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  1. Do they support the Anti-Christ because they simply want temporary power or do they ideologically oppose God? Are they playing themselves? How do they believe they can escape the ultimate torture of eternal damnation? Is that the goal of the game? This is an interesting premise, but it needs to be fleshed out with a beatable antagonist and decision points that really rocket home the message that consequences are for the weak. Ideas: A holy rolling veteran tries to kill the PC's, (rightly) believing that God is telling him to.
  2. Trusting people to keep their eyes closed may be too much. Sometimes, you can't keep your eyes closed, physically, due to irritant. This can happen very quickly, thus making you open your eyes when you didn't mean to, none-the-less making it unfair because you see what you see.
  3. I would like to see a 5th edition conversion - however, it's more likely to use an in house rule system if it gets a new edition. That's okay; I think a conversion doc would also be developed if that happened. I am open to the idea that Midnight may be even more fun with a system like Age of Rebellion.
  4. The way the events in Revelation play out is much more hard core than even the Left Behind series; the Horsemen really tear up the Earth in ways that cannot be resisted or undone. Desolation for miles and miles in their wake. It has more in common with Heavy Metal than Hal Lindsey. Playing on the over the top, operatic series of events that cascade towards the Beast's return is easier when everyone is in the same boat. That is to say, NOBODY was right about Jesus. He is an enigma. And now, he's coming back...
  5. Every time I read through the ragnarok section of Wrath of the Gods, I start wondering about how a modern world would deal with the return of what could be called magical powers. While the text does explain that some go crazy while others commit suicide when their wyrd is revealed at the beginning. But what does the power of the Eldar Futhark portend for those willing to use them in the battle against Loki? Can PC's who are educated in runes utilize their traditional powers? Is it coincidental effects, to borrow Mage the Ascension terminology, or would it be vulgar, noticeable rune magick - with the runewise taking on the role of super heroes or super villains in the final days? Additionally, since the Nordic religion was spot on in The End of the World, how do other religions react? The return of "old gods" would be seen as a demonic invasion by most Abrahamic faiths (Muslims, Christians and Jews). They wouldn't be completely wrong.
  6. You could make any family members OPTIONAL NPC's for the players in order to avoid grief. That is to say, when you begin, they simply don't know where their kids are. If they want to be "realistic" and make their focus finding and getting their kids, then having their baby eaten by a zombie without the chance to save it is adversarial. This is the player's story. Let them decide how personal it is. FWIW simply having family and friends that are close to the players end up "off screen" can prevent the first chargen session from becoming harsh for those unaccustomed to substantiating their claims. Best to play the game everyone wants to play rather than force players to confront their worst fears about people they would be willing to die to protect. If they WANT them in the story, let them decide that conscientiously. My experience has been that most players WILL opt to have their family and friends suffer the end times with them, creating a special kind of tension that The End of the World series seems best at exploiting. It's personal, and thus the stakes really matter.
  7. It is entirely possible that the invading aliens are actually an Imperial Star Destroyer, with landing parties of Imperial Storm Troopers taking captives in cages or terminating any resistance. When Darth Vader appears before the United Nations, it is with Emperor Palpatine appearing on a large screen. The Rebel Alliance would be interested in liberating Earth because there are more "force" aware human beings on Earth than any other planet in the galaxy. Should it fall to the Empire, and the Dark Side, there would be revival of Sith ideology, and executions for those that do not give in to their hatred and fear. The Jedi could conceivably prevent this, but it will be up to them to find those who feel the pull of the Force, and teach them before they are indoctrinated by Darth Vader. With titanic weapons, the Empire levels much of the East Coast of North America and Europe. The internet is fractured into several different parts and Imperial soldiers begin seizing private businesses. The owners are given the opportunity to sell out at a very unfriendly rate, if they decline, they are arrested. Most are put in with the force-aware, caged up and rolled into make-shift prison camps. The U.K. manages to resist with Rebel forces creating the Royal Resistance with the American military. Turkish soldiers as well as civilians are forced into the cities of the region and treated like cattle. Russian resistance is met with enormous land annihilating machines called Planet Eaters. Australia becomes a battle zone between the Storm Troopers and the Rebel forces that have allied with the Australian government in a deal to assist their resistance. These prison camps pop-up all over the world, with the ones in Saudi Arabia being the largest and most inhumane. The Empire provides food and medicine to any who ask, but often these necessities come at a steep price. The Empire often demands absolute loyalty, and routine "reports" on any suspicious activity from those who are known affiliates. China's resistance was crushed early, and so now most of the Pacific Rim as well as Hawaii is considered Imperial Garrison controlled. The Rebel Alliance seizes Vancouver by rallying on the other side of the moon, before forcing one of the Empire's Star Destroyers (there were three present at the time) to crash in western Canada. Rebel forces have converted the Star Destroyer into an advanced base that can disrupt Imperial communications as well as provide Internet to the rest of Earth's inhabitants.
  8. Terrifyingly stealthy, the greys from "Fire in the Sky" seem to prefer kidnapping victims and then returning them for observation. Their entire modus operandi is possibly predicated on the ideology of the "dark" greys, who seek knowledge, versus the "light" greys, who seek peace. The dark greys are perpetually strategizing, and have a different understanding of events as they pass over time. While this seems to allow them to know the future, they are actually planning on statistical probabilities. They operate in a different atmosphere than humans, thus needing suits that appear like the a-typical grey mentioned by so many abductees. When they start coming in mass, over hundreds of cities of the world, they will be kidnapping people left and right, and some are not returning.
  9. Transexual Transylvanians, as they refer to themselves, have often been seen as benign, hosting parties as well as giving lavish gifts. However, it is also known that they degrade and abuse humans before eating them or throwing them in a freezer for later. They exhibit human appearance and a taste for sexual abuse, as well for scientific experimentation. The federal government has been watching them and has determined their presence is a danger to humanity. If they are allowed to continue their depraved behavior, these extraterrestrials would likely become figures in the criminal underworld, dealing primarily in drugs and prostitution. Their eventual plan for conquest is a fantasy, planning on the eventual "fall" of humanity through hedonistic impulse. If everyone is busy having sex, it's becomes much easier to lock the doors and dispose of them without any resistance.
  10. Survivalism becomes a game of bookkeeping when you fast-forward. This can be fun, but it loses some of the immediacy of the role-playing component. Instead, consider adding interesting NPC's. Interesting characters can make even the most mundane events seem riveting. A pregnant woman and her boyfriend show up in the mountains? What about a squad of gang-bangers from Five Points? Additionally, moving beyond stereotypes can make the experience more memorable. A US Geologic Survey team armed to the teeth. A meth cook and her boyfriend who don't know anything about the apocalypse. Etc. Other random events may add up to an even more terrifying experience. A helicopter crashes in the mountains. Discovery of a cave system or abandoned bomb shelters. Being stalked by wild animals. There's a reason the Donner party ended up the way it did. The mountains can be even more terrifying than the zombies.
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