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  1. I've always just allowed players to buy Ion versions of missiles/torpedoes. Only difference I ever made is Damage = Original -1, Crit = Original +1 (ala Ion vs Laser Cannons), and added Ion quality; even I scrapped that. Ion ordinance usually ends up a fluff thing in the games I run/play anyways since stacking crits will result in destruction of ship regardless of normal vs Ion, system strain is crazy easy to recover on large ships with dedicated teams, and smaller ships aren't really worth the ordinance. As for the stats you posted, I personally wouldn't nerf them so much. I'd more so go the Concussion Grenade vs Ion Grenade route. Leave everything the exact same except reduce the both the rarity and blast quality by 1, add ion, and reduce the cost. For an Ion Torpedo Launcher you'd have: Damage 8; Crit 2; Blast 5; Breach 6; Guided 2; Limited Ammo 3; Slow-Firing 1; Sil 3-10; cost 8000cr or so; rarity 6; 550cr or so per torpedo (restricted). Either way, I would also add stats for a vehicle mounted launcher as well as the missile tube. If you're making both a personal missile tube and a torpedo launcher, you might as well hit the middle ground too.
  2. I think 6 rounds is fair. It really is however long you deem the system needs to boot, calulate, get out of the gravity well etc. Then use advantages and/or excess successes as time reducers or overall trip time reducers. Maybe every success trims hours/days off the trip and advantages can reduce the number of rounds it takes to calculate. As for average calculating times I've done everything from one action (a preprogrammed input) to 10 rounds (never jumped that route, very little date, etc) all the way up to narrative time (entirely new route with no data).
  3. I wouldn't base off any stats. The Protocol droids are just an easy go to figure for GMs to use. It doesn't represent ALL protocol droids. Just an easy average. I say just make a character that has the stats you want him/her to have and then fluff as an HK. I mean HK-47 wasn't really a shining example of deception.
  4. Well the poison within gas is transmitted differently than a piercing blade, so yes there would be a difference. Gas fills the room no matter if the grenade hit you directly. The reservoir actually works without dealing damage. Huh. Who would've thought. I still maintain that this is somewhat implausible, but the book agrees at least in regards to that mod. Keep in mind that Wounds are, just like HP are in other games, an abstract representation. Just because you didn't take a wound when the man tried to stab you doesn't mean you didn't get cut, it just means that the blade didn't do any real damage; the poison on its blade however may just be getting started.
  5. Quite bad taste to necro a thread this old without being the OP updating or someone involved providing really important newfound information... That goes double since this thread is also extremely outdated and was before there existed double-ended weapons with link...such as the double bladed lightsaber or Electrostaff from F&D. On that note however, as much (In my opinion, quite silly...) arguments that this thread sparked, the OP was almost spot on with the stats going off the recipe of lightsaber to double-bladed lightsaber from F&D. Following what FFG did with the lightsaber the stats are identical with just a cheaper cost than the OP stated, and possibly a lower Encumb and rarity than the OP stated. So, IMHO, major kudos *salute*. Double-Bladed Vibrosword (Following FFG's Formula) Skill: Melee Damage: +2 Crit: 2 Range: Engaged Encum: Either 4 or 6 (either add +1 or double value; unsure) HP: 3 Price: 1500 Credits Rarity: 5 (GM could increase as they see fit, I'd probably go with at least 6 as OP did) Special: Pierce 2, Vicious 1, Defensive 1, Linked 1, Unwieldy 3
  6. There's your solution. Strand them somewhere and compress the time scale. Then they'll be running around like Bruce Willis in a Die Hard movie. It makes those weeks in travel or relaxing on the beaches of Spira all the more poignant. This this this and more this. Also keep in mind that criticals aren't necessarily supposed to be a big bad scary thing. They are more of a balancing factor to allow high SOAK targets to be widdled down as well as extra fluff padding for keeping PCs alive longer in a way that pushes narrative description. It can be really hard thinking that way I know, especially coming from a game like Warhammer or WoD.
  7. You shouldn't worry about them missing core experiences because of their build. The characters that your players build normally tells you what experiences they would like to see. Yes, you can have groups in which players ask the dreaded, "Well, what kind of skills will come up?" sort of questions, but, for the most part, the party in which no one makes a dedicated pilot probably doesn't want to see much space combat. Guest NPCs, especially the reoccuring ones, can come in and fill in the spaces the party lacks when plot calls for it. As Whafrog said, sometimes the best times are when the group completely lakcs the skills and must think outside the box to overcome challenges!
