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  1. Hi everyone, Discovered that a cleaning fluid bottle (409) makes a pretty cool laser turret if you take the top off! Photo files are a bit big - here is a link to a quick write up so that everyone can see what lurks beneath that cleaning fluid nozzles cowling http://battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2018/08/laser-turret-from-cleaning-fluid-bottle.html?m=1
  2. Hi everyone, Really enjoy the FFG RPG system - was wondering if there is a thread on this forum - or other - where there has been discussion of a Star Trek conversion of the FFG Star Wars system? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, This past weekend we got the idea to build a cardboard Star Destroyer terrain piece -- using pretty much the same construction methods we had used to make our Death Star Trench. Turned out pretty well - though we learned quite a few things in the process and we are thinking about version 2.0. Here's a link to our work on the 1.0 versoin. http://battlegaming1.blogspot.de/2015/09/quick-x-wing-star-destroyer-model-for.html Also - we played a battle with a Raider and quite a few other Imperial ships vs. lots of Rebel ships. It got messy. Wondering if there are nice methods for keeping track when you have lots and lots of ships. (Maybe a spreadsheet would have helped us.) Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Our group of EofE players wanted to find something which could be their "recreational vehicle" -- Juggernaut seemed like the only option! So, we played a long adventure session where they went on a quest to find out. Here's a bit of short fiction write-up of the session. http://battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-quest-for-juggernaut-ffg-star-wars.html Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, We have been working on using our Death Star Trench model to play a Trench Run Cooperative game. And, had trouble finding good Turbo Laser Turrets. Tried to make some like we've seen others do (scratch-built) -- but our attempts with pink foam came out pretty rough. Discovered some models made by JR MINI a week back -- and they are great. Here is a write-up about them: http://battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2015/07/found-turbo-laser-turret-looking.html We'll post again as soon as we can get some paint on them - and try again with our trench! Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, Did a new trial run of our Death Star Trench rules. Our goal was to figure out some cooperative rules for playing -- so that we could each play a squadron -- and have the Empire act as a 'robot' opponent. This ended up being pretty fun -- and much, much less hectic. (The younger person in our group didn't really care for zooming down the Death Star trench with Darth Vader and a bunch of TIE fighters -- who are faster than he is -- right on his tail!) Worked out pretty well this time. We had to make a few rule modifications -- and also ran into some trouble getting the game balance of the Turbo Laser Turrets just right. [We have new understanding for the people who create games - what a tough challenge to make things hard but not too hard.] Biggest things modify for next time: - Adding one more TIE fighters (so that there are two squadrons of three) - Taming the Turrets a little bit - Making the game shorter / faster somehow [this one went 9 turns -- and that felt a little bit long] - Better Turret models !! Here's a link to our detailed write-up and rules ideas.... http://battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2015/04/x-wing-death-star-trench-cooperative.html By the way - yes, in turn #9, a lowly Gold Squadron Pilot had the one and only lucky shot which blew up the Death Star!!!
  7. Hi Ariano, That surface sure felt and looked like "felt". Was nice because the models stayed put pretty well.
  8. Hi everyone, Thanks for many kind words of encouragement a few months ago when we posted about going zero-for-three at our first X-wing tournament.... We played last weekend and used some of the things we had learned there and managed to scrape out a win playing against one of our good gaming friends. [Only crashed into an asteroid one time - and toward the end - that helped a LOT!] - We used the TIE Phantom + Advanced Cloaking Device strategy - Used both Echo and Whisper + Howlrunner Was wondering whether is a line-up any of you have liked -- or whether you tend to go with one Phantom -- or maybe with all three Phantoms. Here are our notes from the Battle. http://battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2015/04/x-wing-managed-to-win-battle-with-two.html Thanks again We'll keep at it....
  9. Hi everyone, A while back we posted an update on our project to build a Death Star trench (we wanted to be able to replay the Battle of Yavin).... http://www.battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2014/10/x-wing-death-star-trench.html Well, this past weekend we finally had a chance to try it out!! Here are our quick take-aways from the test.... 1) It seemed difficult to "want" to be the Empire playing a scenario where the Death Star is "supposed" to blow up.... 2) We got to wondering if a cooperative game wouldn't be the way to play this. Have players divide up the rebel ships - and give basic "straight ahead" "shoot the closest" rules to the Empire ships. 3) If we did play cooperatively, we could have "phases" to the game. Phase 1 - where you just have the Rebel ships and the Turbo Laser turrets. Then -- after the Empire figures out the risk to the Death Star.... Phase 2 - Enemy ships headed your way! And, the Falcon joins the fray.... Here's a quick write-up, plus some photos of the models in the trench: http://www.battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2015/01/x-wing-death-star-trench-cooperative.html Really appreciate the inputs from everyone in our last set of postings. Quite a few people thought that our trench was quite a bit too big. No argument from us. But, we were certainly happy that it was big when it came to piloting....
