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  1. h0racio

    Trying to figure out Rebel lists for Adepticon.

    If you like Han and Wedge I would try this: double shot Han with potentially double mods, a pair of Xs with Wedge's fire power and everyone has initiative 6. Han Solo (82) Bistan (14) Perceptive Copilot (8) Wedge Antilles (52) Swarm Tactics (3) Servomotor S-foils (0) Blue Squadron Escort (41) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  2. h0racio

    Y so serious?

    I played something very similar a few days ago, really enjoyed it (and won, losing only one bomber). Wedge Antilles (52) Proton Torpedoes (9) Servomotor S-foils (0) “Dutch” Vander (42) Expert Handling (2) Proton Torpedoes (9) Gray Squadron Bomber (32) Proton Torpedoes (9) R4 Astromech (2) Gray Squadron Bomber (32) Proton Torpedoes (9) R4 Astromech (2)
  3. h0racio

    Does collection do anything?

    No, what I meant was that although I specified which sets I have in my collection, it still allowed me to pick pilots and modifications I didn't have. Since I didn't realize the collection system didn't work, when I started gathering my ships at the beginning of the game I realized I had to start building by squadron almost from scratch.
  4. Hi, Krechevskoy's topic about obsolete tokens (here) made me wonder if someone knows of a list of material from 1st edition that hasn't changed. I'm talking about pilots, modifications, dials... Maybe there are none but this could be useful for players that don't have enough cards in their deck. (I'm obviously talking about friendly games, not tournaments) Thanks!
  5. h0racio

    Does collection do anything?

    This is really frustrating. I spent an hour selecting my ships and upgrades and then when I got to the the table and started preparing everything, I realized that 3 out of my 5 pilots were missing. I had to start squad building from scratch. I guess I'm done with the official app...