, 2 extra resources and wasn't going to play it...so we are not talking the strongest player here. I kind of walked him through using the armor to pay for the tower, using the tower to get armor back and get it down and he went from a first turn of playing Rocket Boots to having down Stark Tower, 2 pieces of armor and ready to roll...but I also try very hard not to alpha game it and told him after that he needed to play his own game. Well, naturally he decides to flip the villain. It went about like you would expect...between flip damage, a couple unlucky draws, our Hawkeye player took 9 points of indirect damage with no way of stopping it and died with Goblin at full health and 1 point on State of Madness. I cribbed 3 cards from the persona whose name i never remember, another from Amir, one from Avengers, 3 from hall, flipped up and did her thing, having already gotten all the goodies like Shrink and Embiggen out. Took out every side scheme in play and all but I think 2 threat on main scheme, did 24 damage and passed the turn. Our Thor player, who routinely is in the 20+ damage range, was impressed. Was not the first turn I had cleared 15-20 threat and still did damage. I absolutely love her steady threat or damage ability and Wiggle Room and allies keep me from needing to recover but that is generally 2 handed or more...and also keys back to how different the game plays solo v multi player. But you are so right...flip, flip, flip every turn, use those personas, stack the deck and wreck everything in your path. She is incredibly fun to play for me. I don't know if I could rank the heroes but if I did for fun factor I think she, Ant Man, Hawkeye, Captain America and Iron Man are maybe my top five. Really enjoy almost every hero and the margin is razor thin though.
  22. I actually prior to a game often spin through and make sure that say...3 standard cards are not clumped, I don't really pay a lot of attention to the titles. Kind of similar to in LoTR where I just make sure maybe the skulls are not all together, things like that. Makes it much more exciting (for me, and I cannot emphasize that enough...the variety of ways people enjoy this game is one of my favorite parts) when that unexpected back to back nasty card hits as a surprise instead of an expected. On the other side, when I play say...Black Panther it is almost inevitable regardless of distribution that I will have 2, 3, 4 Wakanda Forevers in close proximity because I think my deck so much...40 card deck, I routinely have 10-14 cards on the table and with Golden City and an Avengers Mansion I am seeing 7 of maybe 26 cards...and being able to recycle Wakanda Forever with Ancestral, I am very likely to have several in deck. It does lead to having to shuffle extra to ensure I space them as much as possible. Conversely, with Ms Marvel I try to NOT shuffle. I use Amir to stack my deck so I know what is coming. Learned that little maneuver years ago playing a deceased game called Raw Deal that reversals were a huge key and if you stacked your deck right you could set up unstoppable combos. I heard of one guy who knew his deck so well he could tell you where every card in his deck was by mid-game...on a completely unrelated note, he was one of the best players in the world. If you get a chance, go watch the second Team Covenant attempt on Kang. Watch the I believe it was second attempt in their second recording session when clumping of Advance occurs and they make an ill-fated decision. Spoiler Alert 🙂 (but maybe not in the way you expect) At the same time, Marvel Champions being a co-op game, it likely only matters for the people who are playing Heroic and above for the challenge. For a legit challenge you need legit distribution. And full disclosure...every so often I throw out a topic almost out of nostalgia. Forums for Raw Deal were red hot and we would talk about deck builds, how to use specific cards (or the inevitable "that card is a coaster" complaints. These forums are pretty quiet. I miss the deep dive discussions. I tried a few different games prior to the lockdown looking for that. Keyfore, Str Wars Destiny, X Wing...there just aren't active forums any more. Then again, I am old and worn out so maybe they are better off gone. It is a nice break from some of my more serious work though
  23. a little surprised by this...Ms Marvel can be truly amazing in 2 of the three game facets pretty much every turn. Her defending is not great but she can do tremendous output on both thwarting and damage...I also have found Iron Man pretty powerful but typically I have found you and I tend to agree on things. What are you seeing with Ms Marvel? for what it is worth I run her (currently) aggression with Hall Of Heroes and Avengers Mansion, it is not unusual to have turns where I pop up with 14 cards in hand and am double tapping either thwart or damage as needed with her power-ups on table...massive, massive turns. Of course, I also tend to do burst with here where I am flipping every turn and usually exhaust her to bring back one of her events. Then again, off top of my head the heroes that are neither top nor bottom 5 for you would be in no particular order Black Panther, Dr Strange, Hawkeye, and Spider Woman so I guess someone has to be bottom. I guess it is just a math thing?
