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  1. 1 done, 31 to go

    One of the big guys done Next project (Kari) is comming along nicely...
  2. 1 done, 31 to go

    Finally got the assembly line rolling and got the first 8 cavalry done. I know, Im a slow painter! Whats next you ask? Well here's a little teaser of my current work in progress
  3. The Best Embedded Heroes?

    Ah right Column Tactics makes for some interesting cheaper combos
  4. Dial Reference Sheet (Complete)

    Any chance of a Ythuk update?
  5. The Best Embedded Heroes?

    Hawthorne in a 3x3 Cavalry unit with Moment of Inspiration is a beast, but its expensive. Havn't tried Kari in spearmen unit. I would expect her to be ok, but Im sure she is a lot better on her own. She's very versatile with Fortunas dice and Latari Training.
  6. If you build your army around your spearmen unit (fully loaded with frontline golem etc.), Lance Corporal is really good. I have had good success with a small 2x1 support spearmen unit that only carries Rallying Cornicen. This can help remove blight and ready Lance Corporal, Tempered steel and Kari's Fortunas Dice. In a smaller unit without the support to help ready the card, I think its a matter of taste. A red die seems good, but Corporal gives a lot of versatility. Weapons master helps a bit agains blight though.
  7. Where to buy magnets for trays?

    Payed something like 15$ for 250 magnets on ebay:
  8. 3x3 oathsworn. DOES IT EXIST!?

    I have run it once, with Hawthorne. It's a beast, but in a 200 point list I think I would prefer a 3x3 spearmen unit instead. The cavalry (with Hawthorne) is not versatile enough compared to the cost. I did make a few mistakes, and didnt get to utilize Hawthornes multi attack. The unit did chew through a 2x3 Death Knight unit, really fast, but the DNs condition hurt like ****. The condition alone cost me most of the cavalry unit But I could have handled this better, by just playing better. I think the biggest issue is that there is not enough points left to build a list around the unit. With a 3x3 spearmen (and embedded golem) you get decent amount of damage for a fair price, and have enough points to build around it (small fast cavalry, support spearmen, heroes etc.). Lance corporal can make the Spearmen even more versatile.
  9. 1 done, 31 to go

    Me too I really want to get the spearmen and cavalry done before concentrating on the golems and heros. Its just taking forever
  10. 1 done, 31 to go

    Note that the lighting makes the orange look more redish than it really is.
  11. 1 done, 31 to go

    FINALLY got around to do a bit of painting and basing (and taking photos) Did the right one (the most yellowish one) first. Wasnt completely happy and changed the technique a bit for the other one. Im happier with the slightly cleaner look and less yellow/not as extreme highlight.
  12. 1 done, 31 to go

    ...and all magnetized
  13. 1 done, 31 to go

    1 done + 31 base colored Now working on cavalry
  14. How many core boxes do I need?

    Sound like the launch might be different from Runewars. Check out this video (from 27:50 onwards): He basically says that they want people to be able to buy entire armies right from the start. If this is true, I might actually stick to a single core set!