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  1. ...and all magnetized
  2. 1 done + 31 base colored Now working on cavalry
  3. Sound like the launch might be different from Runewars. Check out this video (from 27:50 onwards): He basically says that they want people to be able to buy entire armies right from the start. If this is true, I might actually stick to a single core set!
  4. Totally agree Going for 2 cores as well
  5. 1-2 commanders 3-6 corps 0-3 special forces 0-3 support units 0-2 heavy units
  6. Check out the Pic i posted above. Its from the Covenant GenCon video (game designer holding the rulebook)
  7. Thats a big if. Runewars wave 1 was 2-3 month behind the core game
  8. 3 (they are support)
  9. Depends on the cost of upgrades. For Runewars you could play full battle with 2 cores, but no real room for variation. Im guessing 3 cores is enough to give good variation. I think 4 cores is a waste as future armies will include Special forces and heavy units, which we havnt seen yet
  10. I think the max number of stormtrooper squads is 6 (from covenant GenCon video). Each core set contains 2 sqauds. So 3 cores to be able to max out on stormtroopers.
  11. The designer said Q4 in the GenCon interview, but sadly it seem Q1 2018 is more likely Makes little sense that FFG didnt make sure this would be out in time for xmas
  12. Next preview will probably push me over the edge to go ahead and preorder 2 core sets
  13. Highly unlikely! Erh NO! It makes sense for you that they do, but not for FFG. If they make a conversion kit, a lot of IA players would probably buy it, but that wouldnt make FFG a lot of money since every player would only buy one and the price/profit would be low. If they dont make a conversion kit, a part of the IA player base would not buy Legion. But the rest will and they will make a LOT more money off of those players! This makes them sound all coorporatelike and evul, but hey money makes the world go round. If this strategy is what it takes to finance publishin an awsome SW tabletop wargame, then fine by me!
  14. To make more money Im guessing!?
  15. I see your point, but I guess it comes down to a lot of people expecting FFG to handle tabletop wargames the same way GW does. We can now conclude that they handle it very differently. If thats a good or a bad thing, time will tell