  24. There is a pretty significant difference. Clump multiple cards repeatedly in a bridge game and you will hear some uncomplimentary words. Do it at a money game and there will be cheating accusations (yep, I have seen that. One of them hilariously/sadly was at a charity tournament that really went sideways.) I have found that all sorts of sleeves, from Star Wars art sleeves to Ultra Pro to Dragon Sleeve Matte clump in 2-3 card allotments. And They are okay for casual game randomization but not for true randomization if this were a serious game...source, me shuffling for bridge games, as a professional dealer at poker tournaments, playing tournament card games and doing some sleight of hand for 42 years. I am a pretty accomplished shuffler in a variety of forms from the overhand to the riffle to the faro to the table shuffle (far and away my least favorite. I know the logic of it). So the part you might not have picked up on I guess I should have been a bit more explicit. Lets say I am running a 40 card deck. There is a key side scheme with 4 threat I need to clear. My partner has an Avengers Mansion they will give me if I can clear the scheme and will use themself if not. I have a Power of Justice in hand. 17 cards are in the discard, 5 in my hand so I know 22 cards, don't know 18. I pack 3 For Justice's. In a truly randomized deck there is a 17% (1 in 6 more accurately) chance I am going to pull one if he gives it to me. However, the way cards tend to be in 2-3 card packets as getting a true one card/one card perfect shuffle (technical term is a farrow or weave if it matters) , knowing that cuts don't alter the order of cards and when cards are in packets they are closer to a cut, then the chance might actually be more like 1 in 3. If I see one of the cards that was close to it last time through the deck I am more likely to call for that mansion. Naturally, most people are not (and definitely should not unless it is intrinsic to their card playing) playing Champions at those levels of tracking so for the most part it doesn't matter but for those who know and consider the percentages, it matters. More to the point and more broadly, having seen the ways several people are shuffling and if they play a couple games back to back, it might help them realize why all of Iron Mans' suit is in the top third of the deck one game and then the next game they start seeing it well into the second half or Black Panthers suit being buried yet again. That is where it can actually help is if people are aware that the shuffling method you see from people like Team Covenant (was watching their kang 2 broadcast yesterday and was internally laughing when the Advances kept showing up back to back when they were flipping through the encounter deck. Live action example!!!) doesn't give true random. At the same time, it doesn't matter because the game is ton of fun and I did not notice them having any less fun nor did I have less fun watching them.
  25. Curious what you have found as far as sleeves and shuffle ability. I will use as an example a popular you tube guy, Dale the Casual Gamer (fun guy to watch and this is in no way a criticism of him, Team Covenant, or anyone else who shuffles this way: It is so prevalent it was used as a visual joke in the movie "Tournament", he is just someone I have seen shuffle this way a lot that I suspect a lot of people will be familiar with. I am willing to bet most people reading this shuffle the same way and it is a completely legitimate way to shuffle for this game. Try it in a deal your own poker game and we may have a different answer....) and his manner of shuffling where he holds them horizontal in one hand, pulls a packet loose and mixes them by sliding a few at a time into the main deck in a rapid up and down motion, hitch the main packet to open a new space, rinse and repeat. I only use Dale in case someone is not sure the manner I a talking about and want to look it up. Anyone who has played in virtually any card game tournament has seen this method dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Sleeved cards are very difficult to bridge and/or shuffle in the traditional manner. And that is even more true in a casual game like this one where people might use anything from the penny sleeves on to the sleeves specifically designed for the game on up to Dragon Sleeves. Penny Sleeves in particular tend to stick together and get clumps of 4, 5, maybe more cards that move together. Now, anyone who has done even a cursory study of card magic knows this is a well-loved version to use in shuffling. For the person who knows what they are doing (spoiler alert if you don't want to know anything about how some card effects are accomplished, stop reading this paragraph), this style of shuffle is great because it looks legit and people don't question it but it is incredibly easy to manipulate specific cards to specific location. It is also fantastic, and this is the far more relevant point, for moving packets of cards you need to be together to stay together. Easy way to produce those 4 aces everyone thought were shuffled in to the top to produce. Oh, the magic! That of course is intentional to produce an effect. It will never mix cards as well as a riffle shuffle. Nor will it mix them as well as the time consuming but common in card game circles dealing cards individually to 4,5,6,7 different piles. I have heard a lot of people talking about getting slapped with Double Advances. I have had it happen myself more than is statistically probable. Fortunately I keep threat so low that is has only cost me a couple times but it is still an issue. I actually started tracking across a couple games, this one and Lord of the Rings LCG to see how much clumping I was getting. I also anecdotally watched when playing someone else's version of Legendary. He uses Penny Sleeves, I use Ultra Pro for LotR and Dragon Shields for Champions. And what I have found is that all of them do not allow riffle shuffle or the hand shuffle method above to give true random distribution in my experience. The same clumps of cards stick together. One fun way to see how the cards are mixing is to flip them face up as you shuffle for a while. When you see the same 2,3,4,5 cards side by each time and again you visually see this phenomenon. Now, with Champions the stakes are low. It is a...what is the term tournament players so elegantly criticize Warhammer as...a beer and pretzels game so to speak. By the designers own admission, it is intended for the average player to pick up the unadjusted out of the box hero deck and beat most scenarios most of the time. I can make a pretty strong argument this issue is not really relevant, it is more observation. When you shuffle using this method you are going to find much more frequent instances of multiple expert cards hitting you back to back, more examples of those two "didn't need to see that" villain specific cards in close proximity. You are not getting anywhere near a true random shuffle. That means you are going to see certain combinations of cards far more often than is reasonable and others far less than make sense. Thor is going to see Hammer Throws back to back and Iron Man will find his armor either all at first or all on the bottom instead of mixed throughout the deck. Does it matter? That of course is up to individual taste. I actually resleeved all my Champions cards in Dragon Sleeve Matte for better shuffling (lets me riffle shuffle but even there I don't get true distribution as there still tend to be 2-3 card clumps that stick together). I tend to shuffle 15-20 times every time I shuffle trying to get a better randomness knowing the sub-standard shuffleability of sleeved cards when playing solo. When playing in a group I don't bother as it is not real important to that setting which is far more about brothers, nephews, and friends killing pizza, soda, chips and playing a game together for a few hours. But I want to...because I am me. Again, the stakes in this game are low enough that I don't bother. So what about you? Do you take any extra steps to get a more random distribution or do you just jiggle them together a few times and call it good? Do you care?
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