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  1. I was really not expecting anything good but I was pleasantly surprised. As Skywatcher said, the characters have a lot of baggage and it makes the book more interesting. I also really liked the Imperial point of view we're getting from Yrica, as it gives a better understanding of the conflict. And as an X-Wing player, it's pretty cool to hear them talk about the ships and fly them! I'm excited for the second book!
  2. What about: Gina Braylen Ten, S-Foils Dutch, Ion Cannon Turret, R4 Dutch gives a lock to Gina who double mods, and can either pass a stress to Ten if he needs it or to Dutch who can get rid of it easily. You can get 3 double-moded 3 dice shots while not suffering too much from stress, all of that in a beefy and HS-legal package.
  3. Yeah I'm not very hopeful, I was just curious if anyone had received theirs.
  4. I reached out to Asmodee in November about my wrong dial and they said they had put me in the waiting list and will notify me when they have the fixed dial in stock. It has now been 4 months and no news, and since they updated their exchange policy it looks like even past tickets are gone. I replied to the Zendesk ticket and got an automatic reply, with a link to a page that doesn't even exist. Any idea if we will ever get the dial? Does it mean that I have to reach out to the store where I bought the expansion (4 months ago) and ask them to deal with it?
  5. h0racio

    How to abuse K-2SO

    Do you mean because of Trick Shot and Outrider you'll want to do Barrell Rolls all the time?
  6. h0racio

    How to abuse K-2SO

    What about K-2SO on Dash with the Outrider? Expensive but you get rid of the stress easily, double mod and hit really hard.
  7. And they're making the regular yellow version not Hyperspace legal anymore right? 😁
  8. Haha, but still interesting! There are some good ideas here.
  9. This is really insightful thanks! A lot of interesting variations.
  10. Has anyone experimented with Imperial Swarms that are not Tie based or not just Ties? Interceptors are more expensive but 3 dice attacks with focus and a reroll sound brutal. But is it enough to compensate for the lack of tricks? Howlrunner + 4 Alpha Squadron Pilots + 1 Academy Pilot = 199pts TAPs are tougher than Ties and have linked actions. But not sure it's worth it. Inquisitors are definitely going up in January so don't think it's worth investigating right now. Howlrunner + 5 Barons = 200pts Strikers have a 3 dice attack but Howlrunner won't be able to keep up so not interesting. What are your thoughts?
  11. Maybe some sort of suicide drone: 0/3/1/0, When you are destroyed, each other ship at range 1 suffers 2 damage. Ships at range 0 suffer 2 crits. Action: suffer 1 damage.
  12. Hahaha, imagine blocking someone with Arvel and then shooting them with a 4 (or 5!) dice Wedge attack!
  13. I enjoyed playing 2 E-wings with 2 A-wings (https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z22X116W113WW5WY23X116W113WW5WY50X127WWY51X122WW&sn=AAEE&obs=). Goes really fast and hits pretty hard!
  14. Already bought my ticket for the 19th! I'm expecting to be disappointed but at least I'll be amongst the first to be disappointed 😁
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