  8. I didn't say you couldn't give conflict for whatever reason you see fit, I just explained why I myself wouldn't and my reasoning included a lot more than the guideline table which you so conveniently ignored. I also don't believe that we share the same definition of "torture". I was actually looking forward to joining the conversation that intrigued me enough to read all 6 pages of (some of which though got pretty toxic). However, that being said, I don't like how you leapt to the assumption that I didn't bother to read rules on Morality and Conflict just because my game-play choices don't fit perfectly with yours. For that, good day.
  9. Not to make this even more of a morality focussed discussion but as for dropping people.... I wouldn't give additional conflict for picking someone up and dropping them anymore than I would for someone triggering a critical injury with Lethal Blows. Why not? Well... No where does it say a character must not use their abilities to their maximum potential to avoid conflict. Also, I like to avoid debatable conflict gains such as causing fear... What if the person you lift into the air isn't actually scared of heights, loves the sensation of flying, or just doesn't think he'll get hurt at that height and is calm? Should you gain conflict for giving them happy feelings before incapacitating them? What if the person is ballistophobic? Should you gain extra conflict for attacking them with a Slugthrower instead of your blaster? Honestly, I think using your mind magic against someone who has no idea what's happening (keep in mind very few people actually see force use) is probably pretty terrifying regardless of it being used to make them fall or chucking them against the wall like a ragdoll.
  10. RAW it's just 2 minions worth because it is two criticals within the same group. That's a big no. Minion groups don't actually act as one target. You still just target one ship within the group, then one ship outside the group and they both suffer a collision. It would result in the bigger ship suffering 1 critical (assuming not a minion) and the Minion group would suffer wounds equal to a ship's HTT or HTT+1 (if the first time the group takes damage). Also, how much bigger are we talking about? If the collision is caused by the Sendoff talent then it shouldn't be a huge problem as unless the character is piloting a big old warship it's doesn't make much sense for the whole group to get hit. If the collision is caused by a group of x-wings slamming into the side of a Star Destroyer, well now we have a whole different scenario.
  11. Group rules have always been a little wonky with targetted abilities and the like so it will definitely vary from GM to GM. I myself however, would rule that you could target two ships that are in the group that are within close range. Therefore two ships are destroyed because of how minions and criticals work. Edit: Fixed the above as I keep forgetting my group uses a house rule that collisions cause damage, not criticals.
  12. I haven't messed with RAW for shields as they seem to do just fine for my group but my group hasn't really done any major fighting other than a handful of sessions here and there. Critical hits can "deplete" shields well enough to cover shields going down.
  13. Everyone answered your first question nicely, but to answer your second question, yes. The aim maneuver continues to the next round. Keep in mind though, the narrative nature of the system makes it possible for something to break your aim. The most common ways are an attacker using advantage to do so, if your character takes wounds, and if you either move or get moved. The easiest way to get double aim is to just take the strain for the extra maneuver. Aim, Aim (1 strain), Attack. Also, please not that you don't actually aim at a target. You just aim. The only time you have to specify what you are aiming at is when targeting a specific carried item or part of the target. This is useful to remember because a target running out of sight doesn't ruin your Aim benefit on your next attack. You can just use the benefit on a check vs someone else. Expect some limit to that though. Most GMs won't be so keen to give the benefit of aiming if for example you are aiming with your blaster rifle out then decide instead to rifle butt the guy who just showed up between rounds. Also, also, lots of people forget or just straight don't realize that Aim can be used on ANY combat check (including Force Powers), not just ranged with Ranged weapons. Seems silly, but it's easily overlooked. I even did myself when I was first learning.
  14. Guys, maybe we can just accept differences in play-style and respect one another enough to not belittle our choices in running our games? Lately, these forums are plagued with ego fueling arguments that go nowhere. As usual, why should you care what someone far away, or even nearby for that matter, thinks of how you play your games? That said, could we also maybe agree that F&D is a new line with almost no real material yet and that in the future we may see splats with Signature Talents or other "high power level" effects or powers that can capture the Hollywood level of badassery that some require written mechanics for and until then hand-waiving and minionizing is a good alternative?
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