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  1. If you get the GM kit for Force and Destiny, they include some expanded rules on Lightsaber creation, how to find the parts, make rolls to put the pieces together correctly, ect.
  2. I can highly recommend the adventure "Starfall" from the WEG line. Its a fun adventure, can be set easily withing AoR, and is very easy to adapt to the FFG system. Should be able to find a cheap copy online or a PDF.
  3. I was doing a little thinking today about the Career books out for EotE and got to thinking what the rest of them will be titled. They have done a fairly good job with the released ones, having titles that fit the narrative well. What do you guys think for the rest of the remaining careers? My thought so far was the Bounty Hunter book: They're no good to me dead. Maybe too long? It is the iconic Bounty Hunter line (essentially) from the original trilogy, and fits right alongside Fly Casual. Any other thoughts? And while we are at it, what kind of stuff are you looking forward to in the coming books?
  4. I don't think the system needs another Universal tree, especially a force sensitive one. Both of the FSE trees cover untrained or out of practice force users pretty well. Any of the existing trees would easily be a youngling or a Padawan in training.
  5. I'd be ok with an extra talent that allows you to spend 20xp for and extra force rating.
  6. I think a good medium would be "Generate 1 conflict when first used during a session" I can easily see conflict being used as a rescource, like Strain, in a game. If each of these "auto-conflict" talents had the same wording, or, for some that are obviously more sinister, more auto-conflict, this would make the game interesting. You're conciously making a choice on whether or not to tap the more sinister side of the force to get these results. Another option might be to word it differently. Say you have a Force Talent that gives you one auto conflict, and another that gives you two, at the start of every session, because of the knowledge corupting you. Word the talents so that they dont stack above the maximum of the highest talent. Since you have one talent that give 2 conflict a session, thats what you gain each session, for having the inate knowledge of these sinister forces.
  7. Could cannibalize the Magnadroid from F&D. Wouldnt be a bad place to start. Another idea is, if you want it to be a big bad guy, inquisitor rules without force powers with a droid.
  8. I myself have been trying to think of a way to "scale up" the game to better fit into Old Republic or legacy era. I haven't figured out a concrete idea, but it revolves around opening up more access to FR, be it a mid-tier talent on all the specs, a free FR for formal training, or, another idea i have been toying with, is making each career it's own thing, and allowing a character to buy from any of the three trees without having to 'multi-class' into them, but only if you have formal teaching. Knight Play just doesn't strike me as "Jedi" enough to fit into the other eras. But maybe I'm alone on this.
  9. I'm not sure about the "1 below wounds" part, but the Beginners Box for AoR has a section in there where you flip a destiny point to let the General get away when the PCs enter the Comms center. That's all i can think of.
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