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  1. Hi, I am new here, but I have played ES Omen (all expansions) for a year or two now (40-60 times) and tabletop ES with expansion. OMEN: I can honestly say that Omen is way more difficult and I win max 30% of the games (50-60 if I hand pick my crew) on all Gods. Tabletop: My winning ratio is 80-90% with roughly 15-20 completed games (from solo up to 8 players). Making Tabletop more difficult: a: My home rule is similar to the one from the OMEN, which means that once Ancient God reach the max of his doom tokens we do not fight him, we simply lose at this very moment. I found the fight the Ancient One particularly boring (unless we were doing something wrong). b: randomize the crew, no hand picking. Once investigator is used for one game (I set cards aside), then we have to random pick from the investigators which were not previously used. It gives us a chance to check playability of all investigators and not stick to the super powerful ones. Kind regards, Marcin PS. I find the home rule to add doom each midnight or locking green dice very powerful and definitely making the game way harder.
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