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  1. WOW. I never noticed that in the FAQ. That changed things up a bit. Curiously I linked the image above from TabletopAdmiral, so their image is the old version as well. Looks like the Runewars wiki has the new version
  2. That is NOT correct! CQT says "You can target enemies engaged with you". It does not allow you to perform ranged attacks against other units while engaged. (RRG 65.2: A unit cannot perform a ranged attack if it is engaged.) The answer to the original question is: You have to have LoS in arc to perform this attack against a unit engaged with you (possible but not guaranteed when flanked)
  3. Agreed. It makes absolutely NO sense to make them different!
  4. I took the excel file from that link and updated with Uthuk units. Its not as fancy as the pdf versions, but its printable and works. You can grab it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2tcld7fvknuc05b/runewars-reference.xlsx?dl=0
  5. Correct, but that a bit situational and he will probably be encouraged to use maul even more when he knows you will help him take off the stress. IMO it doesnt add up to enough advantage for you. Congrats on the win. I can see how Boba taking off the title can really help.
  6. I am not convinced about Latts agains maul/ezra. Ghost attacks with TLT, uses maul to reroll one die. If you use Latts to evade one, you give him the opportunity to use maul again on the second TLT shot, where he could use maul to reroll two dice. If you use Latts again and he uses maul to remove one stress, he is free to use maul again on the end-of-round TLT shots (where the above would repeat itself). If you had not had/used Latts and he uses maul on two dice, he is not able to use maul again for the reminder of the round. In some cases you trade one evade for potentially two rerolls, or two evades for potentially three rerolls. I dont think its worth it. Your tactic of killing Fenn first sounds good on paper, but in my expirence, before you catch Fenn the ghost has put a lot of hurt on you. All the matches I have won against Ghost/Fenn I have gone 100% for the Ghost (which is why I prefer 2xExpertise and 2xK4). A few nasty crits can really mess things up for that big ugly thing. When Ghost is down it doesnt really matter if you have Dengar or Asajj left. Both are a really good match against Fenn and the shuttle. If you have them both left, well then its almost a certain win.
  7. Dengar Expertise K4 Security Droid Punishing One Asajj Expertise K4 Security Droid Glitterstim Glitterstim Tears through Ghost like hot knife through butter
  8. I ran this list at the Hyperspace Qualifier at Copenhagen System Open: Dengar Expertise K4 Security Droid Punishing One Asajj Ventress Expertise K4 Security Droid Glitterstim Glitterstim Teared through 3 Ghost/Fenn lists! Sadly I lost to Asajj/Ketsu so only went 5/1
  9. 1x5 mm and superglue to secure them. Filed down the pegs on the trays and the middle part of the bottom side of the base. As soon as I had one figure and one magnet on a tray done, I used those as template to ensure the same position and orientation of the magnet.
  10. Wow cant really believe that someone would cheat/misunderstand Karis ability like that. Its powerful enough when used as intended. To sum up: - If you select melee attack on your dial, but are not engaged (when revealing), nothing happens. The attack is cancelled, so you dont get to roll dice, and you dont get to spend surges. - Karis ability is not an attack. It says "Deal x damage" to another enemy at range 1-5. During an attack you calculate damage by multiplying your threat by hit results. Here the ability tells you the exact amount of damage. Kare can deal a max of 10 damage rolling a blue and white (4 surges from dice and 1 from dial). Beleive me, her ability is still very powerful. With fortunas dice, she easily takes out 1/3 of the opponents units by her self, if she can find useable melee targets and get in combat. The enemy can only avoid her ability by being outside range 5 (LoS not needed)
  11. Kari done Now back to finishing up the first 32 spearmen.
  12. One of the big guys done Next project (Kari) is comming along nicely...
  13. Finally got the assembly line rolling and got the first 8 cavalry done. I know, Im a slow painter! Whats next you ask? Well here's a little teaser of my current work in progress
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