  10. Thanks for the help with DagobahDave's and Duraham's rules. Had started coming up with some on our own (for lack of something better) - but couldn't figure out how to deal with turbo laser cannon turrets being really inaccurate AND deadly at the same time. Like the idea of 4 attack dice - but doubling defense dice. Very cool. Serious match with the movie. --> Any thoughts to how to deal with Luke turning off his targeting computer? Was wondering if when shooting at the vent port you can fire a proton torpedo without target lock - but, you can only hit with focus dice (focus dice count at hits - normal hit dice count as nothing ??) But, if you were to do that ("use the force, Luke") not sure why you would want to. --> Are there upgrades for Luke which would accomplish the same sort of thing? (This one of us is usually playing the empire - so not quite so familiar with all rebel options.) Going to try this out tomorrow and see how the different rules options work out. (By the way - curious to hear which side usually wins in any of the rules-sets - or if it is pretty well balanced.) Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, We have finished building our Death Star trench - going to try it out a few times this weekened. Going to try as well to see if this works well as a "team" "coorperative" way to play. (Not sure how that will work, but since the trench sort of corrals the Empire ships, maybe their actions can be more programmatic??) Was wondering if anyone has some set rules for playing trenches which they have come to like? We are coming up with quite a few questions we're going to take a shot at.... - How do you handle hitting the port? How do you deal with Luke turning off his computer? - What happens if you hit the walls? - What would the stats of the Turbo Laser towers be? Here's a link with some photos of our trench in case that helps w/ visualizing. (We did make it a bit wider than in the movie. a) It's what we had handy; b) We're still not that great at piloting.) http://www.battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2014/10/x-wing-death-star-trench.html Appreciate any guidance on where to look or thoughts on how to handle.
  12. Hi everyone, Follow-up on the tournament. 1) Thanks again for all of the advice - huge help 2) We learned a ton 3) Silly idea to deviate from the rather clear guidance of EvilEd209 to create a Tie formation with lower skill levels in front. What a mess trying to hold formation with the lower skill levels in back 4) We played a person who was really good with Echo in the Tie Phantom (amazing maneuvers) --> And, advanced cloaking is very cool. Seems like almost an automatic if you have a Phantom in your list ?? 5) Howlrunner did a great job 6) What an important thing practice is. By the 3rd match we didn't crash into any asteroids. In the first one, asteroids had done more damage than anything else. http://www.battlegaming1.blogspot.com
  13. Hi everyone, thanks a million for the super support and advice. We will not be pre-measuring (in any way!).... And, thanks for the idea of practice flying. We worked on that this morning and it will really help. (By the way, keeping 4 Tie Fighters in formation through a turn is tricky!) We had some internal discussion, and decided to fly: - Mauler Mithel - Howlrunner - Onyx Squadron Pilot (Defender) - Shadow Squadron Pilot (Phantom) Know this isn't exactly the advice given - but, stays with the guidance of fewer ships. This left us 6 points for upgrades. Thinking to add at least one ion weapon and something like Marksmanship. We took some photos of formation practice.... http://www.battlegaming1.BlogSpot.com
  14. Hi everyone, We are pretty much beginners at X-wing - but have decided to play in a local tournament at our game store on Saturday. Two questions / requests for help.... 1) Are there "standard" codes-of-conduct, conventions or unwritten rules for playing in this type of format? (Have heard people talking about not pre-measuring moves. That correct? And, if that is true, is it wrong if I know how my hand scales to the templates and use my hand to pre-measure?) 2) What might be the easiest to manage for beginners? Tournament is for 100 point 'fleets' We are playing the Empire - and have the following at our disposal: - Beginner set (2 tie fighters) - 2 Tie fighter expansion packs - 1 Tie bomber expansion pack - 1 Tie defender expansion pack - 1 Tie phantom expansion pack (not very good at managing the features of this ship) - 1 Empire Aces expansion pack Left on our own, would probably try to make 100 points with the Tie defender and add in Tie fighters to make 100 points. Here's a link to our early attempts to figure out how to play.... http://battlegaming1.blogspot.com Many thanks for any/all suggestions or help!
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