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  1. See I was trying to figure out what it was that stopped me from coming to this forum after I starting playing guildball and now I remember. The snobbish tone that persists in most threads is distasteful. See you when the next wave needs clarifying. I hope you (and several others that lurk the X-wing forum) find a way to post that is more inviting towards a discussion and comes off more approachable. Thanks to those that contributed in a manner befitting a community for an excellent game.
  2. So I am 100% certain you don't get to attack again but someone in my group read the new FAQ and came up with a question, I assume from his reading of it. Here is the scenario: 1. I have a ship at PS 7 and equip it with Veteran instincts to bump the pilot skill to 9. 2. An enemy ship at PS 8 uses Boba Fett on me and I choose to discard my veteran instincts thus reducing my PS back to the original 7. 3. Combat proceeds to PS 7. Do I get an additonal activation. I saw that the FAQ clarified raising a PS (like Tevula) prevents you from becoming active but nothing is mentioned about lowering. I'm in the camp that would say you don't attack again but does anyone with a keener eye have a rule I can cite for this? I'm sure this has come up a some point and I just missed the post but the search tool is less than user friendly. Thanks in advance for the answers all.
  3. One man campaign? Dude Gamma Vets are gonna be everywhere.
  4. I'm hoping that if this gets posted enough in this thread people will stop asking the question or giving the wrong advice on it. I mean... it's the Internet so my hope is in vain, but still... Tactician, shoot, ruthlessness, move. Got it.
  5. A lot of folks that haven't read how two of these cards work in this thread...
  6. #NotAPostTellingYouThatYour'eAnIdiotForHavingAnOpinion
  7. 125 yo, 125. I am all in favor of a slightly higher official point cap.
  8. I think the inquisitor vs autothrusters ruling is a misreading of their own cards by FFG. Autothrusters - "When defending, if you are beyond Range 2 or outside the attacker's firing arc..." Inquisitor - "...treat the range as range of the attack as Range 1" I can see how they got to the conclusion but autothrusters to me looks as though it refers to the physical resting place of the ship that is being attacked. The little bit of "if you are" I feel qualifies a physical location as opposed to "range of the attack." It is difficult to explain exactly the difference and you can all tell me I'm wrong following this (that's fine most of you think the gunboat should be a thing so we can all be wrong together) but I think the wording of autothrusters should maybe get a slight tweak for clarity.
  9. Source for that? Can you provide numbers to back up that claim? How many people have you canvassed? Sample size? Because "you" certainly does not not equal "as many people as love it". Having an opinion doesn't make something "polarizing". For example, I personally do not have any interest in the Ghost. I've never watched Rebels, I think it's an ugly ship and I think the Phantom's sticky-out nose guns look like Q-Tips. I'm certainly not going to buy one. That doesn't make the Ghost "polarizing", however - it just means that I personally don't particularly like it. And it certainly doesn't mean I'm going to begrudge anyone else the opportunity to fly it, I'm just not going to buy it myself. Dude... Chill Bruh. I don't like the ship either but come on. Sample Sizes? You don't need a sample size with how ridiculous that Gunboat page got. People love it, people hate it, and some people don't care. Take a breather.
  10. Of 2017 right? I mean it iiiiiissssss FFG we're talking about.
  11. ...I think I've flow everything at least once... if you count epic I'm almost positive. Been using a lot of b-wings, y-wings, Adv, and Adv proto the last few months (obviously excluding the proto)
  12. Is... is this a troll thread? Like a really convincing troll thread?
  13. Not bad. Epic ships don't take stress so the mechanic is useless against an opposing CR90 or Raider. Those two will slam the hell out of your GRs and hang the rest of the squadron near the Big ships waiting for your squadrons to approach. It is a lot of points wrapped up in ships that don't shoot. And when you take in to account the inefficiency of Huge ships (admittedly better since the gozanti but still a little lacking) I imagine you'll find it isn't as cool in practice. Fun, but your squadrons better perform at a level that makes your opponent break down and weep.
  14. I agree with Taste on this one. Tone is a VERY big decider on this.
  15. EbongHawk

    Happy Friday

    Playing some Guildball on my off night from X-wing. Totally give it a shot if you are looking for an additional minis game. Under $110 for a tournament competitive list.
  16. Because whiney individuals that think anytime FFG changes something, they are being wronged. Just ask them. Cloaking nerf? Ruined the game Turrets? Ruined the game TLT? Ruined the game Requiring an updated damage deck in a game as opposed to a 2.0 version? Ruined the game U-boats? Ruining the game Limiting the stranglehold online retailers have on aggressive pricing? Ruining the game The current tournament structure? (While I'm not the biggest fan myself) Ruining the game That being said while it is legal I would not hold it against anybody for using it as it is 100% legal and if they believe it gives them a tactical advantage they are more than entitled to do so. The game is in a great place and if you don't think so look at not only where it is at but where it is going. They are already working on Wave 10! The game isn't going anywhere and they are going to hose us with an X-wing 20 anytime soon. They listen to the players and adjust, even if it takes a bit of time they have really stood behind this product. Whining isn't going to go away because this is the internet but quite a few of you with high post counts maybe need to take a breather so you don't have an aneurysm. Oh, and fly casual... or whatever. EDIT: Added spacing to break up a paragraph
  17. I could dig this. I saw another proposal thread I liked better but this is better than the system currently in place in my opinion.
  18. These'll be cool and great for fun lists but I'm really curios how well they'll make it to the tournament scene. (Not saying they won't I just can't form an opinion one way or another)
  19. Why aren't you taking guidance chips? Chips would allow you enough points to make Vader an option too. Autothrusters aren't bad but with the title you are getting the free evade and chips make your rockets better.
  20. So, for one turn, he'd be a naked Echo. Anyone who can beat him in pilot skill will happily light him up, probably at least taking out the Stealth Device. Yep. Strong for a turn but not broken or OP. I think the card would see some use.
  21. With the amendment I vote B. Closest to optimal in my opinion. There will be people that slow play to keep from losing that point if they are down but we already have that now and there really isn't anything you can do to keep someone from throwing away points. C is still better in my opinion than what we have now.
  22. I'll be more clear (no pun intended). Clear Victory is defeating a player before time runs out. In that case I select option D: Continue to search for our dream structure. You can count me as an abstention if D is not an option.
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