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  1. Very cool. Thanks for your work!
  2. I pray for the removing of the app. So no need to implement Legion ? i think this App ruins the feeling at the table.
  3. I think we can orientate us at IA. There is many stuff I’d like to get: - royal guard - r2d2/c3po - e-Web - bantha rider - imp rider - chewbacca - wookie warriors - emperor and mich more ? ia is lacking some vehicles but I hope we get more in legion. At the moment we have almost only infanterists ?
  4. Don’t know if I need to deal with him. He blocks a lot of points and gives me the opportunity to get nite objectives. And it was just a question how a Luke Leia Lust could look like
  5. You mean like this? http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/rebel/p04uEMuEMuEMp0buEMu1auEMp06u10u0cuEMuEMp06u10u0cuEMuEMp06u10u0cuEMuEMp06u10u0cuEMuEMp01uEMu04p01uEMu04p01uEMu04 The 88 points of z6 could be used for another 5-man rebel troop.
  6. I painted them blue (see the topic TK‘s Blue Legion). Which looks almost like those trooper: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Senate_Commando/Legends
  7. I got this link in the German Forum. There are trooper in my paining scheme in the lore http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Senate_Commando/Legends
  8. The Blue Legion rises. All of my tabletop armys had a blue color scheme and my legion armies will too. Yeah i overdid a bit with the stormies. But this guys are 1-colored, so maybe not my whole fault :D. This time i used the washes more for accentuation than for making the minis dirty. I think the result is for that minimum work great. And for a play-army it's ok. they wont win beauty contests. I took the mid blue to show that a standard trooper. snowtrooper will get a light blue. when the death trooper come they will get a dark blue. so you can see what type of mini it is at the model and at the color. For those who dont like a blue Darth Vader: Get over it. He's got his own fluff and is called Darth Nemo. I thought about how to indicate the units on the field. I discarded the idea of colored shoulders or special symbols. So i took the way to indicate the units over the base. Which should be much easier in combat. And all minis look the same what is great to be a legion. Team red and green are ready for combat! The base of commanders will just be black. they are always unique so there is no need to have different colors. Vehicles are a bit tricky. I cant shape the base and have the arcs seen. So i decided to choose 2 colored bases. The front and rear firearc have the same color and the side arcs a different color. so every information is still there and the vehicles are indicated. The current bikes are red and green. The next bikes will get 2 other colors. Whats still missing is the matt lacquer, but i have to wait for warmer weather than they get their finish.
  9. Cause he is the talles droid and the fastest template ist the longest one.
  10. About 10 years. First 40k Orks (2.500 points), then necrons (6.000), dark angels (1.200). In between some fantasy (2.000 points lizardmen). All sold today. I broke with gw (only paints left). In the last years i painted descent and Runewars Minis. + some repaints in x wing. Now it’s Legion
  11. Also prequels. Droid army would be great. Clones could be nice too. And even gungans could get some diversity on the table. Especially if their army contains no human.
  12. In 40k there were 2 Main ways to do this: - use different decays/symbols - use different color (just on a shoulder for example, or the base edge)
  13. Hey there, im curious how do you paint your miniatures or don’t you? - so do you leave them grey? - paint them in the original color like in the movies? - or prefer a individual unique color scheme? i think I will use an individual color scheme. All my tabletop armies are blue or got at least a blue touch. And the biggest reason to paint stormies blue is, I can’t paint clear white and hard lines. I paint just some color, wash and ready so I get dirty blue stormies. What are your plans?
  14. New Article about the scions: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/9/18/forest-guardians/
  15. only Windows atm. Apps for iOS are sadly expensive to publish. Apple wants 100bucks a year even if the app is for free....
  16. Some new Features and fixed bug in V2.1.0. All information can be found in the original post:
  17. TXM V2.1.0 is out now! New Features: - Textsize for timer can be set in mainwindow - Textcolor for timer can be set in mainwindow - Backgroundimage for timer can be set in mainwindow - New rules for Legion and Legend of the Five Rings (both experimental) - Timer will be shown in Pairings and Table Window, a separated TimerWindow is not needed, but can still be opened - Autosavefiles are now Sorted with the newest first - Closing the mainwindow will close all dedicated windows (pairings/table window, timerwindow) - only one button now for starting the tournament, getting results and pairing next round - Won byes can now (again) be calculated. this is imprtant if standings are sorted by SoS (the third tie breaker) - the player table accepts multirow select for deleting/dropping multiple players at once. you will still be asked if you wanna drop a player with his name, to avoid mistakes - timer shows now HH:MM:SS instead of having minutes higher than 60. if there are less than 60 minutes, the timer only shows MM:SS - Usermanual can be opened via the menu point. The manual is just online and still a work in progress (writing manual is not fun ) Fixed Bug: - x-wing bye was calculated wrong, now it gives the correct MoV Download: https://github.com/Sharpdeveloper/TXM/releases/tag/V2.1.0
  18. and only 1 scions. and again the same upgrade cards ....
  19. As I think you know, the point cost of Artus aren't his ability it's more the point you can save to get better upgrade options. Especially for MSU play: Multiple 2x1 (still don't know what comes wirst? Column or row? But I think you know what I mean) Archers with Tempered Steel and Rank Discipline. But if you don't want to play MSU or just don't need the extra upgrade slots his points are wasted.
  20. Would agree Some thoughts about B: + it has less space in the box so you have less space needed - needs more costumizing for different mini shape so A should be the easiest way for maintenance .
  21. If you add the dice, the defense and wound threshold should be printed too. All 3 information (dice, defense/wound and dial) are useful and important open information. And thanks for your work!
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