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  1. The Hobby Matrix would be the one.
  2. Huh, okay. I guess I still wouldn't want to rely on it, but I guess that doesn't prevent me prepping a few lists, with and without proxies, and finding out when I go down.
  3. Not sure about the proxying without going down. They do a fortnightly tournament though, rather suspect that proxying wouldn't be okay for that though. I do actually have the TFA Core Set, unless you meant I should get a second. Certainly seems I could do with getting HotR, and well, something with Autothrusters (though I sorta knew I'd need to get something with that anyway). The $40 would be a more immediate re-buyin for a first game, and I totally intend to get more things, just in subsequent pay packets
  4. Well, I do not yet own any Scum ships, but between Imperials and Rebels, my preference has been Rebel.
  5. Hey there, all! o/ So it's been awhile since I've played X-Wing, and I've been meaning to go down to the my FLGS for the first time in awhile and fly some ships. But given my fleet is Waves I-V (minus Decimator, Defender, and B-Wing) plus Aces and both Cores, I rather imagine my knowledge is bit outdated, and unprepared for most of the stuff in the last couple years worth of ships (I do have some familiarity with Wave 6, and have seen some JumpMasters being flown). While I imagine I'm just going to have to go down, fly something, probably lose, but then prepare better for the next time, I was wondering if people had any advice for what I should look out for, and maybe some suggestions for building out a list or two to take down with me. I always used to like trying to fly things like A/X/E wings, dunno if that's still practical. Also don't mind spending up to 30-40USD to get a ship or two to update my fleet, if that's likely to be particularly helpful. Thanks!
  6. A Most Wanted pack, then I'll probably pick up a Scyk then a StarViper. I'm reserving judgement on the IG-2000 till we know more, but at this stage I may give it a pass. If so, I'd probably pick up a 2nd Syck and StarViper. However, this may all be coming with a big restock, so this may be tempered with purchases of my first YT-1300 and Firespray, plus picking up a Int and B wing expansions (have aces, but not the base expansion).
  7. I'd more say Bacon is broken, and is now the weakest option available. It needs a fix. Maybe it'd be improved with some SAUCE. It's enTitled to it I'm sure. Might help deal with the Charcoal flavour when hit by too many turbolasers. Also, doesn't it annoy you how, when you cook Bacon, oil on top can shoot out 360 degrees around it, making it impossible to arcdodge your hand away from getting burnt?
  8. Well... That was unexpected. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  9. Two OT subforums could possible be unnecessary? I mean, technically this is an X-Wing Forum, so there should be a separate place on FF's site. But equally, the people here like to be here to discuss things with the people they know frequent this space. Regardless, most OT stuff is SW related anyway. Star Wars Humour would likely fit into that too? +1 for New Player forum. I think that'd be nice. The Repaint Thread and those who frequent it will be happy if this means they finally get their desired subforum. Doubt you'll get any complaints for that suggestion. What I'd hope for, though this isn't to do with the sorting categories for subforums, would be 'latest post' previews for subforums. Not that it seems to explicitly state it, but these forums feel like ip.board, and I know other ip.board forums have that. It'd help make the various subforums feel more inviting, I think, if you can see without clicking that there are new posts. I wonder if it'd feel weird if everything was sorted into sub forums. What if there's nothing left to post in the main forum? But anyway, hopefully this happens! More organization sounds like a good thing!
  10. Re: DeWoTifying - Bold/Italics highlighting of sections/important prhases can help. Also spoiler tagging sections can work as well. EDIT: Also, I enjoyed the write up!
  11. Mmmm interceptor rolls are the best. O'charlies definitely knows how to make em. Bah. Still waking up here. Interceptor ROLE.
  12. How about: Blaster Overload Modification On a attack, you may roll an extra red die. If you do, receive 1 stress and 2 ion tokens. Cost: 3-4 Helps make A-wings actually fly in an interceptor roll. At 4 points, an A-wing with a Chardaan refit will cost 1 more than the equivalent Tie Interceptor.
  13. This was my first thoughts about it. Re: new saber effect. That don't bother me so much.
  14. There's always Wakky Ristol's Bootcamp missions: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/101539-put-me-through-boot-camp/?hl=%20boot%20%20camp Don't know if he made an article out of that or not
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