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  1. Found a list on another website. Prize Support -- 2013 Season 1 - Laboratory Assistant & Cthulhu, Lord of R’lyeh - http://www.fantasyfl...eidm=251&esem=1 2014 Season 1 - Daybreak! & Johnny Valone - http://www.fantasyfl...eidm=196&esem=1 2014 Arkham Nights - no alternate art cards, but new domains - http://www.fantasyfl...eidm=276&esem=1
  2. Hello, anyone have a list of Call of Cthulhu LCG promotional cards? I found the following on various sites: 1) Clover Club Torch Singer 2) Daybreak 3) Cthuloid Spawn 4) Eldritch Nexus 5) Glaaki Inhabitant of the Lake 6) Johnny Valone 7) Victoria Glasser 8) Terror in the Dark 9) Laboratory Assistant 10) The Night - Darkness Incarnate 11) Cthulhu - Lord of R'lyeh 12) Y'Golonac
  3. Legion sleeves are much larger than Ultra Pro or KMC so i decided not to get those. Instead, i bought Ultimate Guard supreme matte sleeves. It is slightly cheaper than KMC. I bought perfect size and red and white matte sleeves. The perfect fit seems to be smaller than Netrunner cards! I need to recheck that as my promo cards seem to fit just fine. I couldn't double sleeve them though, which is strange because the pack says perfect fits can double sleeve with standards (maybe standard and matte is different?). Cards fit in matte sleeves very nicely but you can still make out the back of the cards on the matte side of the sleeve. I would rate Ultimate Guard Supreme sleeves as average. Pros: no hologram, matte standard fits nicely, cheaper than dragon shield and kmc Cons: cannot double sleeve perfect fits with matte sleeves, some perfect fit is smaller than cards (top part of card stick out), matte side not totally opaque
  4. I'm having a lot of fun shopping for accessories. Have yet to play the game but i'm more a collector think i am going for hypermats. The logo on Ultra Pros killed it for me. Lots of new listings on ebay uk...from sellers in the US! Seriously, the postage and packaging costs a whole data pack and takes two weeks to arrive. Where are all the EU sales!
  5. What about the logo on ultra pro sleeves? Does it not cover up the art on the cards? Am trying to decide between KMC hyper matte and Ultra pro matte.
  6. What sleeves would people recommend? I've watched youtube videos recommending KMC hyper mat, Dragon shield and Ultra Pro matte. Good advice about the alt art card backs. Won a bid on ebay for 3x promotional Adonis Campaign and was about to order some clear sleeves! Guess i will have to stick with opaque sleeves. But which ones? Decisions decisions!
  7. The last time i played a tcg was back in the 90s when magic first came out. In other words, i might as well be new to tcg. For not very regular play, what card sleeves would people recommend? I wanted to get clear sleeves but am wondering if different data packs have different card backs or do they all have the same card backs? Was also thinking of laminating the identites and corps. Is that a good idea? Thanks!
  8. It does seem that some of you are not very good at comprehension or just don't care to read past the title of this topic. The word 'dark' used in my first post refers to the artwork being 'not very bright' to the point that it becomes difficult to see what the art is depicting. Take for example the Dark Eldar drake (or was it chaos?). It has a dark central object with a dark background. It might have looked pretty if it was a full sized poster but it is not. It is a tiny card and that makes it look like some black blotch with text written beneath it. Also, some people, like me, buy a card game because we like collecting them. I played WFB tabletop back in the 90s. I have never played 40k before but have always been interested in it. This game gives me a chance to collect an army without breaking the bank or having to paint miniatures which invariably always turn out very poor. So to my great disappointment, the armies i like (Chaos) have art that are pretty substandard (in terms of lighting). To whoever said buying a game just for the theme rather than mechanics is silly, i beg to differ. Have you never watched a subpar movie just because your favourite actor/actress was in it? I did. A lot of times too. My copy of Android has been dispatched and my offer still stands. Anyone in the UK wanting to trade their Android for my brand new Conquest, send me a message!
  9. I have not played a single game. That is not the point here though. If the art is too dark, which is why i am disappointed, it does not matter if i have never played a game of it. This is a Card game first and foremost. If the card is poorly printed, it detracts from the overall enjoyment of the game. The game mechanic is also nothing to write home about, unfortunately. There is no 'wow' factor. First impressions are everything. I bought the game not for the gameplay. I bought it because of the 40k theme and other reviews claiming how gorgeous the cards are. Some of the cards do look nice. Half of the core set should be much brighter. Maybe you like driving around in an ice-cream truck with a souped up engine, i sure don't.
  10. I ordered Warhammmer 40k Conquest and Android: Netrunner several days ago. My copy of 40k arrived to my doorstep (literally) today. Found it on my doorstep as i came home from work. Excited, i opened up the box and went through all the cards. Initial impression...disappointed. I've watched the tutorials and other youtube videos before hitting the buy button and despite not being particularly impressed by the gameplay, i bought in to the W40k hype and thought i would give Conquest a chance. So does anyone else feel this game is over-hyped? I've read a lot of reviews and each of the reviews state how beautiful the cards are. Really? Some cards are so dark i can barely figure out what the card is. I can't imagine how it got pass the QA department. This is especially true of the Dark Eldar and Chaos cards. Very disappointed! Compare those two factions to Eldar and Space Marines and it is literally night and day. I understand the former two are "dark" factions but this is just going too far. Gameplay wise, Conquest is nothing innovative. I like the small box it is packed in though, and it is one of the reasons why i chose to pick up this lcg. Sadly, everything else in the box is a disappointment. Hopefully Android will be better! Very impressed by the gameplay i watched on youtube. It is unique and the developers are free to make new cards without constraints or not following lore, unlike Conquest. Maybe someone in the UK would like to trade my copy of brand new Conquest for their Android